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DH was supposed to go out last night and buy me mountain dew and gummy worms and brownies, but the kids took a long time to fall asleep, and then House was on, so he didn't go. But......I *did* convince him to go out afterwords, because I saw a KFC commercial. : KFC was closed, so he got mcdonalds instead. : And it was delicious. :
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I drank most of a 2 liter of caffiene free cocacola in the past couple of days.

The kids were sick and I was trying to eat carefully in case I started throwing up too and Coke always helps me with nausea and I thought I might need the extra calories (yeah, right)

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Wow Starry. What a DP you have, seriously.

If I were to ask my DP for fast food or candy, he'd probably laugh in my face.
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2 hot dogs on fluffy white buns
diet soda.

that was lunch.
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4 peanut butter cookies was breakfast.
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My Starbucks Gingerbread Latte was oh so good just now, it helped wash down that 1/2 of a chocolate chip cookie I shared with ds2 at 930. :
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Hmmm, I haven't had my weekly donut yet. Maybe I'll get a peppermint mocha to go with it. Drool.....
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I am eating a sh!tload of chocolate chip cookies. Storebought from the grocery store bakery, heated in the micro, dipped in soymilk. I don't care about how I eat anymore. I've done a really good job for most of this pregnancy. Right now, all I want are some freaking cookies, so I will not feel bad about eating a ton of them a day. I NEED THEM.

Even though we have a TON of healthy food that needs to be eaten by Friday or it'll get gross... I need pizza, so we are ordering pizza for dinner. I wish it was here, right now. But it isn't. COME TO ME, PIZZA.

ETA: The pizza is here and I am dipping it (plain cheese) into ranch dressing.
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Have I mentioned that the majority of the meals I've consumed throughout this entire pregnancy have involved breakfast tacos?
mmm. so good. cheesy spicy breakfast tacos...
Oh, and I totally missed all the smoking comments. Yeah, after ten years at a pack a day, it was incredibly hard to quit. I mean, I "quit" the first week I found out I was pregnant. But honestly, it took a couple months before I had cut out all nicotine consumption 100 percent. There were some bummed cigarettes and some stolen drags in the first trimester--but in those first few weeks, at least half a cigarette every two days was better than 20 every day.
I still crave cigarettes, not as bad as the first couple months, but I'll still randomly want one. I'm glad I can't start up again while breastfeeding--I think by the time that's through, it'll be easy to stay on the wagon.
I crack jokes about bourbon and beer, but in all seriousness, not drinking was a non-issue. I just didn't drink anymore. And sure, it'll be nice to have wine with dinner again, but it's not a big deal. But quitting smoking was painful.
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Reviving our Oreo Cookie Thread from the first trimester!!! I discovered peppermint oreo cookies at Trader Joes and have already eaten half the box. (we just bought it last night.) I think I'll have some more for breakfast tomorrow. YUM!!!
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Yesterday I saw some friends-and we ended up in a bar that sold 50 cent mini burgers. I ate three mini cheeseburgers, a basket of fries with a Diet Coke. Yum!!!!

We also need to go to the grocery store-as I haven't eaten a fruit or vegetable in days! :
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I actually had a huge salad with a baked potato for dinner last night to appease my DH - he's all freaked out because I'm eating so badly

By my way of thinking, I've paid it forward and deserve some d@mn Krispy Kremes today ...
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Wow, a baked potato sounds really good right now. Mmmm...gotta go shopping....
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