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Lost a good friend...

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Just found out that a good friend of mine passed in her sleep last night. She's an mdc mama as well, sweetpeasmom. Laura has 2 beautiful little girls who are 4.5 and just 3. She was an incredible mama with a big heart. She loved those girls so much and put everything she had into them.

I'm beside myself, I cant seem to grasp that she really is gone. We were supposed to meet up Monday so she could meet Henry, but it didnt work out, and then again today, but we already had plans.

I'm waiting for another friend to call me, I think she's been with her family for the day. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through.
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I'm so sorry, How very sad...
Hugs your way,
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Oh Monocyte, I am so sorry. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. I wish I was not so far away so I could give you a real-life hug. I will light a candle for you and your friend and her family.
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oh how tragic i am so sorry...
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OMg I am so sorry.

I was trying to find if she was sick or something, I did a search for her name, she was just like the rest of us. why did this happen, I am so very hysterically crying right now. Was she sick? She posted YESTERDAY and now she's gone.

How are her kids doing? I can't even imagine.
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Kelli, I'm so sorry. You sound shell-shocked. You will be in my thoughts, as will your friends family.
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I'm so sorry. Prayers for your friend, her family, and you.
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Oh Kelli, how hard for you - and so sad that she never got to meet Henry. I'll be thinking of her family.
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Sorrow ((((HUGS))))
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Oh no, she posts all the time!
Oh, those sweet little one's without their Mama.

Was she sick with something? I've read her posts but never noticed one's discussing a health problem. If you have permission please share more as they figure out what happened to her.

I'm so sorry.
Sorry you lost a friend. Sorry for her family.
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Oh gosh, how terrible! She was in my JT coop back in May and SUCH a nice person from what I could tell!

I'm so sorry for her little ones and for you as well! Hugs hugs hugs!

Do you know if there is anything we can do for the family?
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I know Laura from another message board and my heart is just broken. I will miss her and I will be praying for her baby girls.
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My heart goes out to you, her family and her little ones. I am so sorry for your loss.
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Oh that is just so terribly sad. I am so sorry.
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: This is so sad. Peace and healing to you and her other friends and family.
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oh mama i am so saddened...: for you, for her kids, for her...that is my worst nightmare, dying when my children are so young...god i feel so badly...i am so sorry you are hurting...missing her...i can't even imagine what her kids are feeling and her other family...i'm so sad. i think i'm going to cry. just today i went to get my will notarized. it is so hard to even think of such a thing happening...i am so sorry she is gone. hugs.
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How awful, I am SO sorry. This makes me so sad...
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I'm so sorry.
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