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I'm cheering for you too! :
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Glad this show is on the road sans the unsupportive midwives! Can't wait to hear!
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I'm so very glad you're feeling safe now!

Wishing you a peaceful loving birth!! :
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That's great news. I will be thinking of you today. :
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you are SO not a lemon! goodness gracious!

it's amazing the pressure you've been under--your husband, your midwives. . .!

and now that those pressures are decreased. . .thank goodness. . .and the baby can come.

i am really looking forward to this birth story--and thank goodness you're UCing. i would not want to read another traumatic birth story from a lot of coerced stuff! bah!
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Thinking of you and cannot wait to hear you are holding your sweet baby!
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Woohoo! Can't wait to hear you are holding your sweet baby. Easy Labor Vibes!
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Wonderful! Three cheers for your supportive hubby! :
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I can't believe they did that to you! I would be outraged!

Yay for water breaking!!!
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12 hours, no update...... stork visits?????? Or sleeping? Either way, have fun!
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Whoop whoop whoop! That's wonderful news, yay!
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Hoping you are holding your beautiful babe by now!
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Good for you mama!! Stay safe within yourself & your family.

Congrats on your waters breaking!
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Yay!! My DH beats me to the comp this morning so this is the first time I get on and I miss the water breakage!! Congrats!! I hope to hear a beautiful baby is in your arms soon! I've been following this and checking on you every day multiple times a day.

Sending wonderful labor vibes!
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Dying for an update here!
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Well, this is a weird labor. It's been really easy - painless, "laborless". I felt something in my cervix and decided to check, and I'm way dialated (just about gone in the back and the sides with some lip in front) with more water bag in the cervix. But things have stalled out for a couple hours now. Hoping it will start back up soon and not make me wait hours, so we can have some visit time with my folks who are needing to go back home. Feeling good - baby is happy!
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I stalled out for around 3 hours at 9 cm... take the chance to nap between ctx and relax. When I felt restless I started doing squats to get good ctx going and then would lean over my bed as they started to come back-to-back. I hope it is really soon for you! And don't worry about your parents seeing the baby now or in a week or two - no more pressure! It's all up to that little baby now.

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Glad things are going well! Do take this chance to rest. Easier said than done I am sure... how exciting!
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I am so happy to hear about your water breaking It sucks that so many imporatant people in your life were giving you a hard time and I am thrilled to hear your dh understands now and is doing what you need for him to do.

Sending your way and lo looking forward to reading your birth story. I bet you have a very short labor from here on out.
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That's great, mama!
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