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Who else will be wearing...

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Their babies? And do you have a stash yet? So far I have:

Two wahm ring slings
Two mei tais (one silk Sachi and one that I can't remember the brand, but it's gorgeous...looks a bit like the Mayan calendar)
Gypsy Mama BBB Haumea
Gypsy Mama BBB Psyche
Ellaroo Claudia

I feel a little bad because I picked carriers that would match what I like to wear, so the poor little dude will be all wrapped up in girl colors.

So who else has what?
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I definitely want to wear my babe - we're not buying an infant stroller at all (*everyone* where we live prefers strollers) but I haven't done any research about which carriers to try - thanks for reminding me!

We don't know its gender but would like to have a design/colors my DH would wear too! :/:
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I've been working on my diaper stash (I make my own), and next it's on to wraps. I want to make another mei tai (i already have two...!), a ring sling, and a wrap.
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I have a decent stash from DD1, and am adding to it a little for DD2! I wore DD1 all the time, until she was about 14 months (and 23 pounds) and started walking- at that point it was too much up and down, so I just carried her in arms or she walked. We don't own a car, and get everywhere by walking or bus, so this added up to a LOT of babywearing!

I have from DD:
- Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch
- locally made cotton ring sling
- Moby wrap
- Didymos Red Waves short wrap
- Didymos Olaf long wrap
- BabyHawk MT (two of them, one XT)
- Angelpack MT
- two Oopa ring slings- one silk and one denim

(much of this was purchased used on the Baby Wearer message boards, it's a great place to hunt for good deals!)

So far I've turned the short Didy wrap into a ring sling (or rather paid someone else to do that!), and bought a Hotsling cotton pouch. On my holiday wishlist is a Peanut shell microfleece pouch, and an Ellaroo wrap. I'm going to see the XT Babyhawk, and a couple of other pouches that I bought from a friend but turned out to be too big for my taste, and then I think I'll be done. I like having a lot of variety

DH liked the cotton ring sling (dark red) we used with DD the best, and he liked the KK fleece pouch too. Eventually he figured out how to use one of the MTs, but he never got into wraps. I don't like super-girly fabrics anyway, so he doesn't object too much to my selections He just finds wraps too daunting to learn.
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I've got a load of slings already. This is what I have currently, that I haven't sold, at my disposal:
one zolowear silk ring sling
one ombuhimo(sp?)
tons of pouch slings, like around 8.

I plan to make a few mei teis, and would like to get a few wraps.
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I have a few ring slings, a couple mei tais, an ergo, and I'm hoping to snag a pouch before the LO arrives.

I love my ring slings for my newborns. I can't wait to wear my warm snuggly baby!
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I didn't realize that we'd need more than one sling... or do we? I was thinking a mei tai style carrier would transition from newborn to toddler. Is it more for fun to have multiple carriers (they are all so cute - I'm tempted even on our little budget) or because of practical considerations?
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I have a moby and cozy carrier (mei tai style). I wasn't happy with my sling last time ( can't remember brand- not well known - had buckle- like slide for tightening) - it hurt my neck. Can anyone recommend an ergonomic one?
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I almost forgot, I have a Pea in a Pod pouch, too.

studentmama - For me it definitely has practical considerations. I've heard that ring slings are easier to breastfeed in, so I think I'll be wearing those a lot at first until we get the hang of nursing. The pouch is adjustable and user friendly, so my husband and I can both use it. I'm most interested in wrapping for the long haul, and having several to go with different outfits will be great. Also, I'll be able to keep an extra carrier of some sort in each car just in case.

You definitely don't need more than one. I'm glad I have a bunch, though.
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I have a few from DD, and have asked for a Gypsymama batik wrap . . . and I ordered a Kinder coat!!! I am soooooo excited about this coat - it shipped this Friday!

