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Can you recommend a sling for a plus sized momma?

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Hi! I recently found out I'm pg w/ #2 and am starting to look into what I want for this new little one. I know that I want to get a sling for sure, I just don't know what kind/size/type/brand/etc. I've done a little bit of reading, but it's hard to know because I'm very short, but yet overweight. With my older ds we just had a front carrier, but he outgrew that really quickly and from what I understand slings are more versatile.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to use the sling starting during the newborn period up through toddlerhood. I also know that I want to be able to breastfed using the sling - if that's possible with a large chest. My dh would wear it also if it worked for him.

Any recomendations you have would be great! So far I was looking at the kissasling, the maya wrap, and the new native, but am open to suggestions.
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I have a NOJO and I like it, I guess some people don't though. I am not sure why, it fits me well and DH doesn't mind wearing it. I don't see why you couldn't bf in a sling, I just make sure he is positioned right (so he can breathe) or I push gently on the top of my breast to keep his nose clear.

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Maya Wrap

Out of all the slings I have tried I love this one!... I am Plus Size and it works well. I have held my newborn goddaughter in it and my 22 month old in it. Breastfeeding is not an issue with the maya wrap! As far as versitility(sp?), I front carry her, cradle, hip and even on my back. The size range is wonderful!
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Amazlilith, did you get a size L Maya Wrap?

I know I want a Maya Wrap for my next one, but I am not sure whether the M would be large enough. I want enough tail for the extra blanket effect.
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I have an XL...I am plus size and tall (5'10") and BIG busted. The tail is wonderful for covering!
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If I went with the maya wrap how do I know what size to get? I'm only 5ft. 1in. but about 200lbs. (a size 18). Thanks so much for any imput!
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From their site...

Maya Wrap Baby Sling Sizes

Small Below 5'2" (158cm) and slender
Medium 5'2" (158 cm) - 5'9" (176 cm)
Large Above 5'9" (176 cm)
X Large Large Frame

The only difference between Sling sizes is the length. This means the only difference you will notice is the length of the tail.

A medium Sling will fit most people, both moms and dads. Even if dad is larger, he won't need the longer tail for breast feeding coverage.

Petite users can make the Sling as short as they like because it is not padded. But they may prefer a smaller size--especially if not breast feeding--to have a shorter tail.

Tall or large users may not find the tail to be long enough to cover up when breast feeding. Most people who are not breast feeding don't need a large.
So I would think that a medium should be fine.
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I have a Med. Maya Wrap & would really prefer a Lg. I'm really big-busted (H-cup anyone? : ), only 5'4" (on a good day) and about 245#. The Med. works okay for upright holds, hip carry, & back carry, but for lying down positions I'd like more fabric.

We also have a Hip Hammock which is really adjustable. I got it because we had a couple-week period where neither of us liked the sling. It's more comfy than I thought, though I think I still like my sling best.

My $0.02
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I just wanted to mention that we just went to the fabric shop and got a few yards (between 3 and 5, depending on our mood and our pocketbook) of whatever fabric we liked at the time. We got some cute sesame street prints and really nice star and moon fabric...

anyhow...just go across your body diagonally (play with it and see how tight/loose you like it) and tie a knot in it. Slide the knot around to your back (keep it away from your neck--that hurts!) and then slide the babe in

Totally 100% adjustable =)
I'm 5'3" and umm...chunky. Dh is 6'1 and more overweight than me... we wanted to find something we could both use that wouldn't cost a fortune.

We got extra yardage so that we could do all the various positions--including the awesome back-saver, the cross carry. You need lots of fabric for this one, but man is it a back/neck/shoulder saver.
has TONS of info

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I am a plus sz momma! I am a 22/24. I love the maya wrap, I think it's a l or an xl, not sure. I use it around the house and for walks, I can even walk and bf
I have recently bought two wraps because I wanted her on my back securely while I do chores, cook, etc, and dd is only 5 months. Plus I was starting to have back aches, etc. So, I bought an ultimate baby wrap, but still found it a tad too short, but I was able to wrap it a different way and use it successfully. I have an extra large Ella Roo on special order and can't wait for this! I ordered them from peppermint.com. They have an excellent info and comparrison page, they also tell you which one is best for your usage.
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Maya Wrap actually has directions on their website on how to make their sling with your own fabric and rings. Also check out ebay and the Trading Post; you can often get them for less than retail, even half price.

As far as size, I have a medium and have found the tail to be plenty long. Do you have any friends locally with Maya Wraps, or an LLL meeting? Our LLL sells them, and you can try them on for size.

I would definitely go with the Maya Wrap for versatility. I haven't tried the Kissasling. I would not recommend the New Native, which is a pouch, and therefore not adjustable. I know pouch users love theirs, but I sold mine because after the first couple of weeks when I could just squish him in there he didn't like it and I found it really uncomfortable.

If you want a pouch, you might look into a fleece pouch from Kangaroo Korner. It has snaps, so you can adjust it between sizes, and it has a lot of stretch and give to it, unlike the New Native.

Both Kangaroo Korner (www.kangarookorner.com) and Peppermint (www.peppermint.com) have good charts comparing different kinds of slings/carriers.
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I'm not plus size, but I do have DDD boobs. I am 5'6" and medium build; dp is 6'6" and slender-to-medium build though he is pretty broad in the shoulders. I've been thinking of getting a Maya Wrap and would prefer to get one that would fit us both, if that's even possible. For you ladies who are experienced with these slings, do you think a L or XL would do the trick?
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I'm 5'8" and a size 18/20.

I got my sling from www.piggyslings.com and I think it's probably the size of an XL Maya.

I'd rather have extra fabric. It just hangs, anyway...it's not like I'm wearing the tail...and the long tail is great for DD to hang onto when we're walking.

AND, if you get one that is too long and you are bothered by it, it's easy to fix (cut and hem). It's more of a problem if the sling is too short.

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Thanks for the advice ladies. I'll have to do some more checking before I decide. I have a while anyways.
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I have a L maya wrap, and I've seen an over six foot, broad shouldered guy use it with a 2 yo. There was still plenty of extra tail. On me (5'6", not especially large) it's got LOTS of extra tail. I'd say a L will fit most people, certainly everyone who's dimensions have been described here, with a large child to boot (I'm pretty sure the maya wrap back carry with a large toddler uses the most fabric as far as how much the child takes up.)
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I have to say that the fleece pouch sling by KangarooKorner.com is awesome! Our 2 (one for car, one for in house) got daily use until it got over 80 degrees here in Philly... but once the fall hits, we'll go right back to it. I am a plus size mom and it fits well. I like it because it has stretch and give to the material... it snuggles ds close to me. I now have a hip hammock, which is okay but not nearly as comfortable as the fleece pouch sling. The hip hammock hurts my shoulder after awhile with 18lb ds in it.
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It sounds like we're the same size! I'm 5'8", but 270. I have a mesh sling and it slips alot, I think it may be the material, cuz I also have a denim material sling and it doesn't slip at all(size L) It's a maya sling. I prefer to still use my hand/arm to help me out with it, but I am able to walk around and bf while dd is in the sling. For walking around though, I love my ultimate baby carrier and ella roo from peppermint.com I am quickly becoming a wrap/carrier addict as easily as I became a cloth diapering hyena, lol!
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