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With our 1000 sf home overflowing with paper clutter, this idea of how to go paperless is intriguing. We have two 4-door filing cabinets, plus many boxes of papers. Plus in the article the guy describes chopping the spines off magazines then scanning them to make a searchable digital reference.

- cost
- equipment takes space
- time consuming to scan everything (though somewhat automated)

- easier to find info if in searchable digital archives
- takes waayyyy less room even if you factor in the space that the equipment takes
- all my files that could get lost in a fire, for example, would have off-site backup if digital because I have a back-up service (
- articles/recipes buried in magazines would be more accessible

I have to keep quite a lot of files for my business - so they are not all pure clutter. I have to maintain either a hardcopy or digital archive.

Has anyone tried something like this?