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August 03 Mamas Full Moon Fever

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moved list down cuz of another arrival
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Congratulations to Sharon and JulieM!!! Maybe they have started the ball rolling for the rest of us!

I really thought last night was the night. I was having some fairly intense contractions before bed and thought for sure I would be getting up in the middle of night in full labor - but no go. I haven't felt anything yet this morning.

Dh and I are going to take a short drive up the mountain today and go for a walk in the fresh air. That sounds great - I need to get out and do something non-errand related.

We will see if my dream comes true tonight - my water was supposed to break at 8pm this evening so here's hoping!

Happy Sunday everyone!!
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that would be very cool if your reality followed your dream. i have woken up at 8:25 am several times in the last 2 weeks, so i often wonder if this is to be some significant time in relation to labour or birth.. hmm.

i am really sleep dep'd right now (woke up at 4, went to bed at one, it's now 6:30 and i may or may not go back to sleep soon..), so i might just sound extra dorky, but i just realized how damn cool it is that there are so many of us sitting here chatting about being the same amount pregnant, all feeling similar things!!

have a great day all!
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Yay Sharon!! Wow, that was a looong labor. Thank God you weren't in a hospital!

I just wanted to double check, mucus plug can look like a big ol' snot right? Just DTD with dh and had a whole lot of yuck when I went pee

I mean it's not like a hug e suprise if I go into labor, I was due 4 days ago. : But still, it's very exciting.

I think the ball is rolling!!
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Congratulations Sharon! Welcome to the world, Elena!

I have to say that I love the name Elena, it's the middle name for one of our two choices: Anna Grace or Iris Elena. I think Iris is in the lead right now!

So, here I am, waiting with the rest of you...no signs yet, except I feel a little nauseated every now and again, particularly in the morning. DH and I went for a nice walk around our local park this morning, and I had pain around my pubic bone, so maybe she's getting lower? I could just sit here all day obsessing about what is going on in my uterus! Last night she was very busy...moving lots...maybe she's packing her bags to come see us on this side of the world?

I can't wait to hear more birth announcements!
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Laurag~Hoping the fresh mountain air and your prophetic dream swing you into labor tonight!
i have woken up at 8:25 am several times in the last 2 weeks, so i often wonder if this is to be some significant time in relation to labour or birth.. hmm.
I wake up each night at 2am and have wondered the same thing?
Luckymomma~Yeah! You lost your plug! So exciting to know your time is soon!
Annais~I am also having some different low low pressure today and wondering if babe is lower. Must be, right?

I love that I am not the only one obsessing!:
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Wow, 2 more babes!!!!Congrat to Sharon and JulieM!!!

It sure would be a ton easier dealing with the sleep deprivation if it were due to up with a newborn as opposed to up peeing every hour.

Still waiting for this baby to start the show, I've had contrax off and on the past couple o' days, but nothin' that really feels like labor. It's real frustrating! This is officiallly now the longest pregnancy I've ever had. Both my girls were 2 1/2 wks early, Russ was 2 days past EDD, we're now going on 1 wk (well, tomorrow it will be). Hurrumph.

Oh, then reading the paper this morning, I saw the birth announcement for one of my co-workers who was due 3 days after me, I'm happy for her and her family, but D*** IT, I want this baby OUT!

I shooed DH and kids out of the house this afternoon, I really need some space....
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Wow, congrats Sharon. What a wonderful, easy date to remember for a birthday .

My wake up time is around 4:00 every morning for at least a month. It has to mean something, even if it is when the baby wakes for feeding each night.

Hang in Kate, I'm 2 days behind you and know how you feel. It's just frustrating when statistically 2nd, 3rd and later babies seem to come earlier each time. But here we are with early 1st and subsequent kids and this time overdue. Grrrrrr.

Laurag, that would be so cool if your water breaks at 8:00 or even close to that time. You should write that down in a journal just to see if it ever becomes significant .

You ladies with woods and mountains to walk through are so lucky. It must be inspiring to go for long walks in nature like that. The closest I can get is walking around some of the lakes in the city here.

Wooby, it is nice to have others to obsess with, especially people who know exactly what I am going through. I'm afraid DH and others I talk to are just getting sick of listening to me .

KJ, how are you doing today?

I am pretty sure I lost my mucus plug this morning. It was pretty yellow with a tiny bit of brown, but there was definitely a lot more mucus then I've had this entire pregnancy so at least I have some tangible sign something may happen soon.

