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I am fairly positive my ds has a urinary tract infection. This is his first one and he's uncircumcised and 7

This had/has been going on for a week or two... He hadn't said anything to me that anything hurt and it wasn't til he started wetting his pants that I put two and two together to start asking him some more pointed questions.

I had put some tea tree oil in his bath and had him on acid/bifidus for a week and it all went away (hurting to pee etc... ). Of course we're away for turkey day and I asked him last night.. and he said it started to hurt again.

Any suggestions? Clearly, if this continues I'll have him back at the doctor early next week, but as he's been relatively pain free (and his tolerance for anything severe is nill) I haven't been all that worried.... now that I'm writing this of course I'm questioning whether I should be freaking out