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Jacob Joseph(both family member's names)
Alina Rose(meaning bright and beautiful)Rose b/c it's always the middle name choice we've had for a girl.
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i have 4 kids
they all have doublebarelled first names plus 1 or more middle names

i have had a fair bit of flack/being told im daft for giving them "all those names"

here we go

DS1 (5) is Benjimin-Samuel Alexander Krystopher Gage LastName
DD1 (3) is Abbiegael-Grace Eliza LastName(she was one of twins the twin left us at around 11week gestation, twin was names Charlotte-Marie)
DS2 (2) is Harrison-William Leathen LastName
DD2 (8w) is Evangeline-Lillian Morgan Michaela.

now the explinations
Benjimin is a name we liked but i changed the spelling to the way its sounds as i found BenJAMin sounded to harsh. suits him well
Samuel jsut fitted so well and its from a TV show Quantum Leap
Alexander is DH grandads name
Krystopher is a mix of mine and DH name (krystie and Christopher)
Gage is from a Stephen King book

Abbiegael is a name i loved and went so well with grace i changed the spelling cos it jsut didnt look right it is also from a Stephen King book
Eliza is a dirivitve of Elizabeth and just sounded so nice

Harrison was named so because i wanted to name him Harry but he was due around the time a Harry Potter movie was due out but i didnt want to have people thinking i names baby after the movie and as i was purusing the baby name book i saw it and it jsut sounded "right"
William is from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and a Stephen King book
Leathen is DH middle name

Evangeline came to us when we were lookng up info on TV series LOST and i loved the sound of Evangeline Lily but i didnt want people thinking she was named after the acteress so i changed the Lilly to Lillian
Morgan is my step dads surname and he is the last male carrying his name so i thought it was a nice touch
Michaela is the feminin of michaek which is my dads name

sorry its an essay.

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Estelle Renee.
Estelle we thought was pretty, Renee is after my sister.
There are some beautiful names here!
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Curran David

Curran -- Welsh, means hero
David -- after my Dad, the only one who thought the babe was a boy!
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We have a Madeleine Verity, Ellery Cadence Alexandra and an Oscar Maverick Westcott (Maverick for the midwife who helped me achieve a vag breech birth in hosp with an OB at 34 weeks--she's a realy maverick).
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Constance Elizabeth;
Constance for the virtue, Elizabeth for my mom and sister (their middle name).
And she's *not* Connie.
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Zachary Joseph, Brandon Michael, Madison Heidi, & Avery Blythe.
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Originally Posted by acp View Post
I decided it wasn't worth fighting over (though it does bug me that there's the automatic assumption babies get the father's last name), and since I'm not a fan of hyphenated last names, she got his. But I'm always intrigued to see people who buck the system...

Well, you'll love us, then -- my DH changed his last name to mine when we got married. I didn't want to change my last name, and he felt strongly that as a family we should all have the same last name (not a conviction I share, incidentally) so he changed his instead.
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Ezri Mae Bradley LastName

We lost her twin at 27 weeks. Her name is Lili Rae Bradley Lastname.

Ezri is Hebrew for "strong". We had always wanted to use it, but at first our families were very against it. When we lost Lili, we thought that the meaning of Ezri just fit perfectly. Mae is a family name on both sides.

Lili is a version of the name Lila which is Hindi for "free will of god", which again we found very fitting. Rae is MIL's middle name.

Bradley is my maiden name so all of our children will have it as a second middle name, which is what I did when we got married.
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Originally Posted by Stayseeliz View Post
Joanna Marie. We do Christian/Biblical names for the first name in our family and a family name for the middle name. Joanna means "God is gracious" or "God's gift". We picked the name after I had two miscarriages last year. And my pregnancy ended up being high risk and we came very close to losing her so we really feel like she is God's gift to us!
Hey, that's my oldest daughters middle name! We chose it because dh's mom is named Joanna and my moms middle name is Marie. We like to choose family names for the middle name and figured we'd take care of both moms at once so no one got jealous.
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I have three nieces:
Caitlin Marie
Catherine Isabelle
Olivia Renee

and one nephew:
Charlie Michael

If we have a girl:
Fiona Evelyn Jane

If we have a boy:
Rowan James Neil
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Orion Thomas . Orion from a comic book (and the constellation, as I'm constantly telling people who want to spell it "O'Ryan") Thomas was a fluke out of a baby name book, that turns out to be my Great-Grandfather's name.

I didn't care whose last name he had, but there was NO way we could hyphenate. His last name is almost the same as mine, just missing a few letters. Putting them together looks like a typo. I'll be taking his name next year when we get married.
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James Clarence -------, James for my paternal grandfather, Clarence for DH's maternal grandfather


Aldria Elizabeth Irene ------, Aldria comes from a book called "The Hork-Bajar Chronicals" from the Animporhs series by K.A. Applegate (spelled Aldrea in the book). Elizabeth is my middle name, Irene is my husband's great-grandmas middle name.

Future children will be

Cora Elise, Cora for my paternal great-grandma, Elise because I like it


Elliot or Ethan Shane, Elliot cuz I like it. Ethan came from James (his baby was named Ethan while I was pg with Aldria). Shane for my cousin.
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Our baby is Savannah Hailee. When I first suggested Savannah dh hated it...but then it grew on him. Now we're both in love with the name (and of course, the baby, lol!). Hailee is after a little girl I taught. (Sad sidenote: Hailee had three siblings, all of whom I loved dearly. I taught them all at an early childhood program. Their mother had been murdered some months before I met them.

Our big girl is Emma Grace. We both love the Harry Potter books and Emma Watson plays Hermione in the movies. Grace because it sounded so beautiful with Emma! When I was pregnant with her we met at least 4 other people who had girls named Emma Grace!

If we are lucky enough to have more:

Girls names:
Madelin Avery
Sophie something or other

Boys names:
Reid (my first choice)
Ethan (my mom is crazy about this name and I'd like to honor her by using it)

Is it crazy to have a 4 month old and already want another baby? lol
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Astrid Lilith

I got the name Astrid from the book White Oleander and the name Lilith from a middle name generator. I didn't know what her middle name would be until I was in labor. I had a list of about ten names and Lilith sounded the best with Astrid.
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Scarlett Lillia

Her name means deep red lily
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Arlo Warmington ---------

and his big brother is

Finn James -------

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Matthew Ryan
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The little guy is Evan Reese and the big guy is Aiden Matthew

I love hearing all of these beautiful baby names!
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