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I'll give this a go:

Name: Jennifer

baby's bday and age now: born 10/13 so about 6 wks now or so?

how are things going with baby: going really great. She sleeps almost all the way through the night, from when DH brings her to bed around midnight/1am until about 5:30am. Sometimes its earlier and some times he brings her in later, but over all its working out great. I let him do a night feeding with her and I go to bed w/ DD1 generally around 9 and it really helps. She's a great baby, and so much easier than DD1 was at this age. No reflux, very little fussiness that cant be solved easily, and just over all adorable. She sleeps better than 2 yr old DD1 even now, tolerates being delayed in attention when DD1 needs me without much fuss. Sometimes she even quiets down before I get to her (never more than a minute or two to change a diaper or chase down a run away 2 yr old)

how are things going with YOU: doing well as long as I get to bed around 9pm. I cant function with the baby in the late evening. For some reason even nursing after I get over tired just irritates the heck out of me. I've started dieting and lost 10lbs but then Thanksgiving hit and I gained it all back again over last weekend. I feel pretty crappy about myself too, but thats been going on since halfway through the pregnancy so its kind of like an old evil friend at this point.

Post pics, if you want!
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Name: Danielle
baby's bday and age now: Linus was born on Halloween, so he's almost 4 weeks, as of this Wednesday!!
how are things going with baby: Really well. He is so adorable and sweet. Big sister is loving him like crazy, too. He sleeps well, which is good considering dd did not in the beginning. He is also a serious nurser-10-15 minutes and he's done. Again, not like dd who still to this day is a leisure nurser, sometimes going for 30 minutes at a stretch!!
how are things going with YOU: Better than I expected, I think. We have our moments, but for the most part, things are going smoothly. I just try to take it moment by moment and try not to let myself get too overwhelmed. Of course, I would like a little time to myself, but I will have plenty of time, soon enough, when my little babies grow up
what are you doing for the holidays? Spending Christmas Eve with dh's family and going to my parents' house-downstairs-for Christmas Day!!
Post pics, if you want!
coming soon!!
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Name: Kelly
How are things going with baby: Great, we are all in love with him, especially his big brother. He is a decent sleeper. He goes to sleep with dad and then wakes up every few hours to eat and usually goes right back to sleep. He is a great eater, but sometimes has tummy problems. I've been trying to eliminate some foods to see if it helps.
How are things going with you: Pretty good. I am getting some sleep and have started walking again. I even started a walk jogging program last night. I am a little down sometimes because I feel like I can't keep up with things like I used to, chores, my three year old etc. but overall I feel really great, and I feel like my body is recovering much faster this time.
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Name: Brianne

Baby's bday and age now:10/24, 4 weeks 6 days old

How are things going with baby: Really well! She is much mellower than dd 1. She hates the car though. She is starting to really smile now.

How are things going with YOU: I am still bleeding, which is lame, but I feel good, happy in general.. I had a wicked case of mastitis, but it's better now. Though my nipples are sore, she is a lazy baby and has a lazy latch to match. I'm working on getting her to open wider, but it's slow going. I'm ready to kill my DH, we are fighting more now than we have in years(that's a whole other post.) And getting a BC for the baby has been a complete nightmare and it's way from over : (again, another post.) Still, I feel 100 times better at this point than I did last time, both mentally and physically.

what are you doing for the holidays: Drinkin' eggnog, trimin' trees, eatin' cookies!

Froggy- that diaper looks downright professional, amazing! mine are much less impressive!
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Name: Sarah

baby's bday and age now: 6th of October. He's just over 7 weeks old now.

how are things going with baby: Ok most of the time. He doesn't seem to have settled into any sort of routine yet. I never know what he's going to do. I have no idea how much he weighs, but he is nice and plump! And very long too. Obviously takes after his dad - who is 6 foot 4. My other children all love him. My 7 year old is very skilled in baby care already. I can eat my breakfast while she dresses him and holds him.

how are things going with YOU: Good! After my last baby I had depression and had terrible problems with breastfeeding. This time everything is perfect Breastfeeding is going great. And I am THIN!!! My jeans keep falling down. I'm looking forward to buying some new clothes.

what are you doing for the holidays? Staying at home I think. I am feeling smug because I have all my gifts bought and even wrapped!

