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Sewing for Profit

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Hey, thought maybe you all would know the answer to this.
I want to sew and make several things to sell along with my produce at the farmers' market next year. How do I make things without going against the copyright laws? Do I just get some paper out and try coming up with my own designs? Don't know if I'd be good at that.
Should I just contact the designer and ask permission to use theirs? Have any of you sewn for profit like this or contacted a designer??
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Well- what kind of thing are you thinking of? I would think that fabric baskets, aprons, etc you could kind of wing on your own and sell just fine. Most patterns state that they are for home use only- so I guess you should go through the ropes if that is something you want to sell. GL!
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If I were looking for something to sell at a Farmer's Mkt. I'd make wool felted play food, sell it in cute little baskets (strawberry baskets?). Also aprons, child sized hot mitts. I am *ass*uming that you also sell food at the Mkt., so I'd make it all food related.

Hmm, that makes me tempted to start making sets to sell at our city mkt. Thanks Mama, I have all winter to contemplate that idea. Cool!
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Thanks for all the ideas!

Yeah, it might be good to stick to the food theme. They have a rule that you have to be selling your own produce before you can sell crafts (I think it's a good rule) I can sell anything, but I'd like to keep it food and farm oriented if you know what I mean.

I just made some felt food this week for my nephew and I'm thinking people would really like that and want to get it for grandkids etc..... Now's the time to think about and get started on these things-summer will be here before we know it!
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