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How late is too late to babywear?

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I fear I have lost my window (and if so, it makes me sad, but I will figure out something else). I have a 20lb+ baby boy, 5 months old, who just CANNOT BE PUT DOWN lately.

Is it too late?
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Goodness no thats not too late at all!
If you came on here saying you had a 5 year old boy...then yeah probably a bit too late! lol
My son is 26 months and 35lbs and I still wear him! hehe

Get a mei tai hun - they are fab! hehe
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There may be a learning curve for both of you.

With my older dd, who could not be put down, I used pouches at first and then nothing until she was around 6 months. I didn't realize you could do more than just cradle in a pouch and I was sling-challenged and knew of no other options back then. We used the hip carry in the pouch for the next year and then discovered wraps. She adjusted fine as she needed to be pressed up to me 24/7.

I have seen people come in and try babywearing and the babies scream or push away. It seems to me that the ones that scream are on a feeding schedule and the mom is convinced that "it is not time" to eat. And the ones that push away are not used to being held.

Sleep is the other main factor. Babywearing is a great way to put a baby to sleep but there may need to be a lot of movement/bouncing/walking. Sleepy babies can fuss a lot but that doesn't necessarily mean they can't be worn.

It's easier to learn to nurse a 5mo in a sling than a newborn since they are so good at it by that point. So many moms miss this. If you do want to try it when baby needs to nurse (or baby decides it is time to nurse), then get them in the carrier however, get them latched, and then get it comfortable around them. Eventually it becomes the opposite; you know where they need to be so you get them just so quickly and latch them on.
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not too late at all!
my ds took a break from bwing completely at around 9 mos. to 13 mos. because he was just too antsy.
there is a plus at this stage. he has good neck/head control. Good luck! you can do it!
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He has GREAT head and neck control, and he loves to be held IF you are walking. No stationary holding for this little man.

I'm looking for a carrier I can use to do chores in like unloading the dishes, sweeping the floor and that sort of thing.

Today we used a front-carry in the Snugli but it's not the best carrier, it's really small (for him) and he kind of flopped around. It pinched me a little too. It was a hand-me-down so there's nothing lost. BUT he seemed to enjoy the movement and I handed him a spoon and he was entertained for about 20 minutes (which is AMAZING for him)

I think I'd like a back carrier so that I can get more done. What do you think?
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I did not start really wearing ds1 until he was 5 months old and he took to it right away. He became a sling lover and I wore him until 3 years old. I don't think it is too late for you guys at all.

I love my Baby Hawk Mei Tei for getting things done, but I also could not live without a good pouch sling (Momma's Milk is my favorite).
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I started wearing my son between 5 and 6 months and we area still happily wearing at 21 months now. I'd say your window is still WIDE open.
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I can see it *maybe* being too late with, say, a 3 or 4 year old... but babywearing's perfect for any baby who doesn't want to be put down!!
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Go ahead and get a nice carrier...you'll use it for years
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: There might be a learning curve, but it's definitely not too late. I highly recommend a mei tai or soft structured carrier (Ergo, Beco, etc) for easy, comfortable back carries. (Actually, I've never really used a SSC, but based on others' reports, they can be great if they fit you right.)
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I use a ring sling. I have BIG babies too lol. I had a front carrier that I used briefly with dd#1 but it hurt my back. I switched to a ring sling when she was 3 months old and used with here for 2 yrs and now my son and love it. I have a back carrier that I use on long hikes but the child doesn't have that feeling like they are being held. DS won't tolerate it unless we are hiking and there is lots to look at. He loves the ring sling though...oh ya I forgot to mention I have a carrier addiction I own way more than one women should )don't tell dh) I have tried many and I love chickenscratchslings.com the bleached denim has just a tiny bit oof stretch..just enough to make it super comfortable but not sag..even with my chubby baby. they are more expensive but well worth the money.
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I wear my kids occasionally even at age 4 - you are just at the beginning! Get a nice carrier or sling and wear away. He'll love it!
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Thanks so much for all of your replies. I am excited!
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definitely agree with your instinct that back carry is your answer! Try going shopping with the baby in a back carry position. He just might be too busy observing to make a fuss.

My bf just did that w/her toddler who went on her back for a shopping trip for the first time. He usually stays in the front in her Ergo. And she said he let her shop for 2 hours! Wow!

My ds was always quite and calm, happily observing when he's on my back.
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My Snugli doesn't do a back position, unfortunately.

Any other suggestions for back carriers? I am going to give this info to DH for Christmas!

I am of short stature and I'm plus sized. My baby is about 27" long and 20lbs, great head and neck control, very curious.
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I also opened this thread thinking that you were going to say you had a three year old or something! Five months old is definitely not too late. Gosh, we just starting wearing our 2.5year old and she loves it!

I would recommend either a wrap or an ergo. An ergo has a shorter learning curve, but I find a wrap more comfortable. If you've been using a snugli, I think you'll transition really well to an ergo, since they are both soft structured carriers. Good luck!
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I'm a HUGE fan of mei tais for back carries (I can do a back carry in a wrap, but it's a total PITA), and that's what SSCs are built for, so go with either of those - it just depends on whether you want buckles (like the Snugli) or straps (which I find easier to use as a plus size person, but if a Snugli fits you, you shouldn't have a problem finding a SSC to fit either)). For stores, there are a couple ladies with links to good ones in their signatures in this thread. Also www.attachedtobaby.com and www.alongfortheride.com have good selections if I recall right.
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when i read the heading i thougt you were gonna say like a 4 y/o(which is great fro a hiking trip in a back carrie)

But 5 m.. heck no....

I wore DD out of the hospital..(hospitail was NOT happy) ohh well

and Ds the day we got home....we had to go ot Kmart.. i wore him .. -people's mouths dropped.. he was tiny... I LOVE BABYWEARING!!!
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Originally Posted by KangaRoo's View Post
I wore DD out of the hospital..(hospitail was NOT happy) ohh well
Why not?? Was it one of those hospitals that require EVERYONE, even the people without cars (walking distance or going home by bus) to have the baby in a car seat the day they leave? :
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Originally Posted by Quindin View Post
Why not?? Was it one of those hospitals that require EVERYONE, even the people without cars (walking distance or going home by bus) to have the baby in a car seat the day they leave? :
Our hospital was like that. They inspected the car seat and everything. I think it's a CYA move. I remember in prenatal class, a woman asking about that as she walked everywhere and didn't even own a car. The prenatal class woman (although very pro-AP in other ways) was like : about someone not having a car.
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