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DS is a very picky eater, and I have no idea why because I ate EVERYTHING when I was pregnant with him!

I loved this yummy minestrone soup at a local Italian restaurant, and he loves soup too.

But, I would drink at least two huge glasses of chocolate milk every day for the last few weeks. We've recently discovered that he is allergic to dairy.
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Yes! Pesto, olives and anything spicy or garlicky.
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My dd loves loves loves loves loves peanut butter. Which I've lived on since, oh, age of one. And chili. Also a big one here. And lots of spicy stuff...sort of threw me, but, makes sense, since I ate a lot of it while pregnant.

However, she also loves berries. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries. Bleh.

Raspberries (even in candy form) make me hurl. The only one i can stand to eat is strawberries.
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Yeah, I also craved cheese and ooey-gooey Mexican food, and C loves it.

I craved dairy-- cheese, milk, ice cream, and she had a dairy sensitivity when she was a small infant, as a PP said. Seems to have outgrown it, though....
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Wow, yes!
Fruit and cheese as the biggest ones
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Yes!!! I couldn't get enough salad when I was pg w/ dd. Seriously, I'd eat several heads of lettuce a day if I had it. And Cora adores salads, always has. And not just with ranch. Ceasar and ginger-lime are also faves, in addition to ranch.
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I craved apples, chocolate and french fries. Yep, she loves all three!
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I can't handle a lot of spice normally, but when I was pregnant I craved spice so ate the hot Indian food, the hot salsa, spicy thai, etc. Now my tastes have gone back to normal, but the kid loves to eat spicy food.
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For us it's just the opposite.

During my pregnancy I had a terrible aversion to both mushrooms and anything pickled--to the point where even a fleeting thought of mushrooms/pickled veggies made me run for the nearest restroom.

DD's favorite food these days? Pickled mushrooms
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