Post pics, if you want! http://s237.photobucket.com/albums/f...t=First015.jpg

I think this is the first time I have posted on MDC since Robert was born. I just never seem to have the time any more.
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Name: jen

baby's bday and age now: noah was born oct 20 so is about 5 1/2 weeks now

how are things going with baby: Noah is quite easily made very happy by the maya wrap sling and my very plentiful milk. He does have a fussy period in the evenings and has a hard time falling asleep for the night. Once he's asleep though he stays asleep cuddled next to daddy and I. I know he nurses a night at least once because he is VERY noisy!! Snorting and grunting and smacking... he is not a very polite eater!! DD1 (age 8) is like a second mommy, she is sooo good with him. DD2 (age 3) adores him and is not jealous. I have had some difficulty dealing with DD2 significantly increased demand to nurse now that new milk is in but that has subsided too... we are starting to feel a groove coming on!!

how are things going with YOU: I felt normal at about 2weeks.... however I am still spotting off and on. Probably doing too much but I have little time to rest and here is why... at 9 days post partum, my mother (who lives with us) fell down the stairs and broke her ankle. So I have been extremely busy taking care of her and my 3 kids... she was supposed to be helping me. This has been very difficult (understatement). She is better now but will not be able to walk withough crutches for at least 3 more weeks.

what are you doing for the holidays? We will celebrate our holiday on dec 20 with prayers and friends and food and presents... we are all looking forward to it.

I miss the hours I used to spend in the evening online thinking and reading and posting about pregnancy and birth. Now I just wish I could sit down in the evening.... I miss you all and hope that we can keep in touch on Life with a babe...

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Name: Rebecca
baby's bday and age now: Scarlett was born 10/03 and will be 8 weeks tomorrow
how are things going with baby: She is so laid back! Lucy was so high needs and couldn't stand to be put down, but Scarlett is so happy most of the time. They are polar opposites so far.
how are things going with YOU: It has been to cold to go outside, so I'm feeling a little bit of cabin fever coming on. I'm not brave enough to go out by myself with both of them, but Scarlett and I have gone shopping a few times when dh is home.
what are you doing for the holidays? Everyone wants us over on christmas morning since we are the only ones with kids so far, but I think that will be too much for all of us. I am hoping christmas morning will be at our house and christmas dinner with my fam.
Post pics, if you want!
I will when I get on the other computer.
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All the babies are so cute!

Name: Carrie
Baby's b-date & age now: Thomas was born 11/1 and is 3 wks 5 days old.
How are things going with baby: Great. I love having him, I love being home with him. The only drawback is bedtime. He's up for an hour from midnight to 1AM. DH and I tend to go to bed between 11 and 12, so being forced to stay up that extra hour has been hard for me. Especially since we get up at 6AM to get the older 2 off to school. I hope that my plan to get all of us up at the same time will help adjust Thomas into a routine that will work for everyone.
How are things going with you: Pretty good. A little bit of baby blues, possibly (had PPD after dd's birth and have had depression in the past, so I have to be very aware of my mental state), but overall I'm doing ok. Physically I'm still recovering. I seem to have issues w/ my insides being in the right place. I'm trying to stay off my feet as much as I can and I'm seeing improvements.
Holiday plans: None. We don't celebrate holidays. We do need to go to Sea World at some point over the winter break w/ the kids, however.
Pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/Carriebeary77/Family1107
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All these babies are just gorgeous! I love the pics!
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Originally Posted by mrflowers View Post
Suz, have you tried taking a fish oil supplement yet? I started fish oil about a week and a half ago, and it's magic! Totally takes away my baby blues, and I have energy that I haven't had for about 15 years. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Originally Posted by bygones75 View Post
flowers... no I haven't. I keep hoping that the flax seed oil will do the trick instead, but since it hasn't, you're right. I'll go for the fish oil.
I've decided tonight that Fish Oil is a VERY good thing. I bought some more last week when we went on our big Thanksgiving dinner shop - which coincided with my MIL coming into town. Yeah, good idea to stock up on the fish oil!! I took it regularly most of the last week, but probably didn't in the last couple of days. I realized this tonight when I was totally overwhelmed by everything and just not totally okay. Yup, fish oil is my friend! (I took a double dose a bit ago and think I may be feeling better already! )

