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Goodpapa, please share your miracle yoghurt recipe!

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I've been making my own yoghurt over the weekend for the first time and it worked great (tasted great too). I remembered seeing some of your remarks about the great results you had with your own recipe. Would you mind sharing it with us?



BTW: All I had to do was put my yoghurt outside in a thermos with a blanket around it. I live in Houston, so the 104 F in the shade did the trick all by itself! Dd loves it!!
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Hilary copied & pasted his recipe here for us (look halfway down the page):

See there! It's so hot here right now, it's easy to do without any other heat source.
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Duh... THANKS!

What would we do without Hilary!!!
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The power of probiotic yogurt...

...and I don't mean the stuff in the dairy section, is fully evident here:


and here:


Get Cultured!!

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Please, please pardon my ignorance but I'm very new to this topic but have devoured the articles you provided and am very really interested in introducing probiotic yogurt to my family - especially my poor mother who suffers from several ailments. Is there anyway you could describe your yogurt making process to a beginner? I did read the thread where you described it but I must admit I'm pretty lost. Also, where would I find the different supplements - can you get them at your local health food store? Thanks in advance!
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Hilary, are you on a Windows machine? It sounds like you've been hit by the latest worm.
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more on the elixir of life...


Got a problem here that I am trying to resolve but decided to toss it out for any and all.

Mothering's "ask the experts" had an interesting piece on mercury excretion siting an article that I can't find in Archives of Environmental Health because it's from 1984 (their archives run to 1994) Rowland 39(6);401-408.

The key piece is this:
"Because infants and small children are less capable of clearing metals from their blood than adults, the metals are stored more quickly in body tissues. The use of oral antibiotics may also decrease a child's ability to eliminate heavy metals. In a study in which rats were given oral antibiotics, the amount of time to excrete a dose of mercury increase from 10 days to more than 100 days. If the rat's diet also contained cow's milk, excretion of the dose of mercury took more tan 300 days."

I asked this in an email:

Your recent information on the excretion of mercury, raised an interesting problem. (I haven't been able to read the cited article in AEH--their archives run only to 1994.)
Because antibiotic use reduces the body's ability to excrete mercury by at least a factor of ten, it seems reasonable to assume that the intestinal flora which would be under attack from the antibiotics are responsible for part of the process of excretion.
Yet cow's milk is a major vehicle for the ingestion of probiotics, a medium that in itself apparently causes mercury excretion problems.
However, there is an extensive digestive process that the milk undergoes when the bacteria are introduced, to the extent that some people who are milk sensitive can tolerate the "pre-digested" milk in yogurt.
Are there more specifics on the milk issue-- what aspect of the milk retards mercury elimination-- and might this be resolved by the digestive processes of the beneficial bacteria?

I'm working on answering the question-- we've definitely got a hot one here!


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I hear ya folks,...

...but my "gut" tells me that the hub of this wheel is those beautiful little bacteria that make it all work.

My cousin's 30 year old husband had a second operation to have the rest of his large intestine removed. When they took the bottom part out, apparently it fell apart in the surgeon's hands. Bacterial infection. I can't imagine how the rest of his life will be.

It's simply outrageous,

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