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Candy and Bryce need your thoughts and prayers *update 36* *127**256*

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Candy has asked me to contact "her moms" because you have been such a strong source of strength, friendship and support to her during her pregnancy and these precious weeks as new moms.

This is hard for me to write, so I know how difficult it may be for you to read. If you care about Candy and Bryce as much as I think you do, please say a prayer for them as you hug your baby tonight. She asked me to share some of the details of her story because you are her friends.

Last night Candy and DH Michael took Bryce to the baby reunion for their birth class. Candy nursed Bryce around 6 or so, and he fell asleep at the breast like he always does. But as she pulled him away to rest, he stopped breathing and he started to bleed from his nose.

Bryce's heart had stopped. One of the dads in the group did infant CPR on him while they waited for the paramedics to arrive. They were taken to the nearest big hospital where he was given meds that got his heart started again, but he did not regain consciousness or start breathing on his own. When the doctors got him stable enough to move (breathing tube, heart beat), he was moved to the Regional Childrens Medical Center, where he has been since around 11 last night.

Bryce's heart did not start beating on its own until sometime around 7:45. The doctors said that he has severe damage to his lungs, kidneys and liver. His heart is also damaged. The neurology team is going to meet with Candy and Michael soon to review what is happening in his brain. He got a CT scan sometime during the night that was less than hopeful, but we are praying for a miracle, so we won't give up hope.

So far the docs don't know what happened to him. Currently they are waiting for tests to rule out RSV. We'll know more after they meet with the neurology and respiratory teams tonight.

Candy and Michael have shown amazing courage, strength, love and faith as they walk through this together. Please send thoughts and prayers their way tonight -- as they have gone more than 36 hours without sleep and may face some unimaginable choices in the coming day.

I hope I'm sharing this in the spirit and letter that Candy would have wanted to share with you herself. We will keep you posted.

love from Candy
(and her friend Maggie)
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Not in this ddc, but sending lots of good thoughts their way.
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Oh God.

I am crying for them right now. I will start praying immediately for little Bryce, and for strength for his mom and day.

Please give them our love.
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for Bryce.
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OMG. I can't even describe how sad I am for Candy and Bryce. I send healing thoughts to their entire family.
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for Bryce...keeping him and his family in my thoughts.
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Not in the DDC but couldn't not respond. We will be praying for them.
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Not in this DDC but want to let you know we are sending healing thoughts and prayers thier way!
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this makes me so sad. Praying for candy and baby Bryce
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oh how terrible many prayers coming their way :
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Not in the ddc, but sending healing prayers from our family.
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I saw this in new posts---

Sending lots of positive thoughts their way.
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they are in my prayers.
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Candy and Michael, I am not in your previous DDC but I wanted to say how very, very sorry I am about what has happened to Bryson. I have no words that can help you through this tragedy but know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of other mothers across the country tonight. Our hearts are breaking with yours. God bless you and your family.
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Much love and support
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For Bryce, Candy, and family

We are praying for you little man.
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oh god. i am praying for them all.
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Praying for you all.
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Praying for Candy and Bryce here too...I am not in your DDC but my heart goes out to their family.
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