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Crochet question- diagrams or written instructions?

Poll Results: Crochet patterns- what do you prefer?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 72% (8)
    Written instructions
  • 9% (1)
    Stitch diagrams
  • 18% (2)
    A bit of both, written and diagrams
  • 0% (0)
    Doesn't matter, I'm a pattern reading champ!
11 Total Votes  
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So I've been writing crochet patterns for all of my little dolls and am wondering, for those of you who crochet-

Do you prefer written instructions OR stitch diagrams OR both written instructions and an occasional stitch diagram?

I'm just trying to get a feel, so that I can make my patterns better. I recently did a stitch diagram that took FOREVER to make, and I'm seriously not that inept in the program that I used.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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I absolutely require written instructions. A stitch diagram is nice as a supplement though.
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Personally, I prefer written instructions. I *only* use diagrams when I want to embellish things. I do not like charts very much at all but that may be as a result of my poor vision. I can crochet equally well from either though but I'd be far more inclined to purchase/do a written pattern.

Oh . . . and may I say, your work is fabulous.
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I know that diagrams are traditional for amigurumi, but I do like written.
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I have never been able to read a stitch diagram so I wouldn't look at a pattern like that. Your butterfly is absolutely gorgeous. All your little people there are so, so cute.
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I like written directions too, but I've never really taken the time to learn how to read those ami charts I see. I think it probably depends on your target market.
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written. I hate charts in both knitting and crochet
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Thanks for the honest info, and for the nice compliments!:

All of my japanese crochet pattern books have the diagrams, and I guess I've just grown accustom to preferring patterns with them. I tend to get lost in the written instructions when it's for a long round/row, or when there are multiple steps, so the diagrams help with that.

I think I'm just going to keep writing the patterns out, and then supplementing when needed here and there with the diagrams.

Thanks everyone!
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I voted for diagrams. I'm dyslexic and can't follow written patterns at all. However, I'm not really your target market b/c I can just figure out how to copy stuff by looking at a picture half the time, and I can't even always follow charts.
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Written instructions...but ONLY ones that don't have errors. I'm not that good at it yet and when there's even ONE error it screw me up the rest of the time.

That and patterns that are written really stupidly. I had a pattern that kept changing stitch terms and I don't know how, but I finally finished it. That pattern pissed me off so much because it was my first non-blanket project. Oh and when I finished the neck didn't even stretch enough for my DD's big freakin head. I had to cut the shoulder sewing off to make adjustable thingies for the shoulders to close.

Oh...and she has never worn it...she hates it.
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i prefer written patterns. i lvoe amigurumi. whichreminds me i really should get a move on with doing DS1s school fair donations. amigurumi toys. i have 2 weeks to do them. how many i do depends on how i feel. youir are beautiful im no where near that good!!!

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I always like written directions, but also only do simple things. Your dolls are adorable, very adorable, but I wouldn't try them myself as I'd think it was an involved pattern.

I love, love, love your butterfly girl!
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