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Is there any kind of aromatherapy tricks to encouraging the start of labor?? I have a small herbal medicine collection, and the most scent-pungent of my herbs is lavender----I'm wondering if it would do any good if I got a nice relaxing (hopefully labor-encouraging) scent going by hanging a small satchel from the shower head and letting the hot water release the scent while I'm in there.

I'm 42 weeks tomorrow, and sort of at my wits' end waiting. I've been patient like a good girl, but I've been getting really irritated in the past week, mostly from being just plain physically uncomfortable at this stage. Sex, walking, "labor-inducing foods", etc haven't done a dang thing for me, and aromatherapy is the last thing I could try, but I haven't heard very much at all on the success rate of it, and there's not a whole lot out there about it anyway.

Has anyone tried aromatherapy to get labor going? Did it work for you?