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Oct ddc post-partum roll call!

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Where is everyone?!!?!

Name: Like you all don't know me : Erika!
baby's bday and age now: Sydney was born on Oct 14, so she's about 6w old now. That went fast!
how are things going with baby: She's a great baby, my easiest newborn yet. She likes to nurse and be held. I have boobs and 2 pouch slings and a mobywrap, so we're set. She's an okay sleeper, as long as I follow The Happiest Baby suggestions (swaddle, shush, swing, side, and suck). She used to hate the car, but I took her to the chiro and he adjusted her and now she does better. I also kind of swaddle her arms when she's in the carseat, and that seems to help also. The other kids like her -- older sister LOVES her, older brothers aren't very impressed.
how are things going with YOU: Good, but I'm starting to feel like it's time to get some exercise in again. Especially now that it's getting cooler here in Arizona and I feel comfortable walking outside again and knowing I won't sweat like a water buffalo.
what are you doing for the holidays? Visiting in-laws in San Diego. Whee. Actually TG was fun, my mil brought pics of dh when he was a baby. Sydney looks just like him!
Post pics, if you want!
Sydney (she has tons of hair, I guess by now it won't fall out.)
Sydney and Allegra

There's also a link to our Elf Yourself thingy in my sig. It's hilarious.
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I'm still around, missing everyone. Life with a babe is too big for me so far...maybe I'll adjust.


baby's bday and age now: Adeline was born on 10/22. She is one month old right now.

how are things going with baby: She's been very fussy, but will sleep for a long time if we use the Happiest Baby methods (see Yuma's post). She cries A LOT, just like her brother did when he was a new born.

how are things going with YOU: Okay. I am tired and feeling down about being unable to fit in any clothes. I think I look awful all the time (U.G.L.Y.). I can't remember a time that I have felt so unattractive and cared. I am also very tired, but I am impressed by how well I've managed everything so far. AND I know I have nothing to complain about...I have two beautiful, healthy children and everything I need (except maybe a temporary live-in friend ).
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Name: Jennifer

baby's bday and age now: Xianya was born Oct 10th so I guess she is around 6 weeks as well

how are things going with baby: She is really calm for the most part, she doesn't cry at all until around dinner (of course) then she will have a few hours of fussiness, it is tolerable when dp is around b/c he can hold her but if he isn't around, I get uber stressed, it is also dd1's crazy hours! She sleeps all night, occasionally a wake up around 5am, she probably wakes up to nurse but that is the beauty of co-sleeping, you don't even realize it! DD1 has warmed up to her, she ignored dd2s existence at first but now she wants to hold her and says she is really cuuuute, no signs of jealousy or anything like that. Some days she doesn't sleep much, other days she will sleep the entire day.

how are things going with YOU: I have good and bad days, sometimes I think I have post-pardum depression, but then I will feel okay, so I think it is just a lot of stress. Starting to feel back to normal, I have 3 jeans that I can fit into, I am slowly dropping the extra lbs - I would like to keep some of them, but the way I am eating, if I am losing weight, then their is no hope of that....... :
what are you doing for the holidays? We will not be going anywhere, I am excited that my aunt is coming to FL, she recently moved and we miss her and her children a lot, dd1 will be very happy to see them.

Post pics, if you want!



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Name: Annika
baby's bday and age now: 11/4, he's 3 wks tomorrow - feels much longer
how are things going with baby: Aaaaw, he's so sweet. I am so in love! He sleeps great compared to his brothers, nurses like a champ w some cluster feedings in the afternoon. His brothers love him, want to cuddle him all the time. Unfortunately he hates the carseat. It's also getting really cold here in NH so we haven't been outside much. My older kids are starting to go bonkers, I guess I am going to have to introduce li'l Niklas to some cold air soon.
how are things going with YOU: Good, considering...I stopped bleeding at 2wks pp, just some spotting here and there. I am not sleep deprived so I am able to enjoy my baby and am thankful for that. Sciatica is knocking on the door and I will call my chiro. Maybe he can adjust Niklas as well and help with the carseat issues. O, and of course I should stop eating like a pregnant woman - I am so hungry all the time but geesh, I need to lose weight.
Mentally - I don't know. It's not PPD but I've got the blues a bit. Dh is working a lot and I am stuck with 2 crazy kids and my baby all the time. I guess I am just craving a bit more family time, but we need the money so I'll suck it up.
what are you doing for the holidays? Staying at home. My sis is coming up for Christmas and I have the honor of cooking and cleaning like a madman again, cuz she has absolutely no clue of how to help out in my household or take care of the kids. But it'll be nice to have family around, I get so homesick for Germany around the holidays.
Post pics, if you want!http://share.shutterfly.com/action/w...8AaNGzJszbtmLH
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Name: Christine

baby's bday and age now: 10/23 - she's one month old!

