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Go mamasoleil!
I can't wait to read your birth story!
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Go Mamasoleil!!!!!

I'll be thinking of you as I am up and down all night feeding DS!!!

Labor vibes to all of you others waiting, as well!!!

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woohoo mamasoleil!

birth that baby!
all those labour vibes are finally kicking in!!

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GO NAT!!!!!

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Congrats Smeta! enjoy!

Yay Mamasoleil! Sending some happy ,smooth, and gentle birthing vibes for you....

Wooby ...thanks for the encouragement!

All this labouring is making me giddy! haha.... Every morning its a little like christmas seeing who has gone into labor next....excellent!

I'm sending some labor vibes for everyone else who wants 'em.

Take care ladies and enjoy your day!
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Here is our list again! Full moon today! Happy Day Mamas!
Mamasoleil~You are in our thoughts. I was thinking last night how much I will miss your daily support and encouragment, but I am thrilled that we August mamas will all be on the Life with a Babe board soon! I hope we can start an Aug. birthday thread there!

User Name, Arrival Date, Other info:
Seagan, Leo George 7/9, 5 lbs
Colorful Mama, Roman Thomas, vbac 7/24, 7lbs2.2oz, 19.5" long
Birdwomyn, Samuel James Bird, 7/25, 6lbs3ozs, 19.25" long
Nostrow, Annika Paige, 7/30, 6lbs14oz, 19"
Sharon, Elena, 8/8, Birth Center Birth, 8lbs3.5oz., 19.75" long
JulieM, Nicholas Julien, 8/9 Home waterbirth, 8lbs8oz, 21" long
Smeta-Quincy, 8/11, did not get tub filled cuz baby came quick

User Name, Due date, Other info:
traixa2-Aug. 4 CNM attended hosp.birth
Lucky Momma-Aug. 6 Hospital VBAC
TLS-Aug. 6 Hospital Birth w/ CNM and Doula
Kaje62-Aug. 8 Hospital VBAC w/ medwives and a doula
Mavis-Aug. 9 Happy Hospital Birth
natesmommy126-Aug. 10
Willow Tree-Aug. 11
laurag-Aug. 11
Emah-Aug. 11
maizy-Aug. 13
Annais-Aug. 15 Hospital Birth w/ midwives
JuicyLucy-Aug. 15
Mamasoleil-Aug. 15 home waterbirth
ApMommaof5-Aug. 16
Tnrsmom-Aug. 17 Home Waterbirth
RachelMolly Aug. 17 Homebirth
Kate42-Aug. 17
Lilg127-Aug. 21
Isaiah's Mama- Aug. 21
Mamabeard-Aug. 23 Homebirth
Pavlina-Aug. 24 Homebirth
Dreamweaver-Aug. 24 home waterbirth
mpls_momma-Aug. 24 Home waterbirth
Chanley-Aug. 29
skye's mama-Aug. 29
Wooby-Aug. 31 Homebirth
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totally thinking of luckymama too. wondering how her VBAC is going. i know tls is still not in labor as of yesterday as her sister in law posted on our twin cities thread.

laurag, how are you today?
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Good Morning Mamas!
I am keeping my chin up today. I have decided that being sad or disappointed is not how I want to feel when this little girl does decide to come, so I am giving myself an attitude adjustment.

This morning I spent some time going through her little clothes and teeny tiny diapers and it made me feel excited and warm and fuzzy again! Today I am going to hang out and play with Dd and take it easy and just go with the flow.

I have a Dr. visit tomorrow but of course I am hoping I don't make it to that. Tonight is the full moon so maybe we will all have alot to post about over the next few days!!
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Luckymomma and Mamasoleil~Birthing today!!!!

Kaje~You have the right attitude about your m/w appts. Too stressful!

Laurag~Aren't those newborn clothes too sweet? I just did a load of baby laundry and it makes my heart sing!
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Wow, things are moving!!!!
Congrats to Sharon, JulieM & Smeta on their new babies!!!

MamaSoleil, can't wait to hear abt your birth, best wishes!!!

How's everyone else doing?

I'm wiping along, still trying to clean n organize, n working on personal projects. feel big & heavy, but still want baby to come nearer to due date than earlier- 2 weeks more!!!!!
Been HOT here, wonder that I have not melted away already....

Good wishes to everyone.....
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luckymama can't wait to hear how your vbac was.
nat go!

my update
medwife just called and said she is fine rescheduling surgery for Tuesday and will look at Monday also which by the way, they told me at one point that they do not schedule surgeries on Monday. Anyway.............she will do that as long as i understand the risks since my blood pressure has been high (140/90) for a reason and that i am taking a risk as in placenta abruption.

GRRR!!!!!!!!!!I am mad. first of all it has never been high in my eyes, maybe borderline!! and.............i hate the death scare.
glad it was on the phone instead of in person
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Kaje, I really wish you the very best during your last few days of pregnancy. How frustrating not to have super supportive care. Just trust yourself and your body and remember that you're in charge! Hugs!!

I can't wait to hear the news from those mamas in labor! August is nearly half over! We have a lot of births coming up in the next couple weeks!

