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trouble pooping

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My ds is 3 1/2 months and he rarely has bowel movements. He is breastfed and I know that this is normal for breastfed babies, but it seems worse than normal. He poopes about once a week. When he does he screams on and off all day long, he arches his back, and he hardly eats. He has a doctors appointment on Monday, but is pooping today. Any ideas?

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I don't have any helpful info, but maybe someone else will, once I bump this thread!

It was always a big, dramatic, noisy production when my son pooped at that age, too-- but it was much more frequent....

Maybe your doctor could suggest things that you could add to your diet that will help?

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Poor baby! Try an elimination diet. Dairy is a major culprit. I hear soy and tomatoes can do it as well. Hope it gets better. My dd used to scream during poops when she was around a month or two,I never figured out what was wrong but she grew out of it,and at 6 mos she laughs, smiles and grunts (espessially when we EC)!
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I would definately eliminate things from your diet. The biggest (and hardest) ones would be dairy, sugar and wheat as well as the nightshade group like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peanuts. Also, try staying away from red meat for awhile. I know, this leaves chicken, veggies and rice.....but give it two or three weeks and see what happens. If he gets better, slowly (weekly) add things back until you find the culprits. Also, drink more water and ask you dr. if it's ok to give ds a bit of water if you aren't already (just always give it to him after you nurse so he doesn't fill up on it). Good luck!
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