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Christening gowns

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Ok, ds's baptism is finally gonna happen at the end of the month. I really want to do a traditional gown. He's a big guy in 12-18, closer to 18 mo. clothes at 9 months. I've been looking on ebay & searching the web elsewhere & I'm shocked at what people want for these. You can get a christening outfit for $25-35, but I want a gown. I'd rather not have to sell part of my diaper stash for it IYKWIM!!

Now, if I was unpacked & didn't have 50 other things to do (and who doesn't) I could make it but I can barely get to my sewing machine let alone actually sew right now.

Anyone have any fabulous ideas you'd wish to share?

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consignment stores maybe?
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Congratulations on your Ds' baptism I got ours at Sears. I think it was $50. It is a traditional white gown, long, with a little lace detailing and a cap. Very nice IMO.
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Are their any gowns that have been passed down in your family? We used my dh's great-grandpa's.
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Well we have dh's baptismal outfit, but it's for a newborn. MIL is not happy.

I'll check sears this weekend. Thanks!

I just love the gowns. I know it's silly, but that's what I really want.
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We bought ours in a bridesmaid dress kind of shop at an outlet mall - the type of shop that sells very flouncy, flowery dresses. They had a small selection of christening gowns at the back of the store at a fraction of the price of the big stores.

Hope you find what you're looking for!
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we also looked at Macy's and a few other higher end department stores. While beautiful, they were all $100 and up! Talk about sticker shock.
It's not silly if that's what you want. I wish I had not borrowed the one for my first baby. I hated the little suit.....if I had just bought the gown I liked to start with, I could have used it for both babies. *sigh*:
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Well, I finally found one. Thank you all for your ideas! I scoured the department store, retail stores, consignment shops...and while I was there the owner suggested antique shops. So I started there too. Most were way too small, but at one shop the woman found one that was made out of vintage tablecloths & was BEAUTIFUL! So I continued on my trek (that one was too big), resigned that the week would be spent looking for vintage fabric & a decent pattern.

Well, I found one online tonight. It's not as "pretty" as I'd like, but it's simple & that's what I really wanted. It also didn't cost an arm & a leg & dh liked it too. Met all the basic prerequisites. I'd like to embroider it with ds's initals, but I may just keep it easy & take it in to be done. I do want it to be special.

Thanks bunches again!
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