I really, really need a winter coat that fits me (and the babe):!!!
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I have a maya and a mei-tai. I'd like to get a moby,too
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I have a bjorn which I adore for the first few months, an ergo which is fantastic for when the baby is heavier and two slings, one maya, one non-adjustable. The slings are great for breastfeeding but aren't so good for my bad neck/shoulders.
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Originally Posted by studentmomma View Post
I didn't realize that we'd need more than one sling... or do we? I was thinking a mei tai style carrier would transition from newborn to toddler. Is it more for fun to have multiple carriers (they are all so cute - I'm tempted even on our little budget) or because of practical considerations?
I suppose you don't "need" them... I wound up getting mine for a series of practical issues b/c the sling I had hurt. Then I wore the moby for a while, but even though it's supposed to go up to something like 25 lbs, it stretched and cut in too much when the boy was a little older, but nowhere near that weight. Also, the moby is a bit of a to-do to get on and off, not a quick-nursing item (at least for me) - although wearing it most days as I did, I got it on a lot easier than at first. The mei-tai-esque Cozy did better with his weight and in a side position- which is great for actual doing things with your arms which tend to be in front of you for most tasks... I didn't find that easy to nurse in either.
I would say that the cozy carrier (of the ones I had) was the most versatile and the one I would pick if I had to chose one. I would like to try a sling for the nursing options and just a "cuddlier" hold for when she's just a wee thing - I'm sure there has to be one with better neck/back support out there.
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One thing to keep in mind, too, is that each sling has a different learning curve and appeal. I really liked the ease of pouches when my babies go to be around 5 months. They were so active.
Ring slings were great too for nursing, and ease.
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I have a ring sling, a regular pouch, a solarveil pouch and a Baby Bjorn (for my husband, I am not a fan) from last time. I will be getting a mei tai of some sort also, probably a Babyhawk.
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I will be! Although my sling stash is pretty sad, especially compared to my diaper stash. I have a pouch sling and a couple Meitais that I made myself. I do plan on making a wrap sling before baby gets here, and maybe another pouch sling that's more comfortable with a pad.
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I am big time into baby wearing. I dicovered Mt's pods and wraps with Dc #4 but used ring slings with the previous 3. I have a slightly out of hand stash I have close to 10 ringslings (most I have made myself) 2 pods and one more being planned, and probably around 10 german woven wraps. I plan on also making one MT for my DH to use since he is more likely to use something like that, although he has slung and wrapped. Oh and I have a DIY ergo that I made around here somewhere too. I would like to get a stretchy wrap like a moby or a hopp for the newborn stage. I have heard those are the easiest wraps to nurse a wee one in and something I have never tried.
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studentmama- With DD I had one ring sling and one pouch from birth-4 months. That was fine for us, but I was literally wearing her all day, every day, and I first got tired of wearing the same two slings every day (that would be like only ever wearing two shirts!). Plus DD gained weight quickly and became such a chunky monkey I needed something that went over both shoulders. So I added a Moby, but by the time she was 6 months she was too heavy for that, so then I moved to mei teis and wraps. I still preferred the ring sling or pouch for trips to places like the zoo or aquarium- where she wanted to be able to look around a lot, or where I wanted to be able to get her in and out quickly. Nothing is as poppable as a hip carry in a pouch But for longer walks, it made sense (for my back's sake) to have her in a MT or wrap. At this point I don't *need* more, I just want more for the fun of wearing different "shirts" each day!

Personally I wouldn't use a mei tei with a newborn- it would be pretty difficult to get the support they need in a mei tei. I really think ring slings, wraps, or pouches are the best for newborns (there are many cheap options or you can always sew your own)- they're very supportive. Once babies are older, holding their heads up, and have more trunk support I think mei teis are awesome and will definitely last a long time.
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We have a ring sling, a homemade mei tei and an ergo. I'd like to add a stretchy wrap and maybe a woven wrap to that.

We also have a homemade amautiq (Inuit babywearing coat) for next winter.)
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We will. I have a huge stash from my 4 previous kids that were and still are worn. I've been downsizing my carrier stash, but I still have quite so may that i'm just not ready to part with yet. My first pg purchase this time was a couple pouch slings. A new one for me and one for DH.
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