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transition is short for me, just a couple minutes, but with #1 I was like, 'ok, I'm done, I need to go home, get me away from this, I can't do it' and with 2 I said the famous 'I don't think I can do this anymore' and got all whiney and weepy, and when I started to push I slammed my hand on the bed and yelled, 'I HATE this part!'.
and I do hate the pushing, it freaking sucks, good thing it's so short.
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With my son, first birth, I never knew I was in transition...my m/w mentioned that I was...I remained inward and focused.

With my daughter, second birth, I had a serious OMFG transition. It was crazy, crazy, crazy. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and wanted to die. The most painful part of my recovery were my lungs/throat.
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With DD, I do remember saying out loud that I "couldn't do it anymore", but otherwise I don't remember feeling panicky, scared, loud, or anythin else of that nature. I wasn't vocal during that labor, and I spent pretty much all of transition laying on my side with DH rubbing my back for me.

With DS, labor was faster, and I KNEW I hit transition when all of the sudden I couldn't make a decision about ANYTHING. The midwife saw me working really hard and starting to get panicky through a few contractions, and the birthing tub wasn't ready, so she asked me what I wanted to do. All I could do was say "I don't know, I don't know!" over and over again. So thank heavens she took over and had me get hands-and-knees on the bed. I never would have chosen that position on my own, but apparently if I get to the point where I can't decide anything, I'll accept a decision from someone I trust I was definitely vocal during that birth, but not in a screaming way. More like loud growling during contractions, lol. I was also very panicky and scared that time around, and I'm pretty sure I said *several* times that I couldn't do it, or "help me!!" or whatever. After the birth was over, the only way I could describe how I felt was by saying it was like I was being pushed along by a runaway freight train. I really didn't feel like I had any sort of control at all, and that scared me. Thinking ahead to the next birth, which will likely go even faster, makes me feel quite nervous. But at the same time, I have complete faith that it will all go well - I just have to somehow remember that it will all go quickly, and I *can* handle it, even if it feels like I can't.
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I also had a great transition. I had had several hours of back labor - not a lot of fun. But DS turned when I sat down to put on my shoes. I had transition in the car, exactly what I had been dreading, yet it turned out to be the best part. It was a gorgeous clear cold winter's night, the stars were amazing, and I had figured out how to deal with those friggin' contractions. It was the part of labor where I most felt like I knew what I was doing, weirdly enough. I arrived at the hospital at 9cm. Pushing sucked though. Really sucked.

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Transition was really rough for me. Horrible, actually. I had severe panic and "I am going to crawl through the wall syndrome," which I guesss is the getting away others mentioned... plus nausea and "I cannot do this, I CAN'T" and also "HELP ME." And NOT ONE PERSON THERE said "You are in transition, you are almost done, you can do it!" Arggghhhh! :
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Originally Posted by Taedareth View Post
I didn't feel self-doubting; it was just a fact that I couldn't handle that level of pain much longer!
That's pretty much what happened with me. I had a really short, really intense labor and I went from 4 to 10 cm in 30 minutes. The m/w checked me and told me that I still had a long way to go time wise, right when I was apparently entering transition. It had taken me 4 hours to get from 0 to 4 (I know when I had my first contraction and I wasn't dilated AT ALL yet) so she figured it'd be another few hours before it was all over with. I panicked, because right after she checked me (literally, I think about immediately after she checked me) I started having contractions one on top of the other, with no more than a couple seconds in between and it was so intense I knew I couldn't possibly continue on at that pace for a period of hours, but I thought that's how long I had to go, since she'd just told me it was. I would've recognized it as transition had it not been for her assurance that I was nowhere near through laboring. So the moral of the story for me is that it doesn't matter what anyone says about how much time you have left - even if it's a trusted midwife. When you feel like it has to be almost over, it is.

