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Duane Reade Early Result Pregnancy Test

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has anyone ever taken one of these?? and do you know the sensitivity on it?...i've been searching the web for it but cant find anything on that brand..it says you can test 5 days sooner..i got a positive when i took it so im just trying to figure out what the level is on this test
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If it has that claim it's likely 25miu like others that carry that claim (such as early Answer and CBE). I'll note this though, I've had positives with much lower levels (7 miu even). But a plus is a plus usually.
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yea i took 2 and they were both positive..i was just wondering how far along i might be my lmp was 9.27 but my cycles are irregular and i don't remember having unprotected sex til sometime early this month i think..im going to the doctor this week so i guess i'll find out then
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You could technically be up to 8 weeks, but at least that narrows it down to a 1 month space. How dark were the test lines? Those are usually at least a halfway decent estimator in my experience. Up until 5-6 weeks they will be the same or lighter than the control. After that they will usually be darker than control. At around the 4 weeks mark they'll usually be fairly light in comparison to the control.

no HPT obsession here. not like I've obsessively tested through more pregnancies than anyone should have..
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they were pretty dark same as the control..the 1st one i took was on thanksgiving and i took the 2nd one today
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Then I'd guess 6ish weeks range? If you'e not opposed to ultrasound, it might help you narrow the time range and you should be able to see something by now.
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i forgot to add that i had gone to the emergency room because i wasn't feeling well which is actually how i found out i was prego..the nurse said i was early less than 2 months but didn't tell me an exact number..i would like to have a u/s but i know it would freak me out if i saw nothing so i rather wait a while..do you think they can give me a pretty exact number by my levels?
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no, levels vary quite widely. You could have a level of 4000 at 5 weeks or at 8 weeks and they'd both be normal.

Unless it were ectopic you won't see NOTHING at 6 weeks. You would at least see a gestational sac and usually a yolk sac and fetal pole too. Usually by some time in the 6th week you'll see a heartbeat (those on vaginal u/s mind you). No harm in waiting another couple weeks though, besides it usually takes that long to get one ordered.
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ok..thank you sooo much!..i will keep you updated
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