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Lots and lots of pain, think I'm gunna head to the hospital...

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OK, will only be here a few min. - any suggestions would be REALLY helpful.
Excuse the brevity.
One HUGE "contraction" (or whatever it is, its PAIN) that will NOT stop, I can't stand straight, talk (literally, I CANNOT speak) and I am puking all over.
DH wants me to go in, I think it's pointless. At 20 weeks they can't help me or anything and I could be just fine. But what could be going on?
Going to lay down, but I will be back to check, probably.
Right now I'm not going anywhere, but any suggestions?
I admit I don't handle pain well but this REALLY hurts.
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I don't have a clue, but I hope everything is okay.
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I would go...that much pain sounds like you need to be checked out
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Honey PLEASE go and be checked!!!!!! Sounds like something is wrong... you should go and just find out what is going on....
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could it be a kidney infection or something like that? i'd go in just in case.
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sounds like nothing I've heard of before. Hope you are well.
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I'm thinking possibly appendicitis? I'll send a prayer your way...
I hope you went in.
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thinking of you.

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Quick update, I'm still here. I don't think I'm going anywhere. I was talking to a friend who suggested food poisioning & I'm inclined to think that's it. Seems right. I don't think it's pregnancy related. It's one HUGE moster cramp that just won't stop & I have been puking my head off. Just water, puking water...and can't seems to stop & I am freezing and shaky. Really sounds like FP to me. I'm taking a "wait & see" approach unless it gets worse...puking for an hour did help, but the pain is pretty overwhelming. I can't stand totally straight. We'll see in a bit.
Thanks for the well wishes. I was asleep & this nealy knocked me off the bed it came so suddenly, that's what scared me.
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Go with what feels right for you
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Wow...I sure hope you start feeling better soon. Dont hesitate going to the hospital if you cant keep fluids down.
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What is your temperature?
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Get well vibes heading your way, mama!

That sounds simply awful
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One thing they could do for you is put you on IV fluids - something to consider if you are puking everything that goes in your stomach. I've seen IV fluids radically improve dh's condition twice in a similar situation. ((hugs))

PS Of course, he wasn't pregnant, but both times he didn't stay but a few hours to get the fluids. First time wasn't even the hospital - just a university clinic, so maybe there is a clinic you could go to?
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I think you're right and that sounds gastro-intestinal. It could be a bug rather than FP with those chills though. Try some barley water, and a hot water bottle to your back. Also, put your feet in a bowl of hot water with some chamomile teabags in it, when you're ready: it'll help warm you up.
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That does sound like some severe food poisoning. I agree with IV fluids if you can't stop the vomiting. Sending you a PM.
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It also reminds me of my gallbladder attacks - I sincerely hope that is NOT what you are having, though!
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Heat...that is what always helps me in such situations. Hot bath/shower, heating pad, lots of blankets, warm fluids. I have seen heat (in whatever form works) have an incredible impact on reducing pain and associated s/s. At least enough to be able to figure out 'where' it's coming from, sometimes enough to see fairly rapid resolution afterwards.

good luck!
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Maybe your gallbladder. That sounds very similar to a GB attack. (I should know I get them all the time)
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All of that puking could seriously aggravate the pain in your belly. I have had food poisoning so bad that my tummy hurt for a week afterward. Vomiting uses so many underused muscles in the abdomen. Rest as much as possible and if your instinct tells you to go in, do so please... also, you might want to suck on pedialyte pops. That helped me too.

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