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Babywearing stash

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So we've talked about diaper stashes. Now I want to see/hear about your babywearing tash!!

So far for this baby I have:
-1 regular pouch
-1 fleece pouch
-1 stretchy wrap
-1 Earthy rainbow 5.2 Girasol
-1 soft stuctured carrier like a beco
-1 meitai
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Yay! My favorite topic! I can't get into fancy diaper bags and my diaper stash is extremely blah (prefolds w/wool covers), but my obsession with babywearing is bordering unhealthy!

I have:
1 adjustable fleece pouch
1 solarveil pouch (for showers)
1 stretchy wrap
1 gauze wrap
1 beco
1 onbuhimo

I still want a MeiTai, but can't justify the expense with such a well-rounded stash.
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I only have two! I figure if I want anything else, I'll see how it goes with these two first and then figure out what I might like.

-1 black Moby wrap
-1 black Ergo with camel lining and a camel infant insert
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I have three so far and intend to pick up a Maya Wrap, as well ... and we'll see what works/what we end up liking best.

--1 mei tai
--1 Hotslings pouch sling
--1 Baby Bjorn front carrier
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my favorite subject too...

1 choc moby wrap
1 solid black hotslings pouch
1 vatani maruyama (woven wrap)
1 ellaroo maija (woven wrap)
1 babyhawk MT
1 rockin baby ringsling
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I only have three but that's because I can't afford a buckle mei tai right now...

We have a pouch/ring sling hybrid, a fleece pouch and an Ergo.
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I have:

Baby Bjorn, which we used frequently with first baby.
Maya Wrap, which I bought actually too late to really use for my first baby, but will try it.
Hotlsing, new--think I will really like it!

Gave away:
New Native sling, used with first baby, did like it okay, but I think it was a bit too small.

Husband has from first baby:
Plaxtex Hip Hammock (He likes it, but I find it painful.)
Backpack with frame for hikes.
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I've got one hotslings, one BabyHawk MT. But currently on the prowl for more!
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1 blue moby wrap
1 olive and black comfy joey pouch
1 red fleece spoc
1 black maya wrap sling
1 print green and blue maya wrap sling
1 white with black trim Natural Baby Wear sling
1 black and pink Natural Baby Wear Mei Tai
ummm I think that is it for my personal stash but I do have access to our lending library for our babywearing group which has at least 7 more carriers.

I also have access
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All mine are homemade. Because I'm picky. And cheap.

I have 6-8 ring slings in different fabrics, including a couple mesh water slings. And I have this one, which I adore:




One of these days, I'll finally find the perfect fabric to make a great wrap, but so far, it's been a bit elusive, and I've been a bit poor, LOL!
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Babywearing stash? You mean that thing I've been researching and shopping online for like crazy and obsessing over all morning? And all day yesterday? I seriously feel like Veruca Salt. I want a red indio Didymos. I also want a cinnamon and cobalt one. I want a babyhawk. I want a hotsling pouch (even though I already have a new native). I want a ring sling.
Currently, I have a black Moby and a blue New Native (really cheap on the TP, arriving in the mail any day). I plan on getting a woven wrap (I may just break down as use some shower money to buy the Didymos--at least that way I can stop drooling on my keyboard. Or I may get whatever I can find used for a slightly more sensible price.) And through no fault of my own, my web browser somehow mysteriously keeps landing on the BabyHawk "design your own sling" page. Beats me. Must be a computer virus or something.
Sihaya and Laurap, I am officially coveting your babywearing stash.
Oh, I bought a bunch of baby stuff from a friend (I'm regretting the entire purchase as a whole more and more, though it wasn't too much money) and it included a baby Bjorn and some kind of hiking gear looking frame back carrier thingy. I'm planning on putting them on craigslist whenever I get around to it.
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Wow, you ladies have quite the stashes! I guess I just don't have this particular lust yet! I have all I really think I need (want?) already, with the possible addition of a Mei Tai in the future.

