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Need sticky vibes.

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This morning I wiped after going to the bathroom and there was some blood. It looked like my period was starting. Then it was brown and sticky, then it stopped. I am hoping everything is alright. My midwife said it's best to just wait and see. We dtd last night, so hopefully it was just that and nothing more. I just need some support and reassurance, and some sticky vibes.

Last night I was dreaming about twins, so it was weird to wake up to blood. My midwife said some women lose one twin, but not both.

I am tempted to go somewhere to get an ultrasound, but I don't have insurance, so I guess I just need to be patient.

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I'm in the same situation right now......brown spotting. :

Sticky vibes to us both!
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(one for each)

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Originally Posted by Whittliz View Post

I'm in the same situation right now......brown spotting. :

Sticky vibes to us both!

I hope it is just spotting for both of us. It seems to have stopped, so I hope that's the end of it. I am taking it easy today.
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i hope everything's ok.
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I hope everything is OK!
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Stick baby (ies)!
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hugs. light spotting is totally normal, especially after dtd. I know it is nerve-wracking, though.
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I'm sending lots of sticky vibes your way.
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and one to grow on

I would tend to think it was just an irritable cervix. That's what I hope it was anyway!
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sticky vibes for all!
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I hope your baby sticks. I lost a twin in my sixth pregnancy but the surviving twin was perfectly healthy! I lost the twin around 7 wks.
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I hope that was all it was for you.
I spot a lot, and even cramp. I lost DD's twin at about 6 weeks. I hope that's not what happens for you, but you can go on and have a normal pregnancy.
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double post
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I am hoping for a SUPER sticky for you! I really hope everything is ok.
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I hope you are still doing alright.
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's for you!

Good luck and sending out my good vibes to you
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I am still not sure what is up. I started bleeding again a few times and then it stops. It seems to be more than spotting. It looks like my period is about to start, but instead of picking up it slows down and practically stops. I haven't had to wear a pad or anything. My cervix keep moving up and down in conjunction with the bleeding. Today I am taking it easy, staying in bed or just on the computer. If it's still the same by tommorow, I am going to see if the nurse midwives at the abc here will see me. They have a walk in clinic with sliding scale fees on Fridays, so they might be willing to do a free or sliding scale check up in the morning. It is hard not knowing what is going on.
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