ETA: For me, I got the Nordic Naturals DHA. It says on the bottle, "Supports Memory, Learning, and Mood." So far, not only has my mood (apparently) been more stable, but the significant memory issues I've been having have improved, as well. It's pricey, but at this point seems well worth it!

Originally Posted by sarah0404 View Post
Post pics, if you want! http://s237.photobucket.com/albums/f...t=First015.jpg

I think this is the first time I have posted on MDC since Robert was born. I just never seem to have the time any more.
Sarah, congrats on the little guy! Love your pics, especially with the four kids. And I have to say, it made me kinda happy, 'cause there's something about Robert's face that reminds me of my own boys. While I don't know if you're actually native Scots, it still gave me the silly pleasure of thinking we really do look Scottish!

And now that the fish oil seems to be working, I'll post my own answers in another post...
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Name: Heather

Baby's bday and age now: Born 9/27 - he's 2 months old!!

How are things going with baby: He's doing really well. Snoozing away right now in the pouch. He is generally a very laid back and happy baby. He smiles a TON and laughs and coos. So stinkin' cute!! He will look at us and you can see when he catches a face he recognizes. He'll light up and grin so big! He especially loves Daddy, but even did his sweet cooing and smiles for my MIL, whom he'd never met. His brothers are still all over him if they can be. My 3yo has gone back to saying, "This is MY baby," which he used to say before Judah was born. He also talks about what it was like before Judah came out. So I think he's really reconciling the two time periods (even I have trouble doing that!!). Biggest brother is a good helper (at least most of the time!) and wants to hold and carry and change the baby all the time.

Judah was super spitty for a while but it somewhat better now. I think the chiro adjustments are really helping. We haven't been in a couple of weeks, though, with the holiday, and need to go back - for both of us! He gets fussy inexplicably at times, but we're realizing that's generally a sleepy cue. He doesn't fall asleep unassisted as much as he did in the early days (rats!!), but may fall asleep at the breast, in the pouch/wrap/sling, in the swing, or in the car. He does really well in the car now and hardly cries at all. In fact, we've ended up using the pacifiers more at home than in the car. Daddy can get him to sleep with the pacifier, and sometimes even without - yay!

I just weighed him (with me) and in theory he's still only about 10lbs. His thighs have suddenly gotten chunkier and I had to change what snaps I'm using on his XS FBs tonight! He can wear some 3-6mo clothes, but I'm trying to get all the use I can out of our 0-3 first! I was able to put him in a Hanna size 60 that matched the big boys' shirts on Thanksgiving, though, so that was cool. I just wish he'd stay about like this forever, though! So sweet and cute and interactive and alert and wonderful! Why do they have to grow?!

How are things going with YOU: In general, things are going well. Physically, the recovery from birth was very quick. Though we took a long walk the other day and my pelvis still is out of whack! But back to the chiro I go. I've been taking all 3 out by myself regularly, and it goes pretty well. I love wearing Judah so that it really only feels like I have my older 2 to deal with! I'm exhausted all the time, though, in part because I end up staying up really late. It's hard to sleep when there's so much to get done, and my brain doesn't shut down. I could actually fall asleep really early in the evening, but it never seems I have that luxury. There are times, though, especially when he's nursing, that I get really drowsy around 7 or 8! I'm trying to find a way to balance life, especially with 3 kids. So much to get done (including homeschooling the oldest! , and so little time, it seems! I want to be able to do it all while not ignoring any one of my kids or any of my many responsibilities, commitments, and interests. Ah, yeah, we'll see if THAT happens... So, really, it's a matter of choosing which things I'll ignore - or put off for a while - and making time for the stuff that matters most.