1. Chocolate Moby wrap (my only purchased carrier)
2. An inherited ring sling
3. A friend is making me a pouch sling

Oh, I'm also going to try to make a Moby-like wrap.
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I just have 2, and unfortunately I don't think DH will agree with me that we need any more than that!

I have KK Adjustable Fleece Pouch (which I really used ALL THE TIME with dd)
and a Kozy Carrier (like a Mei Tai), which I bought when dd was already 16 months old --- she didn't use that one as much.
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fwiw you could start with a moby and be in heaven for a looong time. It wasnt until dd1 got to around 18 lbs that the stretch started bugging me, which is when I got the wovens. Mobys are my personal favorite for newborns!
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I've got a Didymos, which I was *certain* was the sling for me, until it came in the mail, and I discovered that it is eight times longer than I am. I can only do the most complicated wrap styles, and they still end up with three-foot tails. It looks ridiculous and feels terribly bulky. I also have a sort of pouch sling from a yardsale, which I don't like either, but at least it's small.
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I spent early pregnancy stalking TBW & Diaperswappers when I had $ and have:
a red Moby
a black Moby D
a hemp (really soft) rs
a SlingEeze (not sure about it, looks comfy though)
a wahm mei tai
a fleece pouch (I think may be too small)
a snugli for dh (he likes it because it looks like camping gear)
a tie-dye rs that makes me mad because it's made out of denim and I can't seem to make it soft :

I still want:
a solarveil rs
a babyhawk
a maya rs
a gypsy mama wrap
an Ergo
one of those new Baby K'tan carriers

I'm addicted.
I gotta get out my babywearing video and practice like M.Muffin.
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3 mei tais
1 baby bjorn (for baby wearing emergencies)
1 fitted pouch sling

buying/receiving as gifts
1 moby wrap (moss)
1 ring sling
and hopefully - down the road, a woven moby-style wrap.

I'd love a fleece pouch - but I think I'm set.
I'm so excited for my moby.
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Originally Posted by redeyedvireo View Post

I've got a Didymos, which I was *certain* was the sling for me, until it came in the mail, and I discovered that it is eight times longer than I am. I can only do the most complicated wrap styles, and they still end up with three-foot tails. It looks ridiculous and feels terribly bulky. I also have a sort of pouch sling from a yardsale, which I don't like either, but at least it's small.

Man, what a bummer! But on the bright side, a Didymos should be fairly easy to shorten! Do you have access to a sewing machine? Once you decide how long it should be to suit you best, just mark one end and sew a straight stitch (to keep the weave from raveling) all the way across, maintaining the same angle. Then hem it under, and you are set! If you want, you can re-hem both ends, using a fancy stitch or contrasting thread, or (I think this would work with the didymos fabric) you can unravel a couple inches on each side to make a fringe, then divide it evenly and tie it in knots. I'm not positive that would work with the Didymos fabric, but I think it would....it'd be fun to try, anyway.....on the extra fabric you cut off, of course!
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My last baby pretty much lived in his black Maya ring sling, we still use it constantly. For this baby I'm going to try a black Moby wrap so I can be as hands free as possible. I've got a couple other things but they just don't seem to compare to the awesomeness my Maya sling has always been.

I guess I'm just not an exciting "stash" sort of person. lol We use a diaper svc, I give my diapers no thought really, & just buy whatever cheap velcro covers I happen to come across. And I can't say that I get excited by the various babywearing devices either. I couldn't live without one, but guess I feel like I only need one really good one that fits my needs.

But cute teeny baby hats & socks?? Now THOSE I get excited by!
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I have a hotsling, maya pouch, kozy, and ergo. Not sure I want to bother with the infant insert for the ergo. I don't really plan to wear baby in it till later. Hubby still uses it with DS1 and I use the Kozy with him in a high back carry.

I want a wrap, but I'm at a loss as to which one: Didy, ellaroo, mayawrap.... argh.

redeyedvireo: You can cut the wrap if it's just too long. If it's twice as long, cut it in half and now you have 2 wraps!
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