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Late baby announcement

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I've been off the computer, but wanted to stop in and share our news.

Nianna Pearl arrived 3 weeks ago today. Natural, drug free and uninduced (my first time starting labor myself).

I had excess fluid (extrememly excess lol), and she wasn't settling into my pelvis as we progressed, and I have a history of very rushed labors after water breaking (like 15 minutes later I'm done), so the mw was concerned about a prolapsed cord. So she put a small leak in my bag of waters, so some drained and allowed baby to settle into my pelvis. I leaked all over our labor room lol, but she dropped immediately into place. A few hours later, things had really progressed, so we called back in our nurse and mw, and just as I was saying I was needing to push, the only other mama in that night was too. So mw ran into her room, caught a baby, and ran back just barely in time into our room. Our nurse kept talking to the baby and asking her to wait just a minute so she wouldn't be on her own, then she called in a resident to be safe, but I just ignored all of them. But our mw arrived back just in time. When my water broke the rest of the way, we were glad that we hadn't had it happen at home. I really had TONS of fluid, it would have been enough to ruin our mattress (after, we kept finding puddles in odd areas of the floor there, poor dh had soaking socks lol). After my 3 7lb boys, her head felt bigger, then her shoulders felt huge, turns out she was over 9lbs! She inhaled a bunch of fluid on her way out, so while she was on my chest, she was turning blue, the ended up putting her on oxygen and having to take her to special care a couple hours to get her lungs working and all the fluid out, but then she nursed great and has been doing wonderful.

She arrived 10/28 at 4:50am, 9lbs 2oz, 20" and adorable! She looks nothing like her brothers, is happy and sweet and her brothers are adoring her.
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good job, mama! congratulations on your precious little arrival. it's so cool that her brothers are doting on her... the little princess!

and her name is just beeyooteeefull!
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Way to go!
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Congratulations Apryl! Welcome Nianna(...another great Oct. 07 DDC name!!)!

I posted in announcements. Enjoy your little pixie!
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sounds like a wonderful birth! glad the mw got there just in time to welcome her in!
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Congrats mama! Welcome Nianna!!
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