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elliott gregory
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Emma Nicole and Angus Shane
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Celeste Kacy

Celeste - means "heavenly" plus it was my MIL's (who passed away) middle name. I also love that it's not common.

Kacy - My parents are divorced and remarried so it's a combination of my mother's name ("Ka"ren) and my dad's wife's name (Nan"cy"). We wanted to include both since DD will call both of them Grandma.
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akasha faith

because she holds the memory of the universe and because her parents birthed her and are raising her in faith...

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Lucia Juliana (Italian last name)

Lucia (pronounced loo-CHEE-ah) is the Italian form of Lucy and means 'light'.

Juliana is a variant of my MIL's middle name and similar to my real name as well.
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tatum margaret

i call her tate or tatie
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Baby girl is Hollis Elizabeth Gray (the last name thing doesn't scare me. If someone wants to hunt me down, they will).

Our toddler is Riley Catherine Gray
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Originally Posted by Pumpkin_Pie View Post
Griffin Kale here
What an awesome name. Griffin is one of my favourite boy's names, and Kale is super,too.
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Jonas Levi Lastname!
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Sebastian Dee

We just loved the name Sebastian, and Dee is DH's MN, and FIL's MN.
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Harrison Brady [lastname].

I am a huge New England Patriots fan, so it was me that insisted on the Brady portion. Another favorite player of mine has the last name Harrison.

If we have another and it's a girl, she will be named Clementine. If another boy, then Atticus. In fact, I had a dream I had another boy and named him Atticus William.
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6 month daughter emma mei, big step-sister, danielle marie, and big step-brother kyle david
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Originally Posted by laurelavenue View Post
Just a fun thread :-)

Mine is named Charlotte Brittain LastName. She goes by Charlotte.
Mine is Charlotte too! Charlotte Anne. :
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Originally Posted by kristen1978 View Post
Curran David

Curran -- Welsh, means hero
David -- after my Dad, the only one who thought the babe was a boy!
Oooh, I LOVE that!

New baby is Sulien (soo- not sull-) David Cadwallader ----------

I also have Harlan Godric Wolfgang ------------
Truman Noble Lionheart ---------------
Graydon Richard Ransom ---------------
Rowan Elizabeth Bronwyn ---------------
and Elowen Isolde Lyonesse --------------
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Jordyn Arielle
Zane mymaidenname
Hudson Jax
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Kai Phoenix (boy) and Lotus Ruby (girl)
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Alexander Holden lastname.

If we have a girl in the future she will be Kendra Lorelei lastname.
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Aaron Robert ---Aaron means "enlightened one"
Kian Matthew (pronounced kee-un) --- Kian means "ancient one"

We've had Emilia Joanne picked out for a girl since ds1.

Just for kicks I started looking at baby boy names again, in case we have another boy someday. The Celtic name "Galen" kind of struck me, but dh isn't so sure. We have a hard time finding boy names we like, for some reason, and all the ones I like sound similar!
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My baby is

Willow Anabella Whitley Lastname--Willow because of the spiritual implications in Celtic lore, Anabella after DH's grandmother AnnaBelle, and Whitley is my mother's maiden name.
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Wylie Jasper & Cosmo Felix.
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