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ayla had her baby!

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Hello all, this is alya's Husband. We would up with a brand new baby boy on 11/23 at 2:53 AM. We wound up having to deliver via c-section "which is why I'm home posting before I head back to the hospital. Both ayla and I feel very good about the results and having to have the section. She labored from about 10:00 AM 11/22 to 1ish AM 11/23. We tried everything before deciding together the the section was what was best for both mom and baby's health.

The stats I'm sure you've been waiting for:

9lbs 1.5 ounce birth weight
20 3/4 inches long
23 cm head. Edit: his head was 36.5cm, or 14 inches

He's a big little boy. ayla, Matrim, and I will all be back home Monday 11/26 at earliest, more likely Tuesday 11/27. At which point she will update everyone with the rest of the details.
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Congratulations Mamma!
Enjoy your wonderful little boy
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Congratulations, Ayla & Alec!! Welcome, Matrim.
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Congratulations! Wishing you a happy babymoon and easy recovery!
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congratulations Ayla and family!!!!!
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Oh yay! I just came in here to check for a birth announcement from Ayla! FInallY, that baby's in your arms!!! : :

I hope your recovery is swift & easy. Happy babymooning.
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Welcome to the world Matrim!

Congratulations to mom and dad. Ayla - I hope your recovery from the c/s is quick.
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Congrats!! So glad mom and baby are well.
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YAY! Congrats! I'm so excited to see him in his beautiful pumpkin hat It's still pumpkin season
Easy healing to you and have a wonderful babymoon!
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congratulations on the birth of your baby boy!
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So great!!! Not in DDC but So happy for you
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Congratulations!! I think the list is now complete.

I hope the healing is quick and gentle. Welcome Matrim!

I look forward to hearing how you are doing.
I posted your DH's post on the announcements as well as the info. in the main part of the thread.

Happy babymoon!
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Yay!! So happy to hear all is well!!

Have a wonderful babymoon, and I hope your recovery is swift and easy!!
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congrats ayla and thanks for posting this Aleec. we are so glad that you have a healthy baby and pray for quick recovery! Glad you didn't make it into the December DDC forum!
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Congratulations, and what a great name!
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Congratulations! Speedy recovery vibes to Ayla!
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Congratulations, Ayla, and welcome, Matrim! So glad he's here! I hope your recovery will be quick and easy.

Enjoy your babymoon!
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