how are things going with baby: She's wonderful! Very laid back, gets a little fussy in the evenings but nothing the 5 S's can't take care of. Eats like a champ - she's up 2 pounds from her birthweight already. Still nursing older sis so I think that helps, she gets a lot of hindmilk. She takes a pacifier and a bottle, maybe not popular choices on MDC but her sister wouldn't take either. I use the swaddle me blanket to swaddle her in the car and that + the paci means she doesn't mind the car - huge difference from DD1 who screamed bloody murder in the car the entire first year!

She fits into her small Fuzzi Bunz now so we've ditched the kissaluvs. She has the cutest little fingers and toes and gummy gums. She loves the pouch and the wrap, but also tolerates the carseat and stroller. She sleeps 3 hour stretches between nursing at night, we cosleep but she doesn't stay on the boob all night like DD1 did (which is good b/c DD1 is still nightwaking so I frequently have to sneak away to get her back down). She is just so easygoing.

how are things going with YOU: Physically - great! I only have 6 pounds to go before I'm at pre-pregnancy weight. I don't fit into pre-pg jeans yet but I'm only up one size. I'm back to walking 1.5 miles a day. My bleeding is mostly stopped, it will stop for a day, come back for a day, stop for a day, etc. If I stopped being so active I'm sure it would stop, but oh well it will stop eventually!

Mentally - better... I had pretty bad baby blues and after-birth letdown. Combined with the time change early darkness, I was a mess there for a bit, but it is getting better every day. Having two isn't nearly as rough as I'd made it out to be in my head (most days, lol!) and we're getting out every day so that helps.

what are you doing for the holidays? staying in town, his parents will come up and we'll do family stuff.

Post pics, if you want well, if you insist

Emily asleep on boppy
Emily with big sister Catie
Mommy with Em asleep in the wrap
The girls in our swanky new stroller
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Wow, Christine, that IS a swanky stroller!
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Name: Jaime
Baby's bday and age now:10/26, 4 weeks 2 days old
How are things going with baby: She is PERFECT! She loves to nurse and sleep, even at night! She is a very content baby who is alert and happy when she is awake. Dh and I wear her all of the time and have 4 different slings that we switch up. She loves to sleep in bed with us and ride in the car. She is gaining weight so fast and outgrowing all of her 0-3 month clothes.
How are things going with YOU: I am doing really well. I feel great and am starting to do things that I did before I was pregnant like long walks and cleaning. No sex yet though
What are you doing for the holidays? Not much. no traveling. We want this to be a relaxing stress-free holiday.
Post pics, if you want:http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m...at147/0233.jpg
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Name: Jeni
baby's bday and age now: 10/17. He is 5 1/2 weeks.
how are things going with baby: good. He has no routine or schedule like my oldest (my middle two, you could set your watch by them). He is really hot natured, and doesnt like to be worn... I am working on it, but he really doesnt enjoy the ring sling or the mei tai. He nurses well and sleeps a lot, and does okay most nights. Loves to spend time naked, loves baths, and likes a pacifier, my first baby who takes one.

how are things going with YOU: They are ok. Homeschooling is hard with two small ones, but we are getting into it. I stopped bleeding at 4 weeks, and have been working out some. Im doing a lot of online shopping for the holidays and I got all my christmas cards at the dollar store. I am partway done with my baby gift/meal thank you notes.

what are you doing for the holidays? My parents are coming here. Looking forward to it, as they are staying in a hotel

Post pics, if you want!
Here are some from this week:

Modeling his peapod outfit
A smile!
With Lily (4)
With Felicity (2)
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Name: Andrea

