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Today is....

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my (ahem) 29th birthday!


There's nothing like a birthday to make you feel 10 years old again!

Dh is taking me out to dinner and movie (my favorite thing to do!). It's a cross between Dan in Real Life (I LOVE Steve Carrell), Enchanted, and August Rush. Which movie should I pick?

Our nanny is going to watch Anaiah for us and then we're going out!

I'm gonna have champagne! I'm gonna have champagne! (picture me singing!)
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Hee hee!

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful time tonight!!

I remember 29. Kinda. It was a good year. When my dh turned thirty, we sent out invitations to his second annual 29th birthday. I have now lost track of how many times we have each turned 29!

Fwiw, our paper gave a good review to Enchanted, and totally panned August Rush - which I had wanted to see too - calling it a shameless tearjerker that is more sap than substance. Dan in Real Life sounds funny too, though.
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I'm going to assume that giving a bottle went okay, since you're able to go out without Anaiah?
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