What are you doing for the holidays? We've been home for Christmas every year that we've had kids (with the possible exception of one year, maybe?). First Christmases are the most important to me, and we'll definitely be spending Judah's first here. We have my family (who live nearby) over for Christmas morning, and really all through the day. We'll have dinner here with other friends, as well. After Christmas, though, comes the crazy part: DH and I will take the three kids to visit his dad and FIL's side of the family in NM - by train. I've never travelled by train, so I'm both terrified and excited by the prospect! I just booked the tickets today, so I'm now dealing with the "ohmygoodness, it's really happening, and we're really going, and I'm really spending 20hrs in Coach Class with my 3 kids!" Oh, and we'll be gone over my birthday, too. Again. DH did point this out more clearly to his dad, though, so hopefully we won't have a repeat of 2 years ago, when NO ONE in the family (other than DH and DS) remembered. DS (3 at the time) mentioned it at dinner, and they were very sweet and pulled out a leftover cake, etc., and tried to make a little celebration. But it's a bummer to be away from home AND forgotten on your birthday! Oh, DH promises me a nice party when we come back, too.

Post pics, if you want:
Pics from 2 to 6 weeks
Judah and Mama at 6 weeks
Judah from 7 to 8 weeks (i.e, current)
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Name: Victoria

Baby's bday and age now: 10/26/07 4 1/2 weeks

How are things going with baby: GREAT!! He's perfect in every way!!! He's a little guy and dh and I fight over who gets to wear him. He sleeps most of the day and is working on sleeping at night. He is stretching out to almost 3 hours between feedings at night. Markus is getting chunky but we are still in nb diapers. I have this fantasy about have a small baby for a while. His poor little digestive system - oy! I feel so sorry for him as everything is developing. He's on formula but doing much better then his brother did. He's a bit of a lazy eater and grazes a lot. He came out sucking and did great. I was thinking we woule have better luck on the breast but it took 4 1/2 days for my milk to come in and then it really is just not enough just like last time. He's happy and it's all working out.

How are things going with YOU: PHENOMENAL!!! I was out and about in a week, in pre-pregnancy jeans in 10 days and we have been out and about ever since. Markus still sleeps most of the day so he does it in the baby bjorn while we keep moving. I didn't gain much weight this pregnancy so things moved around quite a bit. I lost a lot of upper body weight. After all the swelling went down even my one nice fitted A cup was way too big. I was trying to pump and at that point I had to stand up to get any suction. I dealt with the disappointment and guilt with DS 1 about breast feeding so I didn't let it bother me this time. I have healthy boys, they are fine with formula and I can love them in every other way. I had my post partum visit today and my OB always makes me feel GREAT!! Getting ready to update the equipment for the 21st century. I'm getting my bladder fixed!!! You have no idea how excited I am about that. DS 1 really did a number on my whole system and every time I cough or run with the dog I leak, or if I get a bad cough I just pee all over the place so I'm getting it fixed!!!! I can't wait to do some high impact exercise again. It's been over 3 years! I was just getting back to low impact exercise before I got pregnant again. I think I'm going to get my tubes tied at the same time. I'm getting thermal ablation done to get rid of the really horrible cramps and bleeding I had after DS #1 was born. I can't even use tampons he stretched me out so much. I was doing OK half the time with a Diva cup but I'm ready to just kiss it all goodbye. I turn 40 next month and it's my no b.s. decade. If there is a problem I'm just going to fix it. I really trust my OB so I feel great about the whole thing. I've been reading up on all the procedures and couldn't wait til today to talk to him about it. He was like - yeah, let's schedule it now. I have to find out how much getting my tubes tied costs, the rest is covered by insurance. I think we will get it done after the first of the year when dh can get some time off. Such relief!

I love being the mom of 2. I guess it's because I'm a multi-tasker. DS 1 was always quite independent and didn't like to interact much. He just started talking a few months before his 3rd birthday so it was like I always had to be there with him but he didn't want me to play with him. It was frustrating and downright boring. We are having a great time now and it's wonderful to witness how much he's learned. All well thought out video's he watched are paying off. We just started a co-op preschool I'm psyked about. He's so cool afterwards when he comes home to play with what he's learned. I've already made another mom friend and her son is Lukas's best friend and we've already had a play date. We are going to be classroom mom's on the same day this month too. COOL!