Baby's bday and age now:10/18, about 5 weeks

How are things going with baby: well I'll have him weighed tomorrow, I"m guessing 13 lbs (was born 9.7) he's still quite gassy, I have a lot of milk. he's unpredictable, would sleep all day if I could hold him always, but there is my 3 year old to think of. I am afraid I might have bought my Hotsling too small, and he gets upset when I try to put him in the Ergo infant insert, so I resort to the Bjorn most days so far. he's usually fussy when awake but freakishly, I just put him in the bassinet to use the bathroom, and he's gone to sleep on his own! he still has baby acne, is that normal? he also usually gets upset going out in the car, so we have been staying home a lot. he loves bath/naked time though

How are things going with YOU: well, tear still not healed even after m/w took out the stitches that would not dissolve :P I'm impatient with my 3 year old :P I am too small for mat clothes, too big for regular ones and don't want to invest in new ones at this size. so I feel ugly. also I'm vain enough to be disappointed I ended up with some small stretch marks and stretched skin this time around

What are you doing for the holidays? not sure, hopefully going to my family's, but DH wants to ask his dad here (don't think he'll come though)
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Christine, what kind of stroller is that? I love it!

Andrea... have you tried the Ergo without the insert, just by froggying his legs in? That's the way I use it with James.

And yes, it's still normal for him to have baby acne. I think James' cleared up at around 6 weeks.
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I saw this post yesterday and thought, I cannot respond. It's been too terrible of a day and it will sound like I don't love my baby. But today was better so I feel safer posting.

Name: Suz

baby's bday and age now: 9/16 -- he'll be 10 weeks tomorrow.

how are things going with baby: We have good days and bad ones. Napping (and occasionally nightime sleep) have been disasterous lately, but figured out he had reflux, made some changes, and today was much better overall. He's a much more laidback baby than Thomas. I think he wants to be a good sleeper; he was just uncomfortable. And I still can't figure out how to get him to sleep at the end of the day without him having a breakdown. If anyone knows the secret, do tell.

He's starting to smile, which I love. Thomas adores him... I'm so proud of him. He's been a great sport with all the time I have to spend with the little one.

how are things going with YOU: Ok. When DH is travelling (which is 4-5 days a week), I get really anxious and depressed in the evenings. And lonely. Still figuring out how to do those hours with the two kids. God, I so admire Erica and Frelle, and I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT WITH FOUR OF THEM. Anyway, sometimes the depression gets pretty severe, so I'm going to call the midwife Monday. I don't want to go on drugs, but I will if need be.

I have 8 pounds to go, weight-wise. But it took 9 months last time to lose those, so I'm not worrying. I go back to work part-time in January (I direct children's theatre) and I'm both anxious and excited for it.

what are you doing for the holidays? Hanging out with the fam here. I'm very, very, lucky that my parents and brothers live nearby. They've been a great help.


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4 is no problem when you have an extra set of hands! I tell people I would NOT have this many kids if I didn't have a dh who is around almost all the time. Yes, he works, but other than work, he's here, taking care of the kids.

I don't know how YOU do it!
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Originally Posted by bygones75 View Post
Christine, what kind of stroller is that? I love it!
it's a Phil & Ted's Sport with toddler doubles kit. I went back and forth for months about whether to spend the $$ (almost $500) on it. I looked at tons of other double strollers and they all seemed so big and heavy and cumbersome...

when I was 6 days postpartum and the baby blues hit, I decided I definitely needed some retail therapy and finally took the plunge and bought it. and I love it - love it love love love it!
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Name: Marly

baby's bday and age now: Sabine is 6 weeks on Tuesday, early morning.

how are things going with baby: She's a really good baby. She is pretty picky about how she is held in the evenings which really frustrates dh She loves to eat and is a great sleeper. At night she sleeps 4 hours, eats, 3 hours, eats, 2 hours, eats, then 1 hour and is awake for the day. or for 2 hours and then sleeps again. She is really helpful My 3.5 year old loves her, all the time, all over! The 5 yr old gives her kisses a few times a week.

how are things going with YOU: not too bad. I've been pretty frustrated with the boys but I love my baby. I did ask dh why he stays with me. he asked me when I'm going to make an appointment with the therapist Yea, I had ppd after both boys, but worse after the second. I made an appointment with a CNM for a "6 week" visit. I felt down there and I swear there's something that isn't supposed to be there. I'm kind of nervous and have no clue what's going on.

what are you doing for the holidays? We went to Denver to visit my brother.

