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When do boys start talking?

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We don't read the books that talk about when children are supposed to do various things developmentally. Then the other day we were over at a friends home who have a 1year old who was saying things including my ds name. Ds is 16 mo and has only 2-3 words: cat, hello, & mama (mamam). He has sounds he uses that have meanings: Guh (I want that) uh-uh (thank you) plus. But that is it.

I know boys tend to start later than girls and that there is a lot of variation from child to child but I'm curious when others have started.
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my son is 16 months and says 3 words as well. 'they' say later for boys. i read earlier today that if they don't babble at all then you should worry, but from what I hear around 18 months to 20 months the little boys pick up more vocabulary. good luck!
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My son is 17 months old and only says a few words. He used to say a bunch but has replaced them with pointing and screaming! I would say he has about 15 words but only uses about 5 on a daily basis. I think your son is perfectly normal.
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My 18 month old has 4 words about about 5 signs. It is on the lower side of normal. He has boy friends of similar ages that have about 30-50 word I would guess. I think understanding you is more important at this age.
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I agree with the others. My son knew dozens of words at 18 months but only used 10 on a regular basis. He is 20 months old now and is speaking in full sentences overnight. It is literally a new word a day at this point. Don't worry, your ds sounds fine.
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My son is 17 months old and only says a few words. He used to say a bunch but has replaced them with pointing and screaming! I would say he has about 15 words but only uses about 5 on a daily basis. I think your son is perfectly normal.
Exactly same here. He understands everything though. I'm just waiting for the big language explosion that seems to happen.
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Same here... DS (15 months) understands a LOT of words, has a few of his own words that only we understand... but says only "clock".
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My older son did not talk until 2.5 and really until last year My other one is more chatty at 15m but still is qualifing for speech therapy.
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Same situation here. He clearly understands everything we say to him, but he only says, "hi," "wow" and "mama" (the latter only when he's very upset). He is learning signs pretty quickly, though.
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My son was verbally advanced...he spoke in complete sentences at 18 months...had 100s of words in his vocab...
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my son is 19 months. About a month ago i counted about 30 words. He uses about 5-6 regularly. He also is replacing words with grunting and whining a LOT lately. I guess its a phase? (please yes, cuz its driving me crazy!)

I think your son is totally normal, but to be honest i have been struggling a lot with comparing him. I don't think less of HIM, but less of me as a mother, what am i doing wrong?

The answer is nothing. we play, have a great relationship and read a lot. No need to push, it will come. One day he'll start the phase where he starts repeating after you, mimicking your words...and then the real chatter will flow!
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I think your son is just fine. Remember the range of normal is very wide!
My oldest barely spoke until he turned 2, but he knew every possible sound for animals. My youngest has tons of words and is picking them up every day and he is 16 mo, he started talking around 9 mo.

ETA: I remember worrying about my oldest's speaking when he was young. All the little children we were around were talking A LOT more than he was. Sure enough you would never know it now listening ds around other children his age.
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Ill bet he is just fine. They all develope at different paces. I dont have a son but my dd didnt talk until she was almost three years old. She did however understand most instructions I would give her. She dosent stop talking now..
Good luck.
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My ds is 15 months and really only says ma, dad, this, that, there and yes. He has about 60 signs and uses them constantly. Two of his little guys friends have at least 50 words and speak in phrases...it is hard not to wonder when my son will talk more, but I am going to wait it out...because I think they all get to the same place. If he doesnt have more words by 20 months I may be more concerned, we will see.
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I remember getting "referred" to speech therapy for DD because she had 7-10 words at 18 mo. And the thing is...she had like 3. Just because she HAD ever said 7 words, lol, didn't mean she used them. The ped was quite worried that she didn't speak in 2-word sentences and called us abnormal in spite of the sheet she'd just given us describing her as normal. hmmmm... so much for natural variation.

We didn't use the therapist because she pointed out 60-100 words in books that she understood. Just didn't say any of them. We read the speech therapy textbooks and discovered that she was 1. fine and 2. we were naturally doing everything they teach speech therapists to do with her. Why label and diagnose, we figured.

She probably speaks with less grammar than a typical 2.5 year-old currently, but I've realized that this was not a developmental issue for her, just the ped. If he communicates (points, gestures, grunts), they say he should be getting close to talking and he's communicative, which is most important at this age.
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I was worried about the same thing and got the same advice. Communication and understanding are first then the words. DS probably has about 10 words and uses 2-3 on a daily basis. I'm not worried anymore he seems to be progressing at his own pace.
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My ds did not really speak until almost 3. He is talking non-stop now getting several words a day. He feels to me about a year, maybe 6 months behind but I think catching up. I asked my health visitor about it 4 months ago and she did not seem concerned enough to get him referred (and I guess she was right). I think he did get very frustrated though
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My 18 month old has about 7 words he uses consistently: yea, no, tickle, mama, daddy, hi, bye bye - and just today he was obsessed with the word apple! "ap-pu, ap-pu!" with a glint in his eye, while doing the ASL sign, kind of reminded me of the Helen Keller story! He also has at least 20 signs that he uses consistently. If communication is an issue, I highly recommend that you try learning and teaching some signs! They have been SO helpful for us and we have managed to do a lot more problem solving since he started using those!

I have read that if they are babbling that is a good sign, and that you want to see 2 word combinations by the time they are 2 years old.

It sounds like a lot of us are having similar experiences with language learning.
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My boy has been on the opposite end of the spectrum. He started speaking insanely early (think asking for the boob at around 5 months) and strung together sentences very early as well. Now he's 4 and he *NEVER* hushes up, its amazing. I don't see how he doesn't pass out from oxygen deprivation, he never seems to take a breath!

I'm very suspicious of "them" and this whole developmental mythology. I think that there are certainly certain mileposts that might signal problems, but for the most part the individual determines their own path at the right time. (And I study developmental psych, so where does that leave me, other than out of a job? )

I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe get your ds' ears checked, just in case? I've heard many a story of having such concerns and then finding out several months down the track that the kid was silently brewing a bad case of glue ear.
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My DS did not start talking until 2.5 yrs old, literally not a word. The ped was concerned, advised us to go to Early Intervention. Being the lazy parents that we are, we just let him develop on his own pace. He's the kind of child who would not do anything until he could do it perfectly. Once he started, he accelerated through the speech development curve: gaining vocabulary like crazy, speaking in sentences within 1 week. We were stunned at his speech progress.

After this experience, we tossed out all the baby books we had. With my DD now, I don't care how many words she had at what stage. I just let her develop at her own pace.

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