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been awhile

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Life has been crazy at home with Lincoln home. He has been in and out of PICU alot lately due to severe reflux and now is not able to nurse and it pisses him off. We see a GI on wed.

Pierce is still in the nicu but getting stronger each day
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Hi Aimee,

Glad to get an update from you. We'll keep praying for those boys!

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so glad to see that Lincoln is home and Pierce is doing well. I havent been through what you have, but I can definitely relate to severe reflux issues. My DD1 (2 yrs old last month) had reflux so bad that she spit up about 3/4 of what she took in for quite some time, right up until she could sit up by herself (not sure if that has anything to do with it but thats about the time she stopped).
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you are going through so much Aimee and i am so sorry that you have been robbed of your babymoon. i have no idea how to comfort you, but will continue to pray that God would give you peace like only He can bring. Thank you for updating when you are able, sweet mama.
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Aimee - I am so pleased that Pierce is getting stronger. Hopefully he won't be in NCIU and be home with you all very soon.

I am sorry that Lincoln has severe reflux. My DS had reflux to the degree he was on losec so the degree he had it was bad enough but I can't even imagine what Lincoln is going through.

I hope this all smooths out and everything gets easier soon.
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