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can you really tip over?

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just wondering.

I'm like 43cm and I don't think it's normal or natural.

Usually a big belly simply makes it difficult to lean forward, like having something big in front of you. (duh)

but at this size, I'm like leanign back halfway at all times, because even being up straight puts to much pressure on it.

has anyone ever REALLY tipped over?

Did it work? Maybe if I let myself fall forward, by trying to stand up straight, the baby will "pop out of my tummy" (using my 4 yr old's vocabulary, sorry.)
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Ya know, I don't have an answer to your question...lol...but I just read your blog and am highly entertained by this leaf situation. DP and I can't decide what the best solution to the problem is. LOL

I can, however, sympathize with you about the sitting up and laying back. If I lay back, I get light-headed and/or the baby isn't comfortable and ends up kicking the you-know-what out of my insides. But if I sit up straight, he's cramped for room and ends up in my ribs. If I sit up extra tall, my back muscles get tired. Ready to have a baby.......any day now.
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Ha, I tip over almost every day - I squat a lot to get down with my toddler, and it has gotten to the point that it's a 50/50 chance that I will have to fall on my butt before I can get back up. It's great in the grocery store. :P
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I lose my balance alot too. I try to prepare my self to be stable before I try to do things, that way I am less likely to fall over. Yesterday at 37w4d I was measuring 40 and this baby has dropped so low in my pelvis that even from the outside it looks like she is falling out! I am definitely off balance.
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I just had to come back and find this thread after I read this article!

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This totally freaked me out!! I didn't realize it was old at first...so I was reading it and trying to grasp how it fits into current reality- and I'm thinking, "Wow...I guess Lisa thinks she has put on so much weight post partum that she's worried about tipping over? That's crazy! poor thing..."
But then I get down to the 'baby popping out of my tummy' part- and I'm going, "Okaaaaaay....." Still totally not getting it, and thinking, "that Lisa, she's such a comedian- I guess she thinks she's so heavy that she still feels pregnant?" but really, I'm getting bewildered at this point- so i'm scrolling down, reading the next post- and going, "geeze- everyone still feels pregnant? hmmmm....something fishy : going on here..." Then i saw the date.


Boy- lack of sleep really does make me stoooopid!
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That's OK, I was pretty confused to see this thread alive again, too.

I liked that news article, that was funny and it linked to other funny ones. NOw I know a little more useless bits of trivia. Well, it won't be useless when I impress someone with that little tidbit, huh.

I really am fat, though. Like I weigh 3 pounds more now than I did before the baby was born. I have reached a milestone of gaining back all of my pregnancy weight. ISn't that charming. blech.
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I saw this and though-wait someone is STILL pregnant-and I felt really bad for you. Then I remembered reading your birth story-and got confused. Then I saw the date!
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heheheheh....happy to be the source of confusion, ladies!! just a little side service i offer!
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