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Originally Posted by kdmama33 View Post
Get thyself a copy of The Mood Cure or The Diet Cure. Sounds like exactly what you are looking for. Julia Ross links emotional instability with amino acid "deficiency". Very much written from a nutritional healing, TF view point.

Rage, or intense anger, is often a sign of adrenal stress, as well.
This is an excellent read! I'm actually buying both tonite!
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I haven't caught up with all the posts, but I just read about the psoriasis on your nipples...I had this too!!! For about 7 months my areolas would crack and then seem like they were drying out and getting better and then they'd get worse. Sometimes it was VERY painful and I know I sent some signals to my dc, but he was so little that he was persistent none the less.

Anyway, I found a lot of relief from soaking in acv or kombucha (especially if it was a strong brew). I would have a cup of diluted (or not if it was really bad) acv in the shower and just stick my breast in and make a seal and then tip the cup and take some deep, healing breaths. I tried not to rinse it off (dc never complained about the flavor, but if your's does maybe just leave on as long as you can) and would sometimes seal it on there with Lansinoh once I was dry.

I also started being diligent daily with CLO at the nursing level. And would open vitamin E capsules and apply to the sores.

I'm actually not sure what finally allowed them to heal, but I hope your's clears up soon! I remember that no one knew how to help me and I was really frustrated by that but also determined not to stop nursing. I got a script from a MD, but never filled it b/c I didn't feel like he had much nursing knowledge and dc was nursing every hour or two.

Here's to fast healing!

Bless you!
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Oh thank you so much for your post! It's been driving me crazy that I seem to be the only one out there who's had this problem.

My horrible crack seems to have healed (it went almost all the way around my nipple and was getting opened all the time.) and what seemed to help is my applying lanolin every chance I got. After every nursing. I'm still doing that because I never want to be up at night again because it hurts.

It hadn't occurred to me to soak in acv! I tried the saline and it hurt and it was really hard to do wit DD. I kept saying I'd do it when she'd nap and it never happened.

I think vitamin E would do the same as lanolin did, sticky moisturizing. All my shirts have these little grease spots in the front and only I know what they're from!

Thanks so much! I hope mine heal too, being constantly in pain makes me really grouchy.
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I hope the acv or kombucha tip helps with the itching and scaling. Maybe start with a really dilute solution and see if it hurts...if your sore is really open it will burn. I also applied acv with a cotton ball if I needed to avoid an especially painful area.
Good luck!!!!
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Pyroluria may be linked to gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. New studies show that it is a gut related condition.
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Subbing as I feel I could have written so much of what has been said. Long story short as I want to go to bed, but right now I'm back on a B-complex, zinc, vit. C, and 5-HTP. I think I will get some GABA tomorrow. I also need to start my magnesium again, as that tends to calm me in about 20 minutes when needed. We are gluten free here and also use enzymes incase of any possible cross contamination (because though I am millitant about being GF, I will buy products that don't say GF even if they don't contain gluten-containing grains, like corn tortillas). We are also going to have IgG testing done to see what other intolerances/sensitivities we might have (I fear dairy/casein, as this is a mom's instinct feeling I've had since ds#1 was a baby).
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And WildIris, thank you so much for your post ... you said things that I feel right now trying to keep sane with three young ones underfoot.
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for everyone

I've got what seems like the beginning of mastitis on top of it all. I've been tested a lot lately.
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For me, the single biggest things that had an impact were these:

1) beef liver, 3x week, about 3 oz each
2) dried liver tablets (about 12 throughout the morning of Dr Rons)
3) amino acid custom supplement

The liver helped over and above the aminos, but the aminos did make me able to function.

But it would probably be hard to make good progress if you are overextended in commitments and not sleeping.
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Hmm ... I think I have liver tablets in the cupboard. Maybe I'll add those to my current list. John would love it if I made liver regularly; though now being GF, we'd be buying/eating a lot of GF bread, which is something we normally don't do. (I make my liver into pate becuase it's better tasting to me.)

We did the custom aminos for a while (holy canolli they are expensive!) and I think I saw some improvement but then it kind of plateau'd. I need to have my levels rechecked, especially now that I've been GF for about 6 months. Maybe I'll pick up an amino test when I go pick up the IgG tests at the ND.