We never had thunderstorms like I was hoping for, so now I have to hope the full moon will do something. If not, then this baby is very stubborn and very comfortable inside (although I can't see how anyone can be very comfortable as squished as this baby seems to be).
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Congrats Sharon!!!!
My first labour was 42 hrs, so I hear you!!!!
Welcome little Elena!!!!
I can't type too much, we're on our way to a family picnic, I'll post more later...oh, and I have a blessing way tonight, maybe I'll post after that!!!!

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laurag did your water break?

where is everyone? having babies?
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i have been having pretty consistent cramps for the last hour (every 5 or 6 mins) that feel like really bad menstrual cramps, and kinda pukey too. ugh. i really hope it's not labour cuz i'm sooo tired and was gonna go to sleep early..
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mamabeard if you can go to sleep!!

my babe is active tonite..................
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yeah really. actually, i'm totally exhausted, so even if it is labour, i think (hope!) i'll be able to get a few hours in at least.. not convinced it is labour yet tho.

my baby feels like sHe's grown like another pound in the last few days! i'm having trouble breathing again, and lots of heartburn. and i always feel like i'm squishing and hurting little feet when i turn over in bed (stuck in ribs).. actually starting to look forward to getting hir out!

oh, and kaje.. your link isn't working for me..
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Good Morning Race Fans!!!

I'm like totally in labor. Doula is on the way. Wonder if I can type through a contraction. They're fairly short, but pretty heavy on the uff da factor. Water started leaking too. I feel like I should stay standing on tile. Here it comes....Nope couldn't type through it . Sat here bobbing my head like a gecko. Think I'll tell my husband.

Am I sure I want to do this???? O.K., It's not pain, I've been trying to think of a new word for it...I'll let ya know if I can invent one, I don't want to say pain, but every fiber of my being says"OW". "Rushes" doesn't seem to .....ow....cover it either. Gotta get off this ball. Till later
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Mamasoleil~How was your belssingway?
Kaje~Your belly link won't work for me, either?
Mamabeard and LuckyMomma~Thinking of you! Birth those babies mamas!

Sorry about the double posts, it is 630am and I just woke up.
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Oh, is this labour day for everyone???? I felt pucky all day yesterday, could barely eat...had period like cramps on and off...this am I go to the washroom, and there is my plug, and some major diarreah!!!!Now, I don't know if this means labour is starting, but I have a feeling it is....I finally got a hose yesterday to fill my birthing pool...guess I had a feeling...now if I am in labour, I must start cleaning before anyone gets alerted!!!
Wooby~My blessingway was amazing, my sister arranged it, there were 5 other women, besides us, and my other pg friend due on the 14th..All the women brought two seeds,(one for each of us) for our growing family, each brought two candles, for our birthing altars, each brought two flowers that were braided into our hair, and each brought something from nature, to ground us during labour, oh, and each brought two beads, and they made us necklaces to wear during labour, representing their energies.
Then, we got foot and shoulder massages, and each woman blessed us. It was beautiful, and amazing....
I was told blessingways can bring on labour, due to all the energy surrounding the birth!!!
Oh, I hope my labour has begun.
Luckymama, you can too do this, I'm thinking of you sister!
And Mamabeard, are you for sure in labour? Hope you got some sleep!
I've had a full night's sleep, and am good to go!
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Congrats to JulieM and Sharon!

THank you for the labor vibes saturday Wooby...but I am still pregnant.

Yay! Luckymomma! I'm excited for you!

Let's hope the full moon works some magic for us.

I too have the cramps(worse than usual) and am feeling extra pukey...

Labor vibes for all!
Enjoy your day!
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I guess I am not clairvoyant after all. My water did not break last night. Still here - still pregnant. I am sending out birth warrior vibes to all of our laboring mamas!! Today is my official EDD so I am hoping to be with you all in laborland soon.

Are any of the other non-laborning mamas getting a little depressed? I remember going through this with Dd. Every night I would think "This could be the night" and every morning I would wake up disappointed that I didn't go into labor. I promised myself I wasn't going to put myself through that again this time, but here I am, feeling a bit sad. I really did not think I would still be pregnant by today. I know she will be here soon, but I am just so ready to have her in my arms and each day seems to take an eternity.

Sorry for the downer - just feeling a bit emotional this morning.
Strong births to you all and happy EDD to me!
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