I'll have to download some new pictures.
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Suz, have you tried taking a fish oil supplement yet? I started fish oil about a week and a half ago, and it's magic! Totally takes away my baby blues, and I have energy that I haven't had for about 15 years. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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Christine -- looks like it's worth the money! Though... can't really take that splurge here. I need to start playing lotto.

flowers... no I haven't. I keep hoping that the flax seed oil will do the trick instead, but since it hasn't, you're right. I'll go for the fish oil.
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Originally Posted by YumaDoula View Post
4 is no problem when you have an extra set of hands! I tell people I would NOT have this many kids if I didn't have a dh who is around almost all the time. Yes, he works, but other than work, he's here, taking care of the kids.

I don't know how YOU do it!
Thanks for the hugs. Yes, I wish DH would come home at night. But I also need to remember that there are mamas here married to soldiers abroad for months at a time. So we all have our challenges.

Love your elves, btw.
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Name: noelia
baby's bday and age now: zach was born on 11/04. he was 3 weeks yesterday
how are things going with baby: he is such an easy baby. he sleeps well, nurses well... i'm so releaved! my other kids love him. ds kisses him all day long. dd is a little mama to him already.
how are things going with YOU: things are good. it took me until 11 days pp to be able to walk normally again because my pelvis was so out of whack and i'm so much better now. i still need to go to the chiro though. i'll get to him eventually!
what are you doing for the holidays? we stayed home and had tg with my parents.
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Name: moonfroggy

baby's bday and age now: oct 27th he is 4 weeks old now

how are things going with baby: he has a beautiful smile he seems happy and healthy. people are so surprised at how strong his neck is and how alert he is. he is always lifting his head up looking around making eye contact and smiling. he is so amazing and i ove him so much and he is so easy and calm. every day seems easier than the last because my partner and i get better at knowing dmitri's cues and what he needs and wants.

how are things going with YOU: i am still a little sore where i tore and it still hurts some to pee but i am healing well. my belly still looks kinda scary to me and i am looking forward to my stretch marks fading. overall i am doingwell though. people keep asking me how my sleeping is going and the funny thing is all my life i have had bad insomia and for the first time in my life i amm sleeping prettywell without any medications to help me sleep or anything. we cosleep and my partner does all the night time diaper changes and i do all the night time feedings and i feel like i am getting better sleep than ever. i can even sleep in a room with a night light which i have never been able to do but it helps with nursing to have a little light to see with. oh and nursing was a lot harder than i expected it to be at first but i am starting too love nursing which is cool.

what are you doing for the holidays? i have no idea. dmitri does not do well in cars and he gets distracted easily when we are not home and then has trouble with nursing. he gets hungry and cranky and then won't eat because there are so many things to look at. so unless dmitri and i can get the hang of nursing when not at home we will be staying home. i plan to make some knot dolls for dmitri and i think rob will make some sort of gift for him as well. i want to make something for rob (my dp) but i'm not sure what to make for him yet. one of my best friends who is a mathematician is making dmitri a set of blocks with math symbols on them. i will probably cook something fancy.

Post pics, if you want: http://www.flickr.com/photos/6794130...89810?edited=1
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I figure this is a good a time as any to jump into the right DDC.

Name: Katie

Baby's bday and age now: 10/24 - He's 4 weeks and 2 days. I was due tomorrow, and Rowan has been home from the hospital for about 3 weeks.

How are things going with baby: Pretty good so far. The hardest part is trying to deal with my 2yo while trying to nurse. Rowan and I have barely got the hang of bfing, so I can't be up and after my toddler and he knows it. Rowan has only had one bad night where he wanted to nurse the entire time, but Papa stepped in and helped me out. He's a great nurser and more mellow than DS1. Still seems so tiny, but he gained a pound and a half in the last 12 days.

How are things going with YOU: Good - same as it ever was. My pp bleeding was done weeks ago and my uterus is just a couple fingers above my pelvis. My nipples were sore for just a little while. I'm still kinda depressed that I missed out on the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy and seeing preggo women makes me sad, but there's always next time. As always I stressing about finances and insurance.

What are you doing for the holidays? Not sure. If Xmas dinner is at my BILs house, then we'll be staying home and doing our own thing. Otherwise we'll probably be at MILs.
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