ETA: I actually enjoyed pushing, other than the whole ring of fire, my vagina is going to tear open into my pelvis and abdomen and spew blood everywhere feeling, which only lasted for a couple minutes anyway. I actually did not feel a single contraction while I was pushing. I just pushed until I had to rest for a minute, then did it again. I never felt anything other than that I was pushing and I thought I was going to be left with the world's largest vagina when it was all over with. Contractions didn't register at all.
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Originally Posted by hubris View Post

Birth #2 - much faster labor, and I do remember things getting very intense at one part and I distinctly remember having this almost-dialogue with myself. It was like the emotional self and rational self conversing:

emotional me: oh god, I hate this, I wish I didn't know everything I know about epidurals so that I could just get one right now
rational me: aha, you want to give up, you're in transition, you're almost done
emotional me: but what if I'm NOT almost done!?! what if I have TEN MORE HOURS OF SOMETHING WORSE THAN THIS?!?!
rational me: yup, you're in transition

Seriously, it was like I was reacting to labor and reassuring myself at the same time. Very odd. And it *was* transition, my son was born less than an hour later.
This was me, too
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Birth #1: This was a bad idea. I don't want to have a baby after all.

Birth #2: Oh, I get it now. The pain is for a reason. If we could just buy a baby at the K-Mart, we wouldn't value them as much or take good enough care of them.

Birth #3: I need a bowl to puke in because I'm in transition.

I also remember thinking that if I had been in a hospital or birthing center where people were asking me if I wanted drugs, I would have taken them. The thought of getting in a car and bump-bump-bumping off to the nearest place to get drugs was unbearable, though.
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Transition was honestly the worst part of it. I was in active labour for only 40 minutes and nobody wanted to believe that the pain was THAT BAD. I remember my huysband going out and asking if they could fill the pool maybe. But noooo, they wanted to wait until I was "further along". Well, he was born 30 minutes later.

It was a very short but really intense birth- and transition sucked, sucked so bad. I got loud, could not deal with the pain anymore- and nobody understood what was going on, "because first timers don't go that fast". Yeah right.

I even remember looking at the clock because something really really changed from one minute to the other. I remember totally losing it, just wanted to die, screaming and so on. They wanted to check the heartrate because I was not responding anymore to anyone at all- the nurse got very nervous and to this day I remember hearing the nurse push the button and saying "I need some backup here, quick!" They couldn't find my midwife and I missed out on my waterbirth and only once they realized I am in transition things relaxed a bit.

But, my transition even scared the whole L&D Unit since they thought something is going wrong.

Next time I know- when I wanna die, baby is right around the corner.
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I too had a crazy painful transition but I was able to stay on top of the contractions breathing, sort of meditating, and making noises like a horse or, as dh so delicately and sensitively put it, like beavis and buthead laughing. : I remember feeling elated when I realized I was in transition because I thought, "Yay! They say this is the hardest part and pushing feels great! I did it! The hardest part is over, it gets easier from here, right?" My body started to grunt and sort of labour down, it actually almost felt really good....and my mw asked if I felt pushy, and to go ahead. Then dd's heartrate went to low and they had to transfer care to an OB...so I had 2 hrs of purple pushing. Uhhh that felt like fargin' hell. Way worse than transition. I felt like I was dying. And there was the third degree tear which felt like a branding iron on my genitals. Still don't like that memory.
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I spent transition in the labor tub. It took about an hour. It wasn't any more painful than the other contractions (but I was on Pitocin with no meds, so they were all pretty painful) and I didn't feel panicky. In fact, at first it felt like a second wind: I was so excited to be at 8 cm. Then I started feeling the urge to push. My midwife didn't want me to push at 8 cm and get a swollen cervix, so I had to concentrate really hard on not pushing. And that was extremely uncomfortable. I had to focus all my energy on keeping my vocalizations very low.
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I had a fun(?) transition, I guess it was fun because I like to thinkl about it and laugh when I tell about it now.

I'd been in the tub for about 4 hours when it was no longer comfortable to sit on my pelvis. This was a hospital bathtubtype deal, but they let me in even though my water had technically 'broken'. They got me out and onto a medicine ball which felt wonderful and I started sweating buckets and my water broke BIG time.
It wasn't painful, I just felt like I couldn't breathe. Every time I had a contraction I felt DS's feet pushingback HARD, and I couldn't catch my breath. Then I moved to the bed because I felt like I coudln't get my legs spread far enough apart. I sat on the bed and leaned on the medicine ball until I was ready to push. At that point I was making huge deep Ohhhhhhh's and trying to breath out each contraction(like I had a choice in exhaling!). I think that was the point I asked my dad to leave because he looked like he was about to faint!

By the end I was demanding the midwife to come and check me because at the top of each contraction I WAS pushing, no matter how hard I tried not to, I couldn't stop! When she finally arrived sure enough I was ready!