We've come such a long way since the beginning of this pregnancy when I was trying to find a doctor in Oklahoma, DH almost loosing his job, quitting without a job and then finally landing here in INDY where we have never been happier. DH has finally found the career position that he LOVES. Our family is complete and we are just so happy!!! I'm so greatful and so blessed.

what are you doing for the holidays: DH will be working but he'll bring home food. The food he brough home for Thanksgiving was awesome. (he's a chef) We'll just hang out and celebrate when DH is home. We bought ds a kitchen that I KNOW is going to go over so well. We're in a small rental so we don't want to do too much. He really wants geotrax but I think we are going to pass on that due to space and how much stuff we'd have to buy for it to be fun at this point. He has like 5 other train sets that are in storage because of space. He has his thomas trains and that's it for now. I'm just going to hang out, be grateful, eat stollen and smile!
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Name: Bonnie
baby's bday and age now: Willy was born 10/17 and is 6 weeks old today. I can't believe that at all!
how are things going with baby: He is a wonderful baby, very easy going (except in the car). He likes to nurse a lot, and be held! He seems to have some gas/reflux problems I think. Today he projectile vomited his entire stomach contents in my face, nice right! He loves riding in the fleece pouch and totally digs the Mei Tei!
how are things going with YOU: Pretty good. I am wanting to get more exercise, but don't have much opportunity other than stuff here at home. It is getting so cold here.
what are you doing for the holidays? We drive all over creation for DH's family and mine. It is fun, I love the holidays!

I am not on the computer with pics right now, so no pics at the moment!
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Name: Ange

how are things going with baby: Kyla born 8 Oct now 7.5 weeks old. Almost a week ago she weighed 8lbs 8oz so she is very small compared to my DS at the same age and the other babies in my Playgroup. She is a sensitive baby who seems to have definite likes and dislikes. She used to sleep constantly but as at 6 weeks just suddenly "woke up". She sleeps huge chunks during the day and night and then has a mega awake period for 3-6 hours during the day. The CHN and some other places I called for help seem to think it may be caused by the 6 week growth spurt. I'm not necessarily convinced. She is tired at the end of the 6 hours and wants to sleep but can't. Other than that she is a treasure who farts and poos constantly

how are things going with YOU: I'm sleep deprived and grumpy as a result at times but well . I think the spotting has stopped. I'm a bit wary of telling my DH because its like I stopped being pregnant and he's SOOOOO horny (which he wasn't like that when I had DS) and I'm simply not interested (which is no different to when I had DS ). I don't really want to share my body with another person right now . We were only planning to have two children but because of the suddeness of Kyla's birth I wasn't ready to have her yet and am yearning to be pregnant still. Not only that I am loving my DD's newborn phase so much! I was so caught up in not knowing what I was doing and dealing with a reflux DS that I didn't enjoy his newborn phase as much. I think being a relaxed second time mother also helps. So now I am thinking of having another baby but $$ will probably stop us. It took me 5 weeks before I comfortably started driving again and doing some housework and 6 weeks before I picked up my 36lbs son. The c/s site is still a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

