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I didn't read all of the other responses because I am sharing my experience. With my first daughter, I was induced with Pitocin. I had the IV drip, fetal monitoring, blah, blah, blah. I really wanted it to be natural but I just couldn't handle the pain and the fact that I was confined to bed. Technically, I could move around but I had to take the IV with me and deal with removing all of the other "junk" that they had tied to me. Moving around or not moving around were both hell. I ended up relenting and having an epidural because I couldn't take the pain at all.

Having said that, my other two babies were born at home with no interference or intervention. I will take a natural birth where I am in control any time of day. I could handle natural birth. Induced birth was way too much for me to handle because the pain was so intense and it did not feel productive if that makes any sense at all.

This is just my experience. I would never ever allow myself to be induced with pitocin ever again.
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I don't want to scare you, but there really NO comparison between a pit induction and a natural labor.

I was induced at 40 wks for pre-e with DD. I was on the drip the whole time, with the doc turning it up every few minutes. I was out of my mind in fear, tension and agony for upwards of four hours. I couldn't talk, not between contractions and certainly not during. The contractions seemed to last forever and were just blinding pain. The only thing I managed to say was to ask for drugs. I changed my mind and made it through without any pain meds, but it was pretty bad. Finally, I just decided that I couldn't take it anymore and started to push. I didn't push for too long, thankfully and it was over. I had a few stitches, but other than that, I was okay.

I did insist on a machine that would allow me to move around, but I couldn't support myself for much of the labor. The IV made it very hard to move even to roll over in bed. It was also annoying when i wanted more or less clothes on. I actually ripped it out of my hand in transition because it was bothering me so much. I also was pretty sick during transition -- throwing up and sweating/chills.

I had DS at home two years later and it was a completely differnt experience. When my midwife checked me, I thought I was going to be at about a three or four, since that's how I feld with DD. I was at 8. I was in transition and I didn't even know it. I was smiling and talking and laughing between contractions. A very very different experience.

Like others have said, on PIT I didn't care about myself or my baby. I wanted to die and several times thought I actually WAS dying.

I wouldn't wish it on anyone, and I really really hope you don't have to go through it.
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I haven't read the other replies so might be a repeat.

Induced with my #1. No cause for it ... no distress, not 'overdue' but by a few days from their dates. being a first time mama the doc used scare tactics that unfortunately worked

I went in a 7. They hooked me up to all kinds... belly moniter, blood pressure, internal, cath, the works They started the pit around 8ish? and I didn't get to move at all. I tried for 4 hours to deal with it but having cx from the devil I had to get and epi and after that it was impossible even for me to move myself.... even with all that he was born at 3 that afternoon after 2 hours of pushing. so a 7 hourish labor? oh and was dialated 2cm when I went in.
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just last week. I labored at home for 8 hours, ok, intense but i was actually enjoying it, feeling the contrax coming in waves, knowing how each one was one less and my baby was closer and closer.
The doc attending my hb didnt show up and i felt i needed to know for sure what was happening. The baby had the cord around his neck, twice, so we went to the hospital, pushed for 4 hours, i was doing good, with great support, but the baby wasnt descending. So they gave me pit to augment and see. It was HELL no breaks, i was twisting in pain, sweating, way too intense, like having habanero chili shot into your system, i spent another hour pushing and since the baby wasnt coming down, they figured out the cord was too short. And it was. It ended in a c section. Im sooo sure i can go trough labour naturally, i would do anything to avoid that pitocin again.
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I like studies because they show the experience of thousands of women. We know from studies that about 30% of inductions end in a c/s and you can raise that to about 60% if you add in an epidural, which many of us do because of the violent pain involved. What you need to remember is that your baby is also experiencing this drug. It's oxygen is likely to be compromised, it is not experiencing the gradual build up of most labours or anything like what evolution has intended babies experience and thus what they're physiologically designed to manage. There is no such thing as overdue. This is why these drugs cause foetal distress. Why do that to your baby? There is only wrong careproviders. You don't HAVE to have any drugs but if you're choosing to birth in a hospital or with a medicalised careprovider, that's what will be pushed. Unless you or your baby are sick, why induce at all??
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Thanks to everyone who has been responding postively and sharing experiences. Its really great to hear from people who have had pit inductions what to expect if it comes to that. I'm still hoping to just go into labor soon.

I'm not going to go into reasons why or why not to have pitocin. Respectfully, I was not asking to be talked into or out of taking pitocin, just to know about experiences. As I said, I wanted the info so I can be armed with knowledge. I've already turned down induction once, so clearly it is NOT something I want to do.

