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Active toys for 2.5 year old?

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You might have seen my other post about my son not sleeping... I am hoping that by getting him more active that it may help as well!

Do you have any ideas for active play? We have a climber... but it is down right now because we are trying to sell our house.

What are some of your favs?

Thank you sooooo much!
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We have small space so we use a few inflatables which can be taken down and traded out when she gets bored with them.

She really enjoys the large size of this one:


She also has an inflatable jumpoline-like thing, and a huge slide (that was meant for a pool but it works great as a "mountain" to climb).

She likes the fisher-price roller skates (but she needs help to use them).

Mostly we try to get out every day. We've been going swimming lately which is probably the best way to help her get tired out for sleep that I've found, so far.
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A Rody Pony might help. Most 2-year-olds LOVE them. Besides that, how about going for a walk? Or going to the park? Maybe instead of buying new toys, you should buy him some super warm clothes (assuming you live in a colder climate) so that you can play outside year-round. I really like the Patagonia Capilene.


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Thanks for the posts mamas!!!! I really appreciate it sooooo much!

Lex ~ I was actually considering that one! Does it have a strong plastic smell? My sister got one that was similar and she said that she had to gete rid of it due to its smell...

Thank you again!
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Another vote here for Rody. We have never noticed any smell at all. It takes up relatively little space and provides a fantastic indoor outlet for energy! When my 2.5yo seems to have extra energy to burn and we can't get outside immediately, I always suggest that she take a ride on Rody... more often than not, it really helps!
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I've got an active one too. One thing he loves is his Wheely Bee. He rides that thing all over the house. We have hardwood floors but I don't think it does as well on plush carpeting. One thing that helps is having different types of toys. Sometimes when he's really wound up he'll get out his wooden lacing beads or lacing cards and they calm him down. He also has his own notebook and colored pencils. There's nothing like a good coat or snowsuit and letting him burn some energy outside with the dog

: I'm open to more ideas.
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