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S/O poll: Pukey shoes and cloth diapers

Poll Results: Would you wash or toss the pukey shoes?

  • 52% (48)
    I CD and would wash the pukey shoes.
  • 17% (16)
    I CD and would toss the pukey shoes.
  • 20% (19)
    I use sposies and would wash the pukey shoes.
  • 5% (5)
    I use sposies and would toss the pukey shoes.
  • 3% (3)
    Other (explain).
91 Total Votes  
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So, after reading the thread about pukey shoes and whether to throw them away or wash them, I'm wondering if there's a correlation between using cloth diapers and being okay with touching/washing puke out of shoes. I know for me, I'm used to washing poopy cloth, so pukey shoes are no big deal to me .... poll coming.
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i cd and would take the shoes home and wash them, BUT the puke bothers me a whole lot more than poop. I just can't imagine wasting shoes like that:
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We use cloth and sposies and I would wash the shoes.
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We used cloth, and I would wash the shoes.
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for me it would really depend on the shoes. how new? how loved? what brand? i recently scored a pair of second-hand shoes for DS for $2, and they would have been at least $80 when new--really high quality stuff. I'd wash them. on the other hand, if it were a brand new pair of $15 payless shoes, i'd rather replace. but maybe my values are screwed up, as $15 is more than $2!
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This reminds me of a story that sort of applies. I used to CD, until we moved a lot and I still think its best but I had some issues where I coudn't keep up with it.

Anyway fast-forward to now.... dd is in the process of potty-learning.... and I had a roommate that was also doing childcare for me. Well dd had an accident... pooped in her panties, got it all over her pants, etc. My roommate threw out dd's panties and pants!! Took them down to the dumpster.

I came home and she told me about it... turns out they were my favourite pants of dd's. I was like.... um.... roommate? I used to cloth diaper dd, I will wash those pants. She said something about how she didn't want to wash them and thought it was gross to put them in the washer. I was like... um, yeah, I'm going to wash them. I went down to the dumpster, found them in a bag on top, and brought them upstairs and washed them. :P
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I have 2 in cloth and I probably would have tossed the shoes. If they were canvas and could be tossed in the washer, then I would probably have washed them. If they were sneakers that couldn't be machine washed then I would toss them.

About a year ago DS threw up on his sneakers. I washed them as best I could (they couldn't be machine washed) but couldn't get the smell out of them. Even after several washes you could still catch whiffs of eau de puke.
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I CD and would toss the shoes. They were shoes with a ten year old's puke on them . . . had it been toddler puke, I might think differently.

I gag over other people's vomit very easily and would not want the shoes around. I suck at getting stains and stuff out . . . and ugh. Puke and poop are very different for me.
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i use cd, and well my puke and poop tolerance level is quite high.... i would take em.
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I did not cd my dd and would wash vomit covered shoes.
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I cloth diaper and I would wash the shoes
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I used disposables on my first and cloth on my second. I would throw the shoes in the washing machine and hope for the best. If they got ruined by that, the puke probably would have ruined them, too.
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I've done a combination of CD and sposies, depending on what my life was like at the time.

I would wash the pukey shoes- and maybe toss them if they fell apart in the wash. The only time I'd toss pukey shoes without washing is if they were already worn out and ready for the trash before the child got sick on them- use the yuck as an excuse to get rid of something that was no longer fit to wear but the child insisted on wearing.

I voted "other" but maybe I should have voted "I CD and would wash the pukey shoes" because I AM Ok dealing with poop, even though I didn't always use cloth?
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We have used cloth in the past, but due to our current living arrangements we use disposables. I have a pretty high poop tollerence but puke sends me reeling. That said, I'd probably attempt to wash them...and try not to make it worse by puking on them myself while washing them. I'd rinse them off and then toss them in the washer...I ain't scrubbing pukey faux leather by hand. EW.
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Oh, and to clarify, really gross shoes would go in the washing machine, on cold, no matter what the "care instructions" for the shoes said. If the washing ruined the shoes, I'd either toss them at that point or keep them around as "spare shoes". No way would I keep shoes around with that "vomit smell" on them.
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I've used both and I would have chucked the shoes.
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I CD and would have no issues cleaning the shoes. Bodily fluids don't bother me, I guess it comes along with being an RN. I used to always gross DH out at the dinner table when I'd tell him about my day.
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I CD & would wash the shoes.
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We all have our faults and limits.

I'd rather smell poop than vomit. Don't ask me why, I don't know.

DH handles the vomit in this house, I can deal just fine with the diarrhea.

So I would probably have tossed the shoes, because I would probably always smell the vomit in them.

And we CDed everyone. I don't think that CDing gives you a stomach of iron. Normal poop does not linger (IMO) like vomit or sick-diarrhea smell. Also, just because you see a child poop, it doesn't trigger my bowels to want to move immediately as well--but if I see someone vomit, I start gagging too which makes things more difficult to deal with.

I'm sure there's someone somewhere who has the sympathetic poop urge instead of the vomit urge--but it ain't me.
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I have a puker who was also constipated a lot from like 4 - 8 months so she would eventually go in these HUGE marathon poops. Neither poop nor puke rattle me at all. I've caught puke in my hands (for easier clean up) more times than I can count. Also, I always ALWAYS use disposables when out. It's just sooo much easier and I make no excuses.

That said, sometimes shoes or clothes are not salvagable. Clothes might only stain (and even then...I'd really rather not have my dd wearing clothes with massive puke stains, a little splotch on jammies, I can live with) but shoes can be tough if not impossible to clean. I've had to throw a pair, but I've saved a lot more than I've tossed. And goodness knows if I tossed the carseat everytime she puked all over it, we'd have to get around exclusivly on foot because that thing gets a puke bath about once a month.
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