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Did you go to Curves while Pregnant?

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I am not pregnant now, but I just started going to Curves. I hope to start TTC next year sometime,(Lord Willing). I would like to hear any expereince or stories of doing Curves while pregnant!
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Yep, I did until I was too busy,hurting, and then on restricted activity/bedrest. It really helped early on to keep the back pain at bay, but once the psd kicked in I was out. One lady that goes here in my town has had 3 'curves' babies.
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I went in the first trimester, my sister was a manager at curves and it allowed us to work out together and visit. Then she quite her job and I put my membership on hold. After I have the baby i will go back and then move my membership to one closer to my house. My sister has had a few women continue to go all through their pregnancies.
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Thanks! I think it will make me feel good. I usually get Gestational diabetes. My goal is 30 minutes a day walking/treadmill,ect on days I dont go to Curves. I usually do Curves 3x week. I am hoping all the exercising will prevent GD or at the very least help to control it. I have lost around 39 lbs or so, and exercise along with all the wieght loss will make me feel so much better.
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I worked at Curves for three years and when I was pregnant with Abigail.
I worked out 3-5 days a week.

I had lost 60 pounds prior to getting pregnant, and after she was born, I was 3 pounds less (2 weeks pp) than I had been when I got pregnant.

Working out is wonderful during pregnancy.
The machines at Curves are totally safe.

The only thing I was warned was to go very slow on the oblique and ab machine, or not use them at all.

However, I found that using the inner/outer thigh machine actually hurt my lower abdomen worse than the stomach machines.
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WOW~ Curves helped you to keep your wieght down that much? Totally what I would like to do. 3 lbs less than when you got pregnant!!!!!!! Did you watch what you ate too?
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I'm 25 weeks pregnant and still go 3x a week. I plan on going regularly until I have the baby, and then hope to be back within 6 weeks.

Curves is low intensity and you have a lot of control of how hard you work the machines, so I think it's great for pregnant women.

If you find any machines uncomfortable during pregnancy, just skip them and do another one an extra time
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I do! I'm 21 weeks pregnant tomorrow and still go six days a week.
I used to go full energy, working as hard as I could every other day and more cardio on alternate days, but have recently had to stick to a lighter workout every day now. I'm thinking about working out for 60 minutes at the lighter intensity instead of 30 minutes for the rest of my pregnancy.
I quit doing the ab/back and the oblique machines at 12 weeks but can still do the rest of the workout.
I hope to go right to the end of my pregnancy or as long as I can anyway!
So far I'm at -5lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and I think the daily workouts at Curves are a lot of the reason I'm not gaining like I did with my first four babies.
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I went to Jack LaLanne's gyms during my first three pregnancies. I worked out with everything - stationary bikes, weights, steam room, everything! I did level six on the Lifecycle up to the end of each pregnancy. I am sure it helped get me through the difficult posterior labors. I also rode a ten speed to the gym. I went to the gym the day after my babies were born, riding the ten speed, and working out! No one stopped me.

During my fourth pregnancy, Jack LaLanne went out of business and closed up. I was working full time also, sitting on my butt. I did what exercises I could.

I am sure that nowadays, I would have been asked to leave.

The thing is, I had been working out daily there for years before I was pregnant and for years with weights while I was in college before I married. So I was no beginner.
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going to the gym is totally great pregnant -- even weight training. labor is an athletic event! even if you simply do mild cardio and stretching, you're only going to do good.

the ONLY reason i don't advocate Curves is ... and i know no one asked me, but they donate a lot of money to anti-choice groups and i can't support that. same w/domino's pizza ...

but hey, sometimes curves is all that's around and is a woman-safe place where someone wouldn't have to feel self-conscious.
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Originally Posted by herbsgirl View Post
WOW~ Curves helped you to keep your wieght down that much? Totally what I would like to do. 3 lbs less than when you got pregnant!!!!!!! Did you watch what you ate too?
Yeah, I always look at my food when I eat it.

But seriously, for me, what I eat has nothing to do with my weight.
The only thing that affects my weight is exercise.
I've not been exercising for 2.5 years and now I weigh more than I ever had before.

When I was pregnant with Abigail, I made sure I consumed 100-120 grams of protein daily and lots of water and I had salads nearly every day.
Salads with sliced meat, eggs, tomatoes, broccoli, melons, strawberries, green peppers, etc. Big salads from Carr's Safeway.
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...that reminds me ... i was going to ask how much protein folks were eating. my midwife really stresses protein and on my last visit noted that i should WAY up my protein, going to at least two eggs/day and much more meat. i'm not veg, just kind of broke, actually, and good meat is expensive ... but i will try. i eat a ton of cheese, but i guess i am kind of lacking in other areas of protein. i eat beans.

i should probably just repost this as a general thread. sorry ...
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