And for me, sleep is the biggest factor right now. I honestly don't think there are enough supplements or foods I can eat that will take place of me not sleeping enough. I keep hoping that as I get my body chemistry in check the baby will start sleeping more. (Him getting all his teeth in would surely help too as he wakes every hour when teething. ) The last 4 or 5 nights it seems he's been sleeping in 3 hour stretches or so, which is a God-send for me. I'm wondering too if when he eventually weans (probably another 2 years away though), my body will be able to fully regenerate itself from years of pregnancy and nursing and no sleeping ...
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Oh Serena ... Maybe in addition to soaking your breast in ACV, you should also be taking it internally 3x a day ... mix about 1-3 tablespoons in a few ounces of hot water with some honey and drink like a tea. Do this 3x a day if you can ... it should kick any mastitis you have. Oh, you can also boil some garlic in water to make a "tea", add some fresh lemon juice if you have it and honey ...

and again. I haven't btdt with the psoriasis (sp?) on the nipples, but I've had mastitis twice this time around and 1x each with the other two. From a metaphysicaly point of view, mastitis and breast issues can stem from over-mothering everyone else without mothering yourself at all (yea, I know ... not too easy with a young one).
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A little update:

I'm doing better. Taking a B-complex and eating liver when I can get some pastured. Also, taking Mg several times a day. Cut back on the sugar down to home baked cranberry bread or a piece of hard candy. Making sure I have food to eat so I don't eat something stupid.

Mastitis and cracks all got better. That really hit home MLW about overmothering others and not mothering myself enough. I've spent more time doing things of spiritual nature like reading Qur'an and doing dhikr and it seems to be helping. Big question is how do I mother myself?
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How are you doing?

Thinking of you.
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Thanks for thinking of me!

I went back on prenatals and an occasional b-complex and Mg. That seems to do a world of good.

I started one of those "x days since last outburst" counts in my head and I can totally see how they come when I'm not taking my vitamins.

I realized how little meat I was eating because I don't have much access to pastured (and we'd run out of what we'd stashed in the freezer) so I broke down and started buying the occasional pound of conventional (halal though) meat. I do better on that than on a vegetarian diet. Impatiently waiting for the side of beef that we'd ordered.

I also worked on changing my mindset somewhat. Not that I was a perfectionist before but focusing on the idea that only a few things *really* matter seems to help me a lot. I also started dropping what I'm doing when I feel it welling up. Nothing can be so important.

It's still not great though. I hate this feeling that I might rage suddenly. I used to do this when puberty initially hit me and I remember telling DH that I was grateful that it was over. Well, here I am again... And while it's a little easier being an adult, really there is easy way to handle it once it happens. Prevention is the best way to do it. Way easier than dealing with the aftermath.
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Originally Posted by Gale Force View Post
3) amino acid custom supplement
would this be a custom made supplement? did you get tests to help figure out which amino acids would be of benefit?

I have read the Mood Cure and Diet Cure and have tried the amino acid supplements; but I have a hard time trying to sort out the info in the book.
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I am glad to hear that things are a little better. I think things would have been a lot different for me had I made those realizations much sooner.


I did have blood work from Metametrix (their bloodspot amino test) and then was able to order a custom supplement through Metabolic Maintenance. Doctor's Data does tests as well. But a doctor needs to request the test kit.
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Originally Posted by quietserena View Post
Can someone point me to a good source to read about the connection between emotions and deficiencies?

Specifically, I'm interested in anger as a manifestation of a deficiency.
Yes - Doreen Virtue did study on this with interesting results.

This is a great area and need to listen to your body on this one.

Personally I advocate going raw!!! Including dairy as body can digest that.

good luck.
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Thank you to thedomesticdiva for sharing the great information on magnesium.

Most people are deficient and without it we suffer physically.

My massage therapist gave me an article from the Epsom Salts Council that explains that the best way for people to absorb magnesium is to soak in an epsom salt bath. Since I using epsom salts or Dead Sea Salts in every bath I have noticed a big difference in how I feel and cope from day to day. I really notice it when I don't have my mineral water bath!

We have soft water, I recently learned that soft water drains the body of minerals due to osmosis and is the wrong polarity from Dr. Zoltan Rona's book Natural Alternatives To Vaccination.
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Originally Posted by RawGoddess View Post
Yes - Doreen Virtue did study on this with interesting results.

This is a great area and need to listen to your body on this one.
Is this Doreen Virtue of the angel therapy fame? Can you link me to this study?

What do you mean by your second statement?
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