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When are you "due and what baby is this...

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I am "due" on August 5th, and this is baby #4. I can't believe that I am pregnant!

Hannick is 7 and born at the hospital.

Kettie is 5 and born at home in the water.

Mallaigh is 3 and born at home in the water.

I am a doula and apprenticing to be a homebirth midwife. I normally get really really sick, but have decided not to be this time around! I feel totally fine so far (obviously, I am only 14DPO!) except my boobs hurt. Maybe they want to grow!

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Congrats on baby #4!!!

I'm hoping for a water birth but I'm not brave enough to try a home birth since I am going to have a VBAC and we live in a rural area.

Enjoy your pg!!

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I am due on Aug 5th also and this is baby #5 for me. ( I have actually also had 2 mc (18 & 14 years ago))

Unfortunately all of my children have been hospital births, all of them natural however with no medication.

David - 18 boy (was circ'd I was only 16 and didn't know any better)

Deanna - 16 girl

Presley - 12 girl

Tristan - 2 1/2 boy (uncirc'd and still currently bf'ing)

I wish I could do a homebirth but I'm too paranoid to try it. I worry ALL the time about my pregnancies and just wouldn't be able to "enjoy" a homebirth, as much as I want one.
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Well, this will be number 1 for me, EDD 7/29/08! :

I don't have any "alternative" birthing plans--I'd be too scared to do it the first time in any event, and DH is a medical resident pretty well acquainted with the local hospitals--I know I'll have a good advocate in him.
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This is my second baby. My dd#1, Annika, is a month shy of 2 1/2. I'm due sometime in late July/early August. I'm thinking more on the August side because I tend to ovulate late in my cycle. I had my dd at a birthing center in water and I would love another water birth. I'm thinking home birth this time around since there is not birthing center where we now live - besides the ones in the hospitals, which do not allow water births. Right now I'm feeling bloated, nauseous and grumpy. I can't remember it being this bad the first time around.
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This is also my second baby. My dear Sydney is 19 months & she was born at home in the water. She's still nursing & I haven't had a cycle so I'm not sure when we conceived.

I haven't had any preggo symptoms since last week & am trying not to freak out about it. I was sooooooooo sick my first pregnancy, it was easy to tell I was pregnant morning noon & night. I've got to think positively :
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I have one DD, Lola at home who is 21mths we are still EPing but my supply is beginning to tank due to this pregnancy.: She was born at the hospital after I labored at home, I arrived at 7cm and was 10cms 45mins after I arrived. This worked out well for a hospital birth since the hospital staff had minimal time to screw things up. We tried birthing in the water, they had a huge birthing tub at the hospital but I could not get comfortable in the tub. Amazingly enough after trying a bunch of different positions the only one that felt "right" was on my back in the bed. :

We are planning a homebirth for this bean with GREAT BFing support so we can hopefully fix any problems early and fulfill my dream of CLWing:

I am due July 31.
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Congrats to everyone!!!

May I ask...What is CLWing?
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Originally Posted by LAMommy View Post
May I ask...What is CLWing?
Child Led Weaning verses Mother Led Weaning from the breast.
their is a great forum here dedicated to it.

It is basically impossible to do in its true form while Exclusively Pumping no matter how hard you try.
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Gotcha. I too EPed for nearly 10 months. DS was in the NICU for 10 days and I tried everything to get him to BF but he's just like his daddy...Instant Gratification. My supply droped when AF returned and I couldn't keep up. My job was great about letting me pump in my office but we had a guest speaker come and I was not able to pump (at work) for 3 days and that was the end. I tried and tried to get it back...taking tons of Fennegreek and pumping several times a day and night but it was no use. I left that job a few months later and wish I had tried harder. I am so dreaming about being able to BF this next time around. I still haven't tested to see if I got a BFP and I'm already reading the BFing boards and visiting the LLL site.

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Originally Posted by LAMommy View Post
Gotcha. I too EPed for nearly 10 months.

I am so dreaming about being able to BF this next time around. I still haven't tested to see if I got a BFP and I'm already reading the BFing boards and visiting the LLL site.