Most of the respondants have been EXTREMELY helpful, and have given me good ammo to come back at my provider with. I'm getting really really fed up with her, and have already told DH that we are NOT going with her for the next baby.
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Originally Posted by georgia View Post
My experience: worst experience of my life, and I've had a pretty rough life My two subsequent water homebirths (both with babies two pounds heavy) were LIGHT YEARS more managable and not even in the same universe as my Pitocin "augmentation." IME, Pitocin caused horribly intense and extremely painful, unrelenting contractions. I begged to die. I couldn't handle the pain. Nothing at all like normal, natural contractions. I wouldn't wish a Pitocin experience like mine on anyone. Sadly, in my research since, I find that my experience is absolutely not uncommon Sorry to be a downer, but I'd hate for someone to have a similar experience and not have been warned, y/k?
could have written that myself.

I almost cry when I hear of someone willingly going in to be pit induced.

This, as georgia put it, was the worst thing I have ever experienced.
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Wanted to share my experience with Pit, as long as you're finding them helpful!
My water broke, and I didn't go into labor, so after awhile I was augmented with pitocin. Nothing seemed to happen for almost an hour, and then they hit me all of a sudden and labor really got going fast. I was able to move around, I was told that if I wanted to get in the shower or tub I could, because they had a water-proof monitor available. I didn't end up getting in the water, but I moved around a lot: on all fours in a variety of positions from the floor, the bed, and over a ball. My RN did have to hold on the EFM, it wouldn't trace everytime she let go, but I was honestly not even aware of her. (I should add that I work at the hospital I delivered at and my labor RN trained me when I first started there, so I was very comfortable with the staff I was working with) Active labor lasted for approximatley 4 hours total, including just under an hour of pushing. I did not get an epidural or any pain meds. I didn't tear either. Also, my daughter came out very alert and latched on to nurse within 15 minutes of being born. Looking back, I think that the contractions were very intense, but I still felt they were wave-like (for me anyway).

I am happy to read experiences from those who have done both and say that without is easier and how they compare. Though I found it doable, it wouldn't be my choice to do again.

Oh, I must also say, my husband was an amazing labor support. Always reminding me to breath and stay in the moment. If I could stress anything it would be to STAY IN THE MOMENT. That helped me the most.
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It is never, ever too late to switch providers. This baby only gets one birth-don't stay with an attendant you don't trust because switching sounds too hard. Switch. You will not regret it.
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Originally Posted by sal42 View Post
Oh, I must also say, my husband was an amazing labor support. Always reminding me to breath and stay in the moment. If I could stress anything it would be to STAY IN THE MOMENT. That helped me the most.
I think that's very good advice because when I found myself thinking about the "average" rate of dilation (1cm/hour), I immediately thought, "that means 10 hours of this!!!" and was very scared and very sure that I would not be able to do it. But when I started to let go of that and just "be", though it was still very intense, it became more bearable.
I did tear though but only just a little. It was about 1/4in and I hardly even felt it postpartum. I think the lack of pain-numbing medication really helped with that because I was able to feel the burning and not push beyond the burn. Towards the end, I felt that I did though just because I am a very impatient person, hence the tear.
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With dd1 I was induced with pitocin and it was HELL! In fact hell doesn't even begin to describe it! Her birth was definitely the typical cascade of intervention, without the c-sec. (thank goodness!!) but I had an epidural after 6 hours of absolutely NO progress whatsoever. I vowed that the next time someone gave me pitocin it would have to be at gun point!

With dd2 I had a natural spontaneous labor where I went from 3cm to 10 cm in only 45 mins.!! Now anyone who has had that quick of a labor will tell you how EXTREMELY intense it is but it was NO WHERE NEAR my labor with dd1.

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Another Pitocin horror story here... I started leaking fluid and contracting, OB was not happy with the amount of progress I was making so scared me with a C-section or pitocin. My baby was malpositioned and I believe that the contractions were so violent that it lodged her so that she could not turn properly. Also, the contractions were so hard and painful that I ended up with an epidural, soon after my baby had a bowel movement and then we were dealing with possible meconium aspiration.

I was hooked up to antibiotics, epidural, pitocin, external and internal fetal monitor, saline uterine flushing device and blood pressure cuff. After 26 hours of labor and over 4 hours of pushing my baby was vaccuum extracted, I escaped a C-sec by the skin of my teeth. At that point I didn't even care anymore.

The contractions were right on top of each other, they did not build gradually, they were excruciating and I believe that it was the beginning of a lot of complications for me and my baby. I was told my baby could die from meconium aspiration and the hospital was not equipped to handle a mec. asp so they would possibly be flying her out upon her birth.

I honestly thought that we were both going to die. The amount of pain was unbearable, I was in such extreme pain I was vomiting... even though I had an epidural I could still feel. Luckily my baby didn't aspirate, she was deep suctioned before her body emerged, however, she still ended up in the NICU for observation. Also, she was so drugged upon her birth, she wouldn't wake, she didn't want to nurse and was a lazy nurser. It took a lot of work and a lot of pain to form a nursing relationship.

