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Holy crap ladies.

I have a Maya Wrap.

That's it!

I think I can only afford one more, so I may buy a Moby Wrap this weekend.

I am terribly, terribly jealous
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Originally Posted by redeyedvireo View Post

I've got a Didymos, which I was *certain* was the sling for me, until it came in the mail, and I discovered that it is eight times longer than I am. I can only do the most complicated wrap styles, and they still end up with three-foot tails. It looks ridiculous and feels terribly bulky.
I need to print this out in big fed flaming letters and read it every time I try to justify spending $160 on a new Didymos.
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SheBear - Oh, you give me hope! And what an awesome idea about the fringe! If I can find my weaving needles, maybe I'll try some fancy hemstitching.

DivaMama - You too! Thanks!

newmamatobe - Heh. Glad to be of help. Part of the problem is, I was trying to get one that DH could use too. He can only do the simplest wrap methods before he runs out of sling. Argh. If we had an unlimited purse, I'd just say it should be his sling and get myself something smaller. Ah well. If nothing else, it's an awfully pretty piece of fabric.
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I have a babyhawk, a homemade wrap (woven, not stretch), and a homemade pouch. I hate 1-shoulder slings, so I doubt I will ever use it. I didn't really use it with either of my boys. My plan is to have the baby live in the wrap until they are mobile, then I'll start using the mei tai more, because I can get them in and out of it faster.
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I have a

-woven RS, which I'm not sure how I'll like (my RS I had with dd was a stretchy fabric, similiar to the fabric they make Moby wraps with)...but it's brown with a stripe of Java Blue Vera Bradley fabric and oh-so-pretty!

-babyhawk with red straps and black calaveras print

-red tulip print hotsling

-reversible fleece pouch that is black with a paisley print on side and turquoise on the other

Eventually we'll be getting DH and MT or an Ergo of his own (he wasn't a fan of the Ergo we had with dd, though). I was hoping we could both use the BH, but the straps aren't long enough for him.
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I have:

Moby in purple from when dd was little (the BEST for an infant)
A new Moby in chocolate with that extra panel thing for more support
A beautiful chocolate silk ring sling (a gift, I'm kind of anti silk, but boy is it gorgeous)
A hotsling pouch for dh
A Ergo soft carrier with an infant insert
A hug-a-bub

I think I have too much overlap with the 2 Mobys and the Hug-a-Bub, so I will donate one at least when I see what is working for me!
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I have:
  • A Kangaroo Korner solarveil RS
  • A Babyhawk MT
  • A Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze stretch wrap
  • A pouch (I wanna say a Sweet Slings pouch, but I can't remember - it's someone's tester)
I figure that pretty much covers me. I know that the RS is gonna get a TON of use come summertime, and I'm planning on using the wrap exclusively when Coconut is a newborn - that'll keep all the nosey strangers out of her face!
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I am actually selling several of my carriers! It has been over 1 year since I last BW, and I have acquired new tastes for carriers since

Here is what I am keeping:

**Calin Bleu Microfleece stretchy wrap
**Didymos Wildrose Indio 4.6m
**Didymos Laura Jacquard 4.6m (that's me BTW )
**Hotsling Deluxe pool pouch (for the shower)
**Bara Barn rebozo in Chilli
**Baby Hawk reversible (Hula Girls on the one side )

What I want to buy:
**A Scandinavian Meitai (deciding which one)
**Another Didymos - probably something colourful for the spring OR a waves
**A Didymos Ring sling

What I am selling:
--Reversible Sachi MT
--Katja Didymos size 7
--Girasol Aqua 5.2m
--Girasol Revontulli Ring sling

I know... :
Before you call me crazy though, you should see what the ladies at TBW have!
Besides, I do a lot of trading and moving around stuff in order to try different things (and they do hold their value well, so I can just sell them in the end )
DH says that at least it is not shoes I am into! :
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What we have:

- A blue KKAFP from when Elliot was tiny that no longer fits me, but is DH's favorite carrier (seriously, he pets it when he thinks I'm not looking!)
- A forest green KKAFP that fits me
- Two generic ring slings to leave in the cars for when we forget a carrier
- A (in process, almost done) black cotton and red chinese silk home made Mei Tai

I want to buy:
- A Moby Wrap
- A Solarviel sling for this summer
- A KKACP for this summer

I need to get rid of
- My Wilkinet
- Another homemade mei tai that is smaller than I'd like in the body, even though I love the fabric.
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I have a khaki New Native pouch (had since dd) and a blue Moby ring sling.

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oooooooh carrier stash talk!

As of now I have...

A Choc. Moby Wrap
A copper double layer silk SBP RS
A red linen RS
A black Kalea RS with a Sari Panel elephant on it
A blue solarveil RS
A With Child pouch with the Bubbles print

What I am lusting after...
A red birds didymos (size 5)
A babyhawk with "sweet tweet" pattern
A beco for the DP
A silver cashmere Oopa RS (drooooool!)

I'm addicted
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Currently have two home-made batik ring slings, just took a break from sewing machine now, as I make another! Found beautiful hand-done batik fabric and am using some great bronze colored aluminum rings.
One Beco, big shower gift from family!
One cute old denim Bjorn...
One home-made Mei-Tai
thinking about making a wrap, but probably run out of time here soon...okay back to work!:
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I have 2 fleece pouches (one is too small though) a jellybean ringsling (not the greatest but does the trick) and a babyhawk. We also have a new native that is too big for me, I'm hoping it will work for dh.

I really feel like i need a stretchy wrap for nb stage, and then a woven wrap and beco or ergo for later on!
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I have a hotsling and an ergo carrier.
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Hey anybody have an old Ergo they want to sell or do a part trade? I could make a sweet ring sling or two for you...batik cotton fabrics, fleece, flannel...Would love this!! Let me know!
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I am getting a Moby wrap in a trade soon.

I want a shower pouch sling and another pouch like the peanut shell or whatever, but no $.
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I need to show DH this thread he thinks I'm crazy with what carriers I do have.

I have a
Moby D
RS rocking baby sling
OTSBH-really DH's
1 slinglings pouch
Ergo and infant insert
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Originally Posted by Elsaraw View Post
I gotta get out my babywearing video and practice like M.Muffin.
I am sooo geekishly excited to do that with the Ergo, you have no idea. Pinky has no idea what's in store for him over the next few weeks.
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~new native sling
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I have a black moby, a coral ergo, navy new native and a really cool print hotsling, plus a framed backpack for hiking.
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