Pushing was a huge refeif at that point, although the ring of fire was certainly that. I stayed intact though, due to my midwife's skillful ministrations! She said I had very thick unstretchy tissue down there.

Oh, did I mention puking the entire labor?
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I didn't have any kind of transition. I started feeling the urge to push while in the birth tub, called my midwife in to check me, and I was 9 centimeters. I kept thinking all through labor "Okay when do I go through transition, I know I'm supposed to throw up or something right?" Never happened. The only truely awful part was having an anterior lip and having to wait for that to get out of the way so I could push. My labor lasted 11ish hours, with 6 hours spent in the birth tub.
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I have had two very unpainful births. I didnt' notice a distinct transition with either one of them.

I think i was made to give birth. i could do it every day! It's pregnancy that I don't like!
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i was saying it was too hard and i couldn't do it throghout my labor, but i think transition actually was occuring when i said to my husband, "i'm giving up, i want to go to the hospital." my husband basically said no(thank god) and goaded me into sitting on the toilet backwards while he squeezed my hips(we had some suspicions of asynclitisim due to a really sproatic labor pattern.) I did that for 2 ctx or so that i did not handle well at all(screaming shaking violently) and then i got into the pool again and had a ctx that didn't "feel right." what didn't feel right was actually the urge to push.

I guess that was transition for me, maybe it was longer than that, but i wasn't doing internal exams, so i don't know.
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I've given birth 4 times and have never noticed transition!
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I never realized I was in transition. I thought I was in "pre-labor". When my MW stopped by the house to check me we found that I was at 10 cm and fully effaced, with a bulging water bag.

Pushing, on the other hand, was the pits!
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I threw up and completely lost my mind.

I had no sense of time, so have no idea how long it lasted. I just remember that "there is no way in hell I can do this" feeling. Feeling like I couldn't breath, or catch my breath - almost hyperventilating. Totally anxious - looking around like I wanted to find an escape route. Just get up and go, you know?

My aunt Shari (5 kids) was my coach, and I'm sure she was talking to me the whole way through, but I can distinctly remember hearing her say one time "yes, Crystal, you CAN DO THIS. Focus." And then I did.

DD was born 15 minutes later.
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Transition was pretty quick and consisted of a lot of pooping and puking. It may sound funny, but it actually felt good to release everything.

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the first time, i threw up once, and i was freaking out on the nurses who wouldnt leave me alone, leading to my having a hard time dealing with what was going on because i couuldnt go inside myself and deal with it in peace.
i had to argue which just made me concentrate on trying to tell them off rather than labor. the entire thing, like i knew i had to go to the bathroom, and i needed to poo. "no you dont, its just pressure" yeah. whatever. i have enough muscle control to push those two places separately, and yes, i had to go to the freakin bathroom. it was pretty bad for a while there...

the second time, i felt like i was going to throw up for a couple minutes, but had no thoughts of needing help, no freaking out issues, nothing. i was left alone from 6cm (when we got to the bc) until after he was born except a couple times my brother came in to talk to me, and my 2yo was with me, but they both got the "you have to be quiet if i hurt' thing and i was fine. no noticeable transition stuff besides that but i i was hot and i feel like im going to puke when im hot, i had to turn the cold water on so thats probably why. pushing was fine, i was on my knees, first i was like "okay, his head is right there!" then pushed a tad and his water broke. then i looked down and felt and realized ALL of that region of my body was bulging and i realized it looked like it really was a bowling ball trying to come out
i thought a lot about the feelings and everything, seriously tlling to myself in my head. "i need to push now." literally "oh wow, everything is all huge feeling and pushed out, no wonder people make bowling ball comments!" and smiling... "i wonder if someone is going to come in here? i hope not!" between waiting for contractions(they never get on top of each other for me), and even thinking about how well i was doing with my pushing DURING pushing (one little time which broke his water, i was trying to see if i was ready, though i could feel the top of his head through my cervix, i wasnt positive i was as complete as i needed to be to birth him then twice more to birth him), and other weird stuff and was really calm with his. noone knew when he was born and i was asked a lot why i didnt scream. either for the MWs or because of the pain- which wasnt that bad at all this time. people who werent there dont believe me but hey. :
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