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Anyone Get Banned From Family Over No Rubella Vax?

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Hello Everyone!
I usually am a lurker on this forum, but really wanted to reach out & ask if anyone on here has been "banned" by their family over not having their child vaxed for Rubella. My sister as well as myself are both pregnant. I also have an 11 month old son. I have been told that my sister's pediatrician has told her she cannot be around my son for her pregnancy. Has anyone had anything similar occur to them and what did you do about it???

The other question I had was...according to my book on vaxing schedules...it seems like a child would not even be vaxed for MMR until they were 15 months old. If this is the case, how would I have been able to vax my son anyhow since he is under that age when I became pregnant???

Anyhow, currently, we are a non-vaxed family and my outside family, mother, father, 2 sisters...are both vaxing. So there is the struggle. We all live in the same state and nearby, so there is always the rub.

If anyone has any insight to this issue, please let me know and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Most of the docs that I know around here give it at 12 mos. Is she not rubella-immune per prenatal blood testing? I can see a doc telling a pg woman to avoid contact with rubella or unvaxed kids if her labwork came back like that. But there are lots of things that are potentially harmful if a pg woman contracts them & that there isn't a vax for. She might as well hibernate in the house til she gives birth.
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can't answer all your questions...since I have not vaxed ds..but I too thought that the mmr would not have been accomplished by the time of yours or dsisters pregnancy... but again, I'm not as up to speed on vax schedule.

anyway, this might be of interest..

This is one of the hardest to find pages at the cdc… the way that I actually found this page was by accident. I had called the CDC to find out about hib cases and I got a doctor and he sent me to this page…


if you download the current issue it gives you the most uptodate stat that the cdc has on the reportable diseases.

as of today's date.... there have been six cases of rubella in the united states. I doubt your son is case number 7. But I'm sorry your family feels he is a 'threat'. In my book he is not.
but my family bugs me too, in other ways.

No christmas presents for those family members this year!
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Um, my girls are cases 7 and 8. They would probably be unreported because I didn't take them to the doc (though I did tell him). My guess is there are lots of cases that go unreported because the rash only lasts 4-5 days and doesn't have any bad symptoms (a very low fever at most). We had one fever of 101 rectally with it, otherwise nothing.

You are right that your son wouldn't have been vaxed for this anyway even if he was getting his vaxs, so she needs to avoid all kids under the age of one if she is going to be that preventative. You are contagious before the rash appears so I don't think she is being unreasonable (assuming she isn't immune). BUT I was vax'd as a child against rubella and I didn't contract it despite bathing and sleeping with two full blown cases, neither did my husband, my son, my mom and dad, any of the playroom caregivers at the gym, or any of the numerous people who held them before we realized it wasn't an allergic reaction.
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They had it in early July and they got the whooping cough in early August. Is there a connection? I am assuming that they got it in the gym playroom. Could they have gotten it from a child that was recently vax'd?
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Originally posted by laralou
... Is there a connection? I am assuming that they got it in the gym playroom. Could they have gotten it from a child that was recently vax'd?
Though I am not an expert or medical authority, my initial feeling is "yes". I'm sure there are others (Hilary??) that have much more knowledge than I. From all that I have personally researched, it is my understanding that MOST viruses that children are vaxed against are excreted in mucous discharges or urine/feces in some form or fashion. In fact, I recently read an article regarding polio that mentioned that the few cases of polio today in this country or Europse are from vaccinated people because something like 95% of that virus is excreted in fecal matter. There is a warning to "immune compromised" people to avoid being around those that are recently vaxed.

With this kind of information, it makes sense that if a non-vaxed child is around those that are recently vaxed, they could contract SOMETHING, if not everything. On one hand, I feel that non-vaxed kids develop more natural and lasting immunity that way, it's always unsettling when kids are sick no matter if they are vaxed or not.

My 3.5 yo son is not vaxed and when I was going to the gym (waiting for my new one to be built!), he got SOMETHING nearly everytime. We have had a few rounds of croup and various colds. I watch him pretty closely when we would go to the gym as I know he is exposed to children who are vaxed. I also up immune boosters such as Vit C, bioflavinoids and acidophilus.

Anyway, I offer more support than anything else. Both my family and dh's question most of the "swimming against the stream" things I do. They do trust that I have good reasons for doing what I do and are at least open enough to hear the "why".



*edited for clarity and typing errors*
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We plan on keeping them sequestered for a while until their lungs have healed a bit. Fortunately this is where dh being out of a job helps. He can keep the girls while I go to the gym (I have to work out to feel sane) once they get over the worst of this. Right now it is taking both of us to care for them.

But I am sorry to have hijacked this thread with my personal woes!
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