It is amazing the number of mom's on mothering that have EPumped for their babes!! I think we just know how important BM is and when things go wrong we just pump it instead.

I am also dreaming about BFing! I am on the board of my local LLL and have been going since lola was about 5mths. I wish I had found them sooner. I would start going to LLL to meet friends and make BFing buddies if you run into trouble early on. I love my group, they are sooo supportive of my EPing and of any mom dedicated to BFing. Not to mention if they have any pumping questions the leaders always ask me:.
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Hi! Just made it here, with a EDD of August 3 for baby #2.

My daughter Alex is 2 1/2. She was born in the hospital with an independent midwife and no pain meds, and I'm planning to go the same route with #2.
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Congrats to everyone!

I'm due Aug. 6th. this will be my 3rd baby. My first was a hospital induction w/ an epidural and my second was an accidental unassisted birth. I'm hoping to birth at home w/ #3.... no reason to rush to the hospital again! I'm not into the water birth thing though... i hate water, LOL
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Our due date is August 3rd.

This will be our second child.

our amazing daughter will have just had her 2nd birthday when this blessing arrives. She was a hospital birth with no pain meds.

best wishes to everyone,
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I dunno when exactly I'm due - sometime late July/early August! This is baby #3 for me, #4 for dh.

#1 - Keith - 5yo, born at the hospital
#2 - Henry - 1yo (barely!), born at home

This one will be a homebirth too
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Hi everyone!

I'm estimating DD at 08/01/08 since I tend to ovulate really late in my cycle. This was my first full PP cycle.

Our son is just about 17 months. I'm hoping to keep nursing him throughout the pregnancy.

Oh, yeah. DS was a natural (fast) hospital birth. Spent most of labor in the shower. Really sped things along. This baby will be a hospital birth too, but I'm hoping midwife attended. We live in a really rural area, and just aren't comfortable with a HB in these circumstances.

So excited to be here!
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Alright, I'm taking the plunge and posting! I've been too nervous to even believe in this pregnancy for a week now!

I'm due with #1 on August 4, 2008. I conceived with frozen donor sperm, doing my IUIs at home with the help of a friend who's a nurse. I would love to do a homebirth, but my insurance won't cover it, and after going into debt to buy all this sperm (who knew???), I really can't afford to pay out of pocket.

Hey, Baker, you're a fellow Rhode Islander, no? Where did you deliver your first?

Congratulations to everyone!
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Originally Posted by AngelaM View Post

Hey, Baker, you're a fellow Rhode Islander, no? Where did you deliver your first?
Oh WOW, I totally missed that your from providence! We should get together! I'll PM you to save everyone the side chat.

I delivered at Newport hospital and it was a great place hospital wise, I actually switched from W&I in my 8th month after seeing Newport's rooms and private baths! The rooms are huge, with LARGE windows, and only about 20 beds on the whole floor, also they are really focus more on natural so their C/S rate is lower than RI.

I would have to say their Lactation Services were not so hot, they say they are baby friendly and I can tell overall they are BUT I still left with a bottle because they did not know how to fix the problems I was having. NOT so HOT! : I wish I knew more about who to trust and more importantly who NOT to trust. But if basically your BFing follows the normal course of with minor latch issues and you don't have any crazy strange problems like we did then I think the staff their is great for those kinds of things.

We should get together to chat, I have been searching out MW for awhile and i think I found "the one" if you need to go to the hospital.
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This is my second pregnancy this year with a mc in Jan 2007. I am 38 (almost 39) and this pregnancy has the exact due date as my DD was. Weird. I have a 2 year 4 month old daughter. DD was born C sec due to full placenta previa. We are looking into a homebirth or birthing center VBAC--depending on who we can find to assist. My EDD is 7/31/2008, but I have no idea when I ovulated due to really differend cycles each month. I am also BFing and am a LLLeader here in Los Angeles. I can't remember if my nausea had kicked in yet in my last couple of pregnancies, but I am feeling pretty good, though tired with what has now become all night nursing-ugh (we cosleep).
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I dont know when i am due, except the frist week or so of august.

I have 3 girls, several angels, and we are excited and nervous. The planned birth is a water homebirth.
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