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So I got her her first bras!

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DD is only 9 yrs old, and has no breasts as of yet, but she is the youngest of her friends and by far the skinnest. So she doesn't have any boobies yet, BUT has been dying for a bra for some time now. So I took her to Target and got her some bra/underwear sets. You should see how happy she is.
DH was a little shocked and thought I should be teaching her that bras aren't important. But, I was like her in a lot of ways, and begged my mom for a bra, and she just would not get me one until I was "showing". I was really embarrassed about it. (Of coarse now I don't wear them:LOL ) Anyway, now I am second guessing myself. Was it wrong to get them for her? Was it teaching her to have a poor body image? I don't know. She is so cute about them, learning to un hook them and I tought her how to take off her bra without taking off her shirt, which she thinks is so cool.
Anyway, I am wondering to myself, if I got them for her, because of "issues" I had as a child.
I hate second guessing myself!

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I think it was fine that you got them for her. She did ask for them after all. I think my dd got her first ones about that age and definately didn't need them. Well, hers weren't what I would consider bras, no hooks and more like tankini tops.

What I noticed was once she got them the thrill wore off for a few years until she did need them at 12. Then I was the one that brought it up, lolol.
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Was it wrong to get them for her? No way! I think that was thoughtful. I had the same issue you describe, and so have vowed to be on the ball with regards to dd's growing body.
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I don't think it was wrong for you to buy them, either. She requested them, so clearly it was important to her.

I don't think it's a body-image issue at all. If she wanted a skimpy bikini or thoing undies or something, that's a body-image issue! But there is nothing inherently "sexy" about wearing a bra!

I have noticed that there are all sorts of bras and bra-like things for young girls now. When I was a kid, there was nothing like that, just "training bras," but not like the huge assortment I see now. Why do you think that is?
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Hey there! I posted about this a few months ago, and my daughter is nine too. I don't know how to archive, but the post shouldn't be too far back if you're interested.

Allison is nine too, and has a wee little developing going on, so she asked for a bra, i bought her a couple, and she wears them sometimes. I think it's fine for a 9 year old to be interested in bras- i know i was. Good luck!
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What is funny is I just asked DD yesterday where her bras were cuz I was doing the wash, and she said she is "saving them" to special occations.

All this worry for nothing! :

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