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One of the things that convinces me not to vax, more than anything, is that the more I read, the more I see the corruption and lies, just to protect profit.

Dh and I were talking about this last night, about how the tabacco companies knew for years that smoking caused cancer, but heck, they weren't going to admit it. Then there's Ford, with cars that happen to turn over and kill people. They had a major design flaw. Did they recall the cars and refit the tyres (sorry, tires) immediately? Heck, no. Not until they had no choice.

Just looking at who funds the research should be enough to convince people that there is more to the vaccination issue than the health of children.

The Almighty dollar rules.

Stepping out of the comfort zone and doing the research is terrifying. It is immensely time consuming, and increasingly frightening to question the wisdom of those you used to trust. Sometimes, it's easier to take the shots, and pray. I know that I did that with dd#1, becaues I just couldnt get my brain around the issues, and knew I didnt have a good enuogh grasp to convince dh. (Not so now, thankfully )

It is frightening if, like me, you don't have a scientific background, and doubt your ability to really understand the scientific facts. It is difficult to be dismissed by the 'experts' and those with a scientific background, just because you don't share their expertise. It is so hard to stand firm, especially if you are like me, and you read, read, read, trust your instincts, but are not particularly good at regurgitating facts and figures when under pressure!

It's true that you can't expect others to do the research for you, But it's wonderful to have people so willing to share their time and energy with those of us who have so many questions.

I, for one, truly appreciate the few regulars on vaccs, who make this uphill battle with those of us who are less informed.
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I haven't read any of the other replies. For us the risks are 100%, we watched our 12 month old ds go from totally healthy to soaring high fevers within hours of getting the MMR. He kept that fever for days. When the fevers finally subsided his body was covered in a measles like rash. He had just started walking right before that shot, he was so sick he had to learn how all over again when he did get "well" (nearly 2 weeks later). 2-3 weeks later he was starting to walk again, he got a cold, it didn't go away, just before Christmas that year he was in the ER with bacterial pneumonia. A couple weeks after he recovered once again he got a cold, he was sick for a couple weeks with that. He didn't *stay* healthy all winter that year. Any bug he was around he caught, he couldn't defend himself. He didn't officially start walking til February.

That winter I began reading about vaxes, we've never vaxed a kid again.
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I'd heard about the measles found...

...in the gut of these poor children, but never in their spinal fluid.


No more Child Sacrifice!

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Classics from the past....

....for any and all newbies.

Highlight on our present day epidemic:


Food, Sacred Food,

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edit to provide link:

This is one of the hardest to find pages at the cdc… the way that I actually found this page was by accident. I had called the CDC to find out about hib cases and I got a doctor and he sent me to this page…


if you download the current issue it gives you the most uptodate stat that the cdc has on the reportable diseases by the way, the stats are at the end of the document. Anyway, I would start there first.

But just to give you an idea:
Here are the hard numbers for 2003. This is what I found for the last week of the year:

Total reported cases to the cdc for entire year of 2003:
plug in for the last week of 2003-to get the total. They now have the postings for 2004, which of course aren't much...

Disease Cases

Diptheria 1
Measles 41
Mumps 186
Rubella 7
Congenital rubella 0
Tetanus 14
Hib (under 5)
Sero b-20
Non sero b-80
Unknown b-178

Out of a population of 280 million people in the united states!
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Thanks for the numbers....

....we can add my son's case of measles to that.

The only problem with it showing up as a stat. was that my progressive physician refused to give a written diagnosis. He didn't want the attention from "Them."

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Sure, that is true, ray.

but even if the cdc is only getting one tenth of the real cases and I'm sure they say that their numbers are closer than that..but lets just say even if the numbers are one tenth..

then that would mean there were 410 cases of measles which again out of 280 million people is not much....

frankly, I wouldn't worry if it was 4,100 cases out of 280 million.

I also am older and remember when measles was a childhood disease much more prevelant ...and even then I still didn't get them. and when kids did they missed a week of school. the end.
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I thought this thread might be of interest to this thread..if that makes sense...

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