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I'm not familiar with the size of Fuzzibuns, but I just recall in the June email she mentioned not getting quality from contractors. Are there *that* many of us that it would get so far from her smallering goals? sh! don't tell anybody about fuz....
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I just see these diapers as "luxury". I mean, seriously, the price is waaaay up there. they are just diapers after all.

that said, i think she has the right to charge that much. so much work goes into each one. it's really mindblowing. my grandmother is a seamstress-- has been all her life. i KNOW how much work goes into making clothes. lori not only makes the clothes, she makes the dyes, dyes the fabric, etc, etc. that's a LOT of extra work. i seriously doubt greed is what motivates her.

I could never afford those diapes, unless i were to endulge-- once a year type thing. it doesn't make me sad, cause that's how it is with everything. I can't afford the antique oak table i'd like for my kitchen, or all the dankso clogs i want , that's just life, yk?

are they art? that's open for interpretation.

now, i've never ordered from the garden, but i think the auction approach is a bit elitist. not her fault, though. it's the bidders! reminds me of when the dot com boom was happening here, to try to get an apartment you had to offer more money to even be considered. that pissed me off! why did the people with more money get to have bigger, nicer places? cause they could offer more money. same with auctions, they could be a lot more "controlled", for lack of a better term, if the bidders had a little more patience and were more willing to lose.

just my $0.02.
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I had thought her new plan would be to pre-sew, like she is doing, and then only sell those, like she is doing. What I don't like is that it is on auction. I agree with what someone said about listing on ebay with a BIN, or better yet, just skipping ebay and listing them on her site and when they are gone they are gone, like a instock store. While I "could" afford the auction prices, I "won't" pay that much for them. Its like my car buying decision after I finished college, I really wanted a Jetta, but when I really compared it to other cars in its class, I decided for the price a Cavalier wouldn't be as cute, but it is slightly roomier, will function the same, and was just so much cheaper. I can find other diapers that might not be as cute but will function the same, and be much less expensive. Its a personal choice and I will be looking to a new company to buy "show off" diaps from.
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My husband said (his $.02) that he's happy to see the free enterprise system working so well. People that want to buy the diapers at that price buy them, and those who don't will buy something else instead. There are plenty of adorable diapers out there at a wide range of prices. I guess all of the WAHM diapers are art, since I really think WAHMs put a lot of creativity into their diaper making and sewing. How cool that we have so many choices, rather than just plain white diapers like our Moms used to have.
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heres my take on all this:

Fuz diapers are, as a whole, very neat. A total luxury. Some Gardens I really like, others not as much. Isn't that how it is with most things? I like the ones I have. I will buy the ones I want. If the particular one I would like is expensive, I must make a decision on whether to pay the price tag. Nobody ever bought Fuz Garden because it was the only diaper in the whole world that fit their baby. They buy them because they are pretty.

On the other hand, Fireflies are the real workhorse. They fit well, are quick dry, and are well made.

Fuz = fun and fancy
Fireflies = great everyday diaper
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As for "paying for something that is so high quality" I beg to differ - I've seen the binding on those things after a couple months of use - do you know how TICKED I'd be if my Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag (which was less than a fuzbaby set) started to deteriorate that quickly?
My sisters PPB bag did fall apart that quickly. And guess what, the Speckled Egg inside of it is in excellent condition.

A read an article once that stated that Kate Spade bags are only built to last for one season. Yet people still choose to buy them. Fuz diapers ARE built with the intent that they will last. In general, problems with wearing out are not due to poor quality, but rather a design flaw (which manifests itself only in a FEW cases, with SOME washing machines). If someone is thinks that the ones they've seen wore out too fast - then dont buy any. Its that simple.
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If this is the way Lori chooses to run HER business, more power to her! An in-stock store may be fair price-wise, but people will STILL miss out on buying her dipes that way too! Yall KNOW the Fuz in-stock would be sold out in 5 minutes flat. lol

This way, the people who REALLY want the diapers battle it out on eBay, and the highest bid wins! Yes, some may miss out if prices get too high; but if people are willing to pay more than usual to get the dipe, they deserve it just as much as a hyena who stalks an in-stock store, and happens to be lucky enough to get what they want!

