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Which toy brands aren't made in china?

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Seriously. Because I'm spending too much time surfing online at oompa toys and magic cabin. And it's hard enough bargain hunting and deciding, but even Haba is made in China!? I'm so confused.
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I thought Haba was made in Germany?

Look at Plan Toys and Bajo.

Baby Center has a decent selection of non China toys.
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I do love plan toys. Well I was browsing haba boy dolls and half of them said "designed in Germany and lovingly made in China." I don't really feel like chancing it. Plus a lot of the websites had other brands with stuff made in China. Fat chance I'll find a piggy bank not made in China.
Thanks for the links.
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In case anyone else is wondering, I also read about this one today. Not a huge selection but cute wooden stuff made in vermont.
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Some Haba is made in China--like soft toys.
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Plan Toys
Spiel and Holz
Roy Toys (like Lincoln Logs, but made in Maine!)
Louisville Slugger
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Spiel and Holz is one of my favorites and they are from Germany. Also- shopping local like at craft shows and Holiday fairs.
I don't know if this is legal, but on my earthetarian site I carry a very small selection of wooden toys that are made in Russia. :
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fisher price, little tykes
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Fisher Price is MIC.
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Well, this is from Fox news, so dont know how legit it is;
In light of the recall of nearly 1 million Chinese-produced toys tainted with lead paint, below is a list of toys made in the USA:

• Battleship
• Bicycle Playing Cards
• Boggle Jr.
• Candyland
• Chutes and Ladders
• Clue
• Connect Four
• Crayola Crayons *(some not made in US; check label)
• Life
• Louisville Slugger
• Monopoly
• Mouse Trap
• Operation
• Parcheesi
• Play-Doh **(some not made in US; check label)
• Pop-O-Matic Trouble
• Radio Flyer Discovery Wagon
• Scrabble
• Sorry
• Stratego
• Tri-ominos
• Trivial Pursuit
• Yahtzee
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Here's a page on shopping from "Boycott made in China"
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Check out China Free Christmas. They have brands you can trust and brands that need to be checked carefully.

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Is it me or is so much of the made-in-the-USA stuff plastic unless it's from really small stores? I'm not anti-plastic completely but it is getting on my nerves lately. We had a lot of little tyke stuff and playmobil that got on my nerves (windpipe stoppers I call playmobil). Lots of good info though. Thanks for the link.
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Is Lamaze brand MIC?
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i think most radio flyer arent, neither are most things from finewoodentoys.com
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Originally Posted by tuansprincess View Post
Is Lamaze brand MIC?
yes, Lamaze is MIC.
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This link has all the products on Oompa that are made in Europe.


Some other brands not MIC:
Kinderkram - Poland, Germany
Vilac - France, a few in China
Bajo - Poland
Holztiger - Germany
Ostheimer - Germany
Lego - different European countries, a few in China
Ravensburger - Germany, Czech Republic, a few in China
Kathe Kruse - Germany
Voila - Thailand
Imagiplay - Sri Lanka
Heros - Germany
Erzi - Germany
Megabloks - Canada, a few figures are MIC
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I just see someone ready to make a fortune. If I were and entrepreneuer, I'd be in the natural USA made toys market setting up a company of quality. The time is ripe for this!
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