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Guess whose water broke...

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ON ITS OWN!! Woohoo! Ok, so I am officially in AWE at the power of the mind. The other day I was doing hard labor, and I saw I had a message on my cell phone. Pick it up - midwife saying she had talked to an Ob about my situation. I swear to you at that moment I felt fight or flight put the breaks on my laboring. So after speaking to the midwife I learn that they have set an "appointment" for Monday with this Ob. It bothered me, but I tried to ignore it, but I've been realizing that the looming appointment was seriously delaying my labor. They wanted to see me tonight, and they tell me that this "appointment" is actually a scheduled INDUCTION! Can you believe that?! They scheduled an induction without discussing it with me, without talking to me about their concerns or anything?! I have seriously dodged a bullet!! If I don't agree to it by tomorrow night, they will drop me and won't be with me at the induction. WHATEVER, I DON'T TRUST THEM AT ALL NOW!! Reason for my induction? The midwife determined that the water was low even though the tech whose advice she told me she trusted so much told us it was the proper level for this stage in pregnancy. And they've determined my start and stop laboring is a sign that my body is unable to go into labor on its own. Uh, how bout not scaring the sh*t out of moms so that they go out of labor! Ever heard of Ina May Gaskin - trying reading her book - MY BODY IS NOT A LEMON!! Then when I explain my concerns about having had PTSD in the past. I was told that as midwives they were not trained to help women with the mental aspects of labor and birth (???) just the physical - and there was a family doctor they could refer me to for some drugs for my "hormonal problem" (Uh, post traumatic stress is caused by TRAUMA not hormones!!) So I come home and discuss this with dh. Thanks to whoever advised me to "shag my husband" - we didn't shag, but we did get on the same page. I got him to understand how important it was to me that he be on my side and that I feel safe and not like there was a wolf outside my door. I explained how mammals don't give birth in the presence of predators, and that I felt in danger, etc. Well, he vowed to support me in whatever I wanted to do. I tripped off to the store to get some water and snack with a great weight lifted off my shoulders - feel a few contractions, my undies feel wet, a drip down my leg - woo hoo! Lesson learned ladies, lesson learned - my body is not a lemon, mammals must feel safe to birth - we're going to have a baby, a UC!!
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Great news!!! Can't wait to hear that your sweet baby is in your arms!!!
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Have a lovely, lubricious labor and a beautiful, blissful birth!
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woo hooo!!!!!!!!!!
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Yay! It's time to get the show on the road, baby!
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A HUGE hug to your DH for being part of this - your protector, the guardian of your space as you birth this baby! Congrats to both of you
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Yay mama!

smooth laboring...
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Good for you!!! Lots of support and hugs and SAFETY for you! You go, girl!!!
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gotta love those medically oriented midwives, hey? : Good to know that some of our suggestions helped you get going
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thinking of you, sending strong healthy labor vibes your way
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Happy Birthing!
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I can't believe that midwife scheduled an induction without even discussing it with you. How awful! And YAY that baby is officially on the way!
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Woohoo! You have come so far! Good labor vibes and a wonderful birth for you all.
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YAY for you and thank you for reminding me of so many important things!

I'm shocked and horrified by the way your midwife treated you and feeling so much more confident in my decision to UP.

I hope you're having a wonderful, happy labour that takes as long as it takes and I look forward to reading your birth story.
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have a beautiful labour!
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I've been "following" you and checking on you each day. I admire your strength and faith to do what is right for your baby.

I pray for a peaceful birth that you desire. I pray for a healthy baby and healthy Momma.

I'm sorry your midwives did that too you that is HORRIBLE to be treated like that by someone you trust. Its not right at all....

: for you.
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Lots of cheering You will have your UC I am so excited for you...
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for me, hearing stories about midwives doing stuff like this doesn't surprise me anymore.
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OK: it was me who told you to go and take your husband to bed, and I'm glad he's got his head sorted out and your waters broke and baby's going to be out before Xmas and all. I'm also glad that there's presumably no meconium staining so you can worry a little less about foetal distress.
On midwives, though: I went through the same kind of stop-and-start and stop-and-start labour with my DD (also a third baby, you'll notice) and mine were great. It is not that there's anything fundamentally wrong with the practice of midwifery, it's that sometimes, midwives don't conduct themselves as educated professionals. I can't believe they set a date for induction like that, though, or that they told you that they didn't believe your body could go into labour on its own : : :
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