what are you doing for the holidays? The only holidays coming up here is the Christmas holidays because we don't have Thanksgiving here. However it was my DH's birthday yesterday and my sister's birthday today so we gathered at my mother's and had a big family feast. Hope Thanksgiving was great for all of you USA mommies
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Iain is so sweet with that gorgeous hair! And I love love love those 6 week pictures! He's monster, he's huge. I have a hard time believing my 7 lb baby came out of my body, I can't imagine how I could have given birth to a baby that came out at 10 lbs!
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Name: Nicie
baby's bday and age now: Anaiah is now 7 1/2 weeks old. She was born Oct 6th.
how are things going with baby: So far so good...nursing is finally easy and she's basically only waking me up once or twice throughout the night to nurse. She goes to bed around midnight, wakes me up at 3 am and doesn't wake me back up until around 6 ish. For two weeks now she's been taking an occasional bottle and a pacifier and all is well.
how are things going with YOU: Really good. We are in the process of refinancing our ARM mortgage on our house. We got approved at a great rate today!
what are you doing for the holidays? We are going to my hometown (Louisville, KY) for Christmas; we went to Dh's (Bolivar, TN-nowhere, TN basically) for Thanksgiving.
Post pics, if you want!
Anaiah at 7 weeks
Anaiah 7 wks
in the tub
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Name: blucactus
baby's bday and age now: He was born Sept 20, so he's 10 weeks now :
how are things going with baby: Good. He is so sweet and growing so fast. He's up to 11 pounds something (from birthweight of 7.5). He seems to be dairy intolerant so I have been eating an almost-vegan diet since 2 weeks pp. He loves his Mei Tai and his Moby and LOVES his bath, he's like a little baby fish in there. He loves watching big brother, is full of smiles and laughing outloud--he is sleeping with us...he doesn't like being put down or left alone...He is pretty attached to me and not a huge fan of other people holding him yet, though he has his friendly moments...he likes to be either nursed to sleep or else a routein of putting a blanket on his head and something in his mouth (paci or finger) and bouncing. He wants to be in motion all the time! (I broke some of the springs on the couch when he was younger with all the bouncing....HAHA...now we have an exercise ball and a trampoline in the living room)...he is outgrowing his clothes and is in 3-6 mo sizes already...we are anxiously awaiting a package of new diaper covers as he's outgrown his x small ME covers and x-small fitteds already and we're having to make do till his bigger covers come...his hair started falling out and now he has a silly hairline like an old man He's got a fairly predicatable schedule going on that he made up--he is no longer eating 24-7 so that little break is nice---the BLAH side of things is that he has a inguinal hernia that needs surgery, which is scheduled next week and I am worried sick about it. : He screams bloody murder in the car, which is a bummer esp with his hernia & he shouldn't be screaming. We've been trying to limit car rides, I will be glad when he outgrows the car screaming.
how are things going with YOU: I am good (besides worrying about babe's surgery!). My body feels good, essp when I get enough sleep. I have lost all my baby weight but appear to be in between sizes on the bottom and have no non-maternity shirts that fit my nursing boobs, so I have been looking kinda sloppy, oy. I am feeling like I'm just starting to get into a groove with taking care of two. Some days I feel like I'm going crazy and other days like "I think I can do this!" The hardest part for me is how hard it is when both boys need me at the same time. I am taking prenatal vits still, a probiotic, vit c, and fish oil. I love fish oil. Nursing is okay, some weeks it's great and some weeks there are days in a row where it hurts because Mr Baby is having a lazy latch. I have actually taken both boys out of the house by myself a handful of times, but it's like an all day project still to do that!
what are you doing for the holidays? DH and I have all of both sides of our family in the area, so we spend every single holiday with both sides, it's a little crazy!
Post pics, if you want! YAY sure I will!
this last one's a few weeks older, but it's so sweet I couldn't resist.
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Okay, I also just have to say, everyone's babies are so cute! Hehe I love looking at all the little (Sept) October (Nov) babes!
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Name: Veronica
baby's bday and age now: Vaughn was born 10/13. He's 7 weeks old.

how are things going with baby: Beautifully. He's an easy baby. I don't know how I got so lucky. Now, if I could just convince dh that he's easy...

how are things going with YOU: Alright. I'm ready to start being more normal. I had a c/s with an infection, so I'm finally feeling back to normal, physically. Mentally, I'm really good.

what are you doing for the holidays? Putting up a tree! I bought one of those "baby's first Christmas ornaments," and I'm excited about seeing it!

This is my little monkey:
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Hope I can still post here sorry if this brings anyone down i just want to feel connected
Name: Candy Apple
baby's bday and age now:
October 22, 2007 in heaven
how are things going with YOU:
I'm taking it one breath at a time
what are you doing for the holidays?
idk to far ahead to think about
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