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Poll Results: Do you bathe with your LO?

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I have 2 lo's I shower with. 3 yo one day, 6 month old the next. If 3 yo is really dirty on the day it's the babys turn, he showers with dh or dd. So I get a really good shower, myself, every other day and kind of wash off all I can when I shower with 6 month old. I shower alone maybe once a month, which is also when (or if) I shave. I think that's another thread.
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I marked "sometimes". I did get in the tub with dd up until a few months ago when my pregnant belly got too big for me to maneuver with her in there. She still hops into the shower with me though.
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always have but now 4yr old has choice and even the 2yr old is asked if she wants to shower with me. dont want them to think mums body is anything to hide when we mums are constantly asking to view parts of there body to clean ect. they are always given a choice and now they perfer to bathe together although is probably 50/50
4yr old likes her own time sometimes now
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Originally Posted by kittyhead View Post
if i didnt bathe with my toddler, i wouldnt get much of a chance to bathe at all!

We've showered together nearly every day since he was a few weeks old, though he does love to have solo baths so he can splash and play.
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Just once. And well I am a bigger woman so it was kinda awkward. Not much space.
So...I just bath her by herself in the tub now.
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I bathe with her, so that I can get her clean without my back aching, and also so that she feels more secure, and so that she doesn't let the water out of the tub. But she does NOT bathe with me.
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Sometimes. Normally the boys take a bath together before bed and I usually shower in the morning while they're sleeping. Sometimes though on a weekend if I need to shower and have to bring my toddler in I will. The bathtub's too small for all three of us and you can't take a bath with just one kid without the other wanting in, so its easier not to.

If I want to take a bath, I wait until they're asleep for the night and then I get to be all alone.
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Usually I manage to persuade my two (almost 5 and 2) to bathe together, but if I'm unsuccessful I'll hop in with them. The problem is that my almost year old likes his baths far too cold for me and I get pretty uncomfortable after a little while. Not to mention that our tub is only a 3/4 size one so we're pretty cramped! It's fun though.
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Whenever I get the chance, I bathe with our son. I have since he was about two months old. I wish our tub was big enough for all three of us.
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sometimes with one or both or sometimes they bath with dp. Sometimes I get to bathe alone!
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I either bathe or shower with DD2 most days. Or DD1 and DD2 bathe together. Occasionally, I join the two of them in the big garden tub. And sometimes DS comes in too! Now that's a crowd in the tub!
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I'm not wasting water.
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We don't have a tub, so I always shower with DS. I really wish I would have appreciated the luxury of showering alone while I had the chance!
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I said yes, but it is DH that does it with her, and it is a shower, not a bath. They both love the water, so after dinner (when DD is super messy) they go straight to the shower to play for a while.
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I used to, but I am very pregnant now, and I can't get out of the tub anymore. So I have to shower. So now my dh bathes with her. She is about 25 months old. Why not? It saves water.
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Yes, have since birth.
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I've bathed with both my kids since they were born--I've just always found it easier and just nice. Sometimes I wish I could take a bath *without* them--but when they hear te bath water running, they both come running (well, my daughter comes crawling, I suppose).

Sometimes one or both bathe with my husband (when he takes a bath; he typically takes a shower), but they'll still come get in my bath if they know I'm taking one.
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Yes! DP and I take turns bathing dd, 7mo almost every night. It is a really enjoyable time.
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Yes, I do.
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