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going in to see my back up ob on the 6th of Jan. After that I will begin interviewing midwives.
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I still have to find a midwife!

There are technically not allowed in my state so I will have to find one that will do it. I know of 2 that will come here from CA to do a homebirth, I just need to contact them and then go through convincing DH to even have a homebirth!

If not he is going to get a surprise when I don't go to the hospital and we end up with a UC! LOL I will not have another hospital birth!
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Yesterday I made an appointment to see a midwife on January 14th...when I will be around 8 weeks...can't wait!!!!
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I need to find a mw. I have names of a few, so I will start calling around next week to see if I can meet with a few in January.
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I will be seeing ours on Monday... Hmm I think Ill be like 6 weeks??? Kinda early it felt like to me.. But she might be able to do something at least weight me etc..?? Ive never seen them before either, and DH wanted to see the hospital before hand so we know what we are getting ourselves into..
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I will prob. see them at 8-12 weeks, just depends when i get around to calling!
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Pregnant with my 5th and just started seeing my MW at 30 weeks!
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We had our first appt at 7 weeks, our next appt is at 12 weeks and then every four weeks after that. After 36 weeks they start to be weekly appointments, although my MWs think I'll probably go overdue with this baby like I did the first one so they might give me the choice (like they did last time) of scheduling visits every two weeks instead of weekly towards the end.
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I met with Adrian in Dec, but considering I had Lea in Jan, there wasn't much to talk about. But she weighed me and tried to take blood(which is a nightmare) and when she couldn't, said forget it and that she would do it at 28 weeks(she said who cares what the other MW says..she didn't want to put me thru that). They sent me for an ultrasound to date since she couldn't get blood, and found out I was like 9w then.

Now I see her monthly until 36 weeks when they do the home visit and then it is weekly after that. When I saw her this month, I heard the heartbeat! YEAH!
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Had my first visit at 9 weeks and the next scheduled for 15 weeks. I am thinking about pushing that one out another 4 weeks though because I don't think there is much we can really do at the 15 week appointment. ??? (Don't do doppler or u/s) I love seeing and chatting with my midwife though so we'll see.
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I haven't gone yet. Am scheduled to go at 11 1/2 weeks. I am hoping to hear the heartbeat. I will also ask if the next few appointments can be closer to 5 weeks apart as we live so far away. I am looking forward to going.
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I will see my hb mw's around week 13. Feb 20th I think.
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