Elena, John, and I are settling into our new family life beautifully. John has never been very good at doing housework, but he has stepped up to bat and is doing GREAT. He doesn't let me do much of anything except take care of Elena and rest. One of the cutest moments was the other morning. I asked for a yogurt and he was holding Elena at the time. So they went to the kitchen and he came back holding the yogurt and he had put the spoon in her hand. He said, "look at what a helper our daughter is! My hands were full so she got the spoon for you!" It was SO cute!! I love them both more and more every day.

I still haven't had a chance to type up my birth story...but I will soon. That's one of my goals for today. My MIL is here for the day so it might actually happen. (Not that I'm letting her help much...it doesnt' feel right not holding my baby!)
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Hello there beautiful sisters!!!!
I wanted to post earlier, but Soleil was really in need of me, then I finally dozed off....
ANYWAY...my baby boy was born at home at 3:19am on August 12..today...
At 11pm, I was still not having ctx, but my membranes had been ruptured since 315pm, so I was on a 'clock' as I chose not to swab for GBS. So, my m/w said that if at 6am there was no significant progress in my labour, we would be going to the hospital....well, my sis, mom, dh and I began a mantra that I would have a beautiful gentle waterbirth. We were laughing so hard, because my m/w suggested that I take castor oil to get things going. Well, we made 70 capsules to make up the 2ounces, and so my sis would fill the capsule, my mom would put the cap on and I would take them, I think it took me like 6 pints of water to take em all!!! .
So, at 1115 or so, I announced I was going to bed, and setting my alarm for 530am. My sister left, mom went upstairs to bed and dh and I went to bed.
At 1135 I had a HUGE gush of water, and thought, hmmm, I should call m/w. She came over at 1200am, worried for the cord, as the baby's head was high. She check heartbeat, all was fine, but suggested we go to the hospital as the head was still really high, I was only 1.5 cm dilated and it left lots of room for the cord to come down before the head. I declined, saying as long as baby's heartbeat is fine, I want to stay home. so, then the ctx started....at about 1245am...and they never stopped...my mom was making me concentrate on keeping my fingers relaxed, my sister was rubbing my feet and dh my back....I threw up at about 2am, it felt so good, by then my whole body would shake with each ctx, even though I fought to stay relaxed...and just let my uterus tighten...at 240am I told my mom I couldn't take it anymore, and just wanted to pass out...At 3am, my m/w decided to check me, so that I could get into the birthing pool for the duration of my labour..I was scared that she would say, sorry, you're only 3cms....So, she checked me at 310, as I did NOT have any breaks in ctx, and she said, oh my the head is there....So then it was the rush to get to my birthing pool..,so I get in, just as I sat, the head came OUT without me PUSHING, and I said, oh, the water is too hot. So I climbed out, as I my m/w noticed that the cord was around his neck, she scooped it off, and then he was out...I never even pushed once, it was so bizarre. So, it all happened so quick. He's got an old soul, and I'm stoked to get to know him...he's a redhead like his mama and sister, and he is a replica of his sister!
I'll post more later.
Luckymama, how you doing?
Kaje~you're time is a coming, glad you got out of some visits!
Wooby~you will soon be reunited with your little one!!!!
Lots of labour vibes to everyone!!!!
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Wow, congrats to all the laboring mamas. How exciting for you all.

Mamasoleil, how wonderful for you. What a great birth story!!!

Laurag I've been depressed too so I went out and bought face paints. We're going to paint my belly tonight!!

Oops, dd needs me, gotta go.
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moving down
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Nat, congrats and welcome Samson!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS ON SAMSON'S HOMEBIRTH! What a fabulous birth story! I am so inspired! How is Soleil? Enjoy your beautiful son! :bf :bf :bf
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Woo-hoo!! MamaSoleil!!! Congratulations and welcome to Samson!!
What a birth story!! It happened so fast!! seems like you did not get to use the tub at all!!
I wonder too.... after all this prep, if the labour proceeds like lightning, I won't get to birth the baby in water! dunno what to hope for... duh.

Anyway, send us a pic soon!! Take care & rest up....
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WoW!!! Babies actually do come out of vaginas!!! I had an awesome vbac at 8:30 on 8-11-03. I had a fabulously intense 5 hour labor, start to finish. And even though I birthed at the hospital, it was the most empowering thing I've ever done. Ican't wait to tell the story, it has elements you won't believe. Like the fact I gave birth on the floor of the storage room, and I got to call th o.b a bitch, and Isent another one away in a big huff. God it was awesome.
Stats:Boy, Travis Allan,8#2oz,21".Congrats Mamasoleil and everyone else who has joined the onehanded typing club!!!

Kaje, it fely so good to tell off that scare-mongering o.b. she dog, trust youself!!they live on fear, they spread fear, because they don't trust birth. They think they have the upper hand on us vbacer's . Iwish you a quick trip through labor land!!!
must take nap.
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Luckymomma, WHOA!!! Can't wait to hear your birth story!!! I am sure it will be very inspiring!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome delivery!!!
And Happy Birthday to Travis Allan!!

Rest up, rest up, but don't forget to check in with us again!!

Take care & recover soon!!!
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