That's my $.02!
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I think it should be added that these auctions are not for just a diaper. They all include several items:

This auction includes:
* 1 Medium Almost-in-One wool diaper cover (you choose snap or Aplix closure): Lime Green ,
* 2 Medium Organic Cotton Contour Diapers: Chocolate & Gold,
* 1 hemp/cotton Bubble Baby: Chocolate,
* 1 organic cotton T-shirt size 12m: Chocolate,
* 1 Pair of organic cotton Socks (3 pair shown--you choose Infant, Toddler or Youth): Chocolate .
So at $100 you're getting a cover, 2 contours (each with a doubler), a tee shirt, a pair of socks, and I think you get a hand made doll with this set, too! How that is suddenly an astronomical price to pay, I really don't undestand :

And, yes, the prices will get driven up a bit at auction, but she does start them quite a bit below retail and it is only the Diaper Garden that will be auctioned, you can still order regular Fuz or fireflies for regular retail prices (once she's fully caught up on backorders) It is very time consuming to do instock, the WAHM must hover at her own computer much longer than any of the customers do. I think having them for auction really is the best way for Lori to keep the whole thing manageble and allow it to continue. The old way was not working and when faced with stop doing them entirely or find another way, which would we really choose?

As far as this set being not as fancy as the others, I think with having dozens of hawthorne leaves to applique and a gajillion strawberry seeds to sew on BY HAND, it makes a lot of sense that she chose something a little less labor intensive for this latest run.

If the general public had any idea the time and labor that goes into making clothing, most would be ashamed to only pay $10 for a pair of jeans at EvilMart.
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I TOTALLY agree with you Robin!! I think you explained it very well. I was just marveling at some of my clothes the other day, thinking of all the work that went into making them in poor countries around the world. What an amazing job they do for so little money. It makes me wonder how much of the money they get for each clothing item. I bet for one of the overseas-made diapers quite a bit of the money probably goes to the owners of the company here in the U.S. for marketing and salaries. I think WAHMs like Lori do an amazing job of competing with companies that hire overseas labor. If she did that too she could obviously make more money for herself, but it would go against the way she wants to do business. I'm not saying I completely disagree with the concept of hiring overseas if the workers are treated well, but I think each business owner has to make this decision for themselves after learning all the pros and cons (I haven't done that research so I'm in no position to decide what I would do).
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Originally posted by abigailvr
In her email she says that she used to only sell by auction and is going back to that. Do any of you guys remember that? Did the prices go this high then?
I haven't read through all of the replies. So, if there is already an answer, I apologize.

No. The Fuzbaby items didn't go this high back then. Why? Fuzbaby was new then. This was also 3 years ago. There wasn't nearly the amount of diaper makers there are now. Most people sold their diapers for $10 or less.

I have seen a few of the wool covers at eBay go for much more now (used) than they did new. There was a little fish one that comes to mind. I think it sold for about $45 the first time. It went for about $70 used.

It is nice to see the hard work that is put into the products appreciated.
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Here is my $.02 -

Some people go out and pay $100+ for a Tommy Hillfiger, Nautica, Liz Claiborne (whatever) shirt, and make a big corporation even richer...I'd rather see the $$ go to a work at home mom If she wants to charge $100+ for a diaper, more power to her! Good for her! There are millions of diapers out there to choose from, and if you don't feel comfortable paying $100+ on a diaper there are cheaper diapers. I personally could never feel right paying that much for a diaper, but I'm happy to see a WAHM making the money she deserves
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Some people go out and pay $100+ for a Tommy Hillfiger, Nautica, Liz Claiborne (whatever) shirt, and make a big corporation even richer...I'd rather see the $$ go to a work at home mom If she wants to charge $100+ for a diaper, more power to her! Good for her! There are millions of diapers out there to choose from, and if you don't feel comfortable paying $100+ on a diaper there are cheaper diapers. I personally could never feel right paying that much for a diaper, but I'm happy to see a WAHM making the money she deserves
i couldnt have said it better! i agree 100%!
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My .02 cents also

If you have the money and you want it...then by all means go ahead and get it....I do think they are art and that alot of work goes into them to make them unique...The color pallette and the embroidery designs must take alot of time and effort....And although i might agree that i think in materials the money to make up an $80.00 cover isnt there....In workmanship and time comsumption it is.....

If she puts them up on ebay heck GO LORI...its smart...that way she can keep orders up on time(cause they are all ready to ship) and she wont have a huge hassle to keep up with time....Seriously how long was it for the seed strawberry one, i think some ppl are still waiting for it... What she did is a smart business move...Although i cannot afford any of these auctions and i agree that the chili one is kindda plain(not my cup of tea though) i still think they are art and she should get what she deserves....
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