I went on to have a second daughter two years later, I was terrified of what the OB would do to me that time as well (we have no midwives, birthing center options available where I live). I thought of UC but honestly I was terrified because of what happened with my first labor, I didn't realize how easy labor/delivery goes when no one is interfering with a natural process. Anyways, I arrived at the hospital about 20 minutes before her birth, all natural obviously. It was a wonderful and healing experience.

Sorry so long... I would never consent to pitocin again unless there were some serious and I mean SERIOUS good reason.
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I was induced with pit with ds#1 and it was horrible. I cried through every contraction until I got an epidural because I couldn't cope. Ds#2 was a natural homebirth. My total labor with him was 1 hour, and even the worst contractions I felt with ds#2 weren't as bad as the easiest pit contractions with ds#1. Now, you couldn't pay me money to agree to a pit induction.
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Sorry to link to myself , but I thought this was fascinating!
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My induction sucked. S-U-C-K-E-D. Cascade of interventions, for sure. It was my only birth, and will remain my only birth, so I don't know how it compares to labouring naturally.

I was instantly in labour, hard contractions. If you can avoid it, wonderful! But if there is a good reason (for you and your ob/midwife), then do so with the knowledge that it can be more difficult than a natural labour.

Good luck!
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With my second my water broke, contractions started right away. I labored for six hours, did totally fine staying on top of the contractions, but was only 3cm after that time. Because of my first experience in labor (hours and hours of steadily intensifying contractions, no dilation), I got talked into pit augmentation. I can't even describe the change in contractions within a minute of them putting in the IV. It was like others have said. Instead of a gradual build-up with a peak and then back down, it was like they were crashing into me one after another with no break. I was only able to handle it for about 45 minutes. It was that intense.

I got the epi. I know they kept changing the level of pit, eventually turning it off because they felt the contractions were coming too fast. My labor completely stopped, and wouldn't start up again even when they turned it back on. DD was clearly in distress, I spiked a fever (I had been complaining of chills for hours). The OB said he would give me 20 minutes to get to 10cm (I was at 8), but came back in five minutes because dd's heart rate was spiking up, then dropping and said he felt a CS was necessary. He actually used the words "before it's too late" and I felt I had no choice. I had known instinctively that something was very wrong for several hours. So I had a CS. It was awful.

I wish so badly that I would have refused the pit. I think it may have changed the outcome.
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Oh Cindy, sweety, I hope you don't have to have that experience. Now, a good friend of mine that I was doula for did labor naturally but had a lip and just wasnt able to contract strong enough to get her over the lip... she was given a very low dose of pit for a half hour to get over it and it did the trick.

I hope you have a beautiful peaceful labor no matter how your sweet babe makes it into the world
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I had Pit with my first, and it was definitely harder labor than the last, natural labor. I went through about 15 hours of pit augmented contractions (they had it "maxed out"), before agreeing to a cesarean (due to worsening pre-eclampsia and lack of progress from the magnesium sulfate they'd also given me).

I went in prepared for a natural, unmedicated delivery, so I got that part down (no pain meds), but the rest was awful. IVs, blood draws, EFM, ack. It sucks. I found pit to be manageable, but it's not pleasant.

The ctx are intense, but not too bad. But, my second (HBAC) was fairly pain-free, so I may just be one of those people that doesn't feel pain the same way... I'm perplexed by it all.
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Here's one HAPPY induction birth story for you (though I was given a lot of grief by my DDC about my decision due to medical reasons they though unecessary-oh well) and I hope it helps your decision:

I was scheduled for an induction 6 days before my EDD. I went in at 6am on a Thursday. They used cytotec twice (once at 8am and then at 2pm) to try and ripen my cervix. I was only dilated to 1.5 cm. They continued to monitor me by EFM (due to having gestational diabetes and being induced but when I asked to be unhooked, they did) and decided at 6pm to break my water. If my contractions had not picked up after breaking my water, they would decide to use pitocin if necessary. Thanks goodness they broke my water instead of only using the pitocin because that's all it took to get the labor going strong and hard. I'm a huge baby when it comes to pain so I opted for an epidural. They did use pitocin at that time to start up my contractions but I couldn't feel a thing. I was able to deliver my healthy baby girl at 1:16 Friday morning (they delayed starting up my contractions due to an emergency c-section they dr had to perform) with barely a tiny tear!

Do you have the option of other induction drugs such as cytotec or breaking your water before pitocin is considered? I would discuss your fears with your Dr and see what options are available and best suited for you. Best of luck!
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Actually, both my induction and augmentations were happy stories! It really wasn't that bad at all.
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