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Happy Thanksgiving

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Hey mama's!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! I'm doing a 12 hour shift at the hospital but have a great dinner waiting for me at home w/ my dh, mil, & fil. No matter what your beliefs, this is a great time to think of everything in our lives that we're grateful for and often take for granted! I have 2 patients today- one has terminal lung cancer and the other's family is within days of withdrawing life support. I feel so sad for them but am so grateful that I get to go home to my family tonight. Tragedy dwarfs everyday dilemmas- I have to remind myself to look around and be thankful everday rather than waiting for great loss to remind me of my great gifts. Every day that we have truly is a miracle. Enjoy your families, eat a lot of food, take a long nap, and have a great Thanksgiving!!
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Happy Thanksgiving

We are so excited to have BIL/SIL visiting us for the weekend. We rarely get to see family during the holidays, because we live so far from them, so this is a real treat. We went all-out and made a fabulous feast! Sooo much food. It should feed us for their entire stay, hooray! I started cooking pies and did some prep work last night at about 6:30, went to bed after brining the turkey at 1am (Alton Brown's method made for *wonderful* turkey!!), got up and started cooking again at 9:30, and finally got out of the kitchen to eat at 1pm. That was a LOT of cooking! But so worth it Now everyone but myself and the kids are taking naps. DS and myself both had naps a lot sooner after our meal, and it looks like DD is skipping napping altogether

Now I have a breather. Thank you for the reminder to stop and think of the things I am grateful for!
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