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I think I would feel totally cheated if I had this baby with no contractions. I've been looking forward to labor, if you can believe it. Even by my adjusted date (11/7) I'm overdue by more than your average bear. This is getting really old, really fast.
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((hugs)) Aylaane! We were at the limit of induction when he came and I too was wondering if and when I'd have a labor!

It eventually all falls together and you'll see that baby was meant to be born on *that* day!

Sending you (((labor vibes))) Come on baby!!!
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Originally Posted by aylaanne View Post
IIRC, you wanted to shoot someone a week before your EDD. You flooded the DDC with threads about how sick you were with being pg.
: Who, me? Complain? NEVER!

I do sympathize with the PUPPS, I had it with my older dd and it sucked.
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Good luck ladies. Hope your babies come along real soon.

I think that I'm insane as I am yearning to have #3 and my baby is only 6 weeks old.

We had only planned on having 2.

I'm not sure if this is a serious yearning or residual feelings from the emergency c/s.

At any rate please let us know when something starts happening!!!
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I'm not in this DDC but I keep looking to see when those last babies will be born please update soon
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still pregnant. still itchy. I have another NST tomorrow. I was hoping to go into labor tonight.

I'm really getting fed up with this prolonged pregnancy thing.
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Sending more love your way!
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Did anyone hear if 2bluefish had her baby yet?

I had a NST this afternoon, and while the baby passed (two accelerations in 20 minutes) it was a near thing. Baby is sleepy and didn't want to move around much.

I had a consult with one of the CNMs afterwards to talk about my rash. She said it doesn't look like classic PUPPP, which is true. Classic PUPPP tends to stay around the abdomen and close to the trunk, where my rash is worse at the ends of my limbs, around my forearms and lower legs. However, barring any other explaination, we're going with PUPPP, and assuming that it's just my body's weird reaction to still being pregnant at almost 43 weeks. She gave me a prescription for Vistaril, which is an anti-itch medication that will hopefully make me drowsy as all get out. I just took one, and I can take up to four, but she said that if one doesn't do it, I should pair it with a Benadryl and the combination should both take care of my itch and knock me the f*** out.

My MW was with me, and we decided that after I get some good sleep, we're going to try the breast pump and some blue and black cohosh to see if that gets me going. If that doesn't work, and it's really the end of the bag of homebirth tricks, I'm going to go in and get some pit. I am at the end of my rope, and 43 weeks is a little much for this first-time mama.

However, I've had bloody show every time I've gone to the bathroom. sometimes it's in the toilet as well as on the paper. If this keeps up, then who knows? I might wake up in labor.

Thank you all for all your support and kind words. It means a lot and is instrumental in helping me keep going when I'm so ready to give up.
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Yes, 2blue has had her baby, update in the UC forum.

In addition to blue/back cohosh, my doula had me drink superstrength RRL tea... 1 pint of water to 1 oz of RRL tea (not mixed, straight RRL). So hopefully if you can get your hands on a bunch of RRL tea and drink it nice and hot, pint after pint, along with the cohoshes, it will help move you along. That and an emotional breakdown between taking all that and it hitting my system worked for me. Im thinking of you!!
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Is 43 weeks really that long for a first time Mom? I thought first time Moms had longer pregnancies usually? My Mom went to 42 weeks with both my brother and I and then was induced so no telling how long she would have gone. My aunts all went to 43 weeks. I hope labor comes soon for you! Have you gone to see a chiropractor?
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Not in our DDC but was in the Oct 2006 one.

Mylee was born NOV 21, 2006 :

Hang in there!
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This is what is meant to be so